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Cooling Towels to help you beat the heat

Retaining our cool in the workplace during summer’s dog days is crucial. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), most outdoor fatal heat exposure cases happen in the initial few days of working in hotter settings. This is due to the fact that our bodies need to acclimatize to this heat and tolerate it gradually. To further make our bodies adapt to warm, hot environments, a cooling towel is one handy way to keep our cool intact. Here are some neat things you need to know about cooling towels.

Buyers Guide

  1. What is a cooling towel and how do you use it?

    Answer: The cooling towel is usually made from PVA or polyvinyl acetate and microfiber mesh materials. Both materials are synthetic types. OVA is squashy and flexible when damp and stiff when dry. Microfiber mesh is lightweight, soft and consistent to its texture even when dry or wet. These materials apply what’s referred to as “evaporate cooling” to produce a cooling sensation whenever the towel is used. This means the moisture coming from the surface of the cooling towel evaporates quickly thus increasing that feeling of coolness on our skin. There are also cooling towels made from polyester or polyester and mesh blends.

  2. How do you wash cooling towels?

    Answer: Before washing the cooling towel, make sure that you have read and understood manufacturer’s instructions for proper care and maintenance of the item. In general though, most cooling towels can be machine-washed and you can clean it with regular laundry detergent as well. Rinse the towel completely and just forgo using fabric softener on these items to retain its functionality. In addition, after washing a PVA cooling towel, you need to fold or roll it while still damp. Doing so after it dries can lead to ripping or tearing. You can lay it out flat though to air-dry in case you don’t want to fold it. For additional coolness and prepare the towel for use the next day, you can put the towel in the fridge, but not the freezer and make sure to put it inside a polybag or Ziplock bag first to prevent the towel from becoming brittle.

  3. What factors should I consider when choosing cooling towels?

    Answer: The material that you will want for a cooling towel must be based on how you plan on using the item. Cooling towels made from 100% polyester or mesh/polyester blend are great for gym and sports use since they offer a moister feel. Ones made from PVA are more ideal for cooling down without doing a number on your clothes. Cooling towels come in a nice range of sizes too and most provide UPF sun protection. If you want a cooling towel that is easy to clean and maintain, opt for ones that are machine-washable.

Our Top Picks


MISSION Premium Cooling Towel

  • Made from 100% polyester
  • Cools body down to 30 degrees
  • Chemical-free
  • Reusable and machine-washable

The MISSION Premium Cooling Towel measures 10 x 33 inches and it’s designed to cool you down to a nice 30 degrees lower than the standard body temp. Whether you’re doing sports, hiking or exploring exotic spots in humid locations, the presence of this cooling towel will be a relief. Very easy to use—just moisten soak the towel in H2O, wring it, snap a few times and apply. Reactivate if need be by doing the same steps.


Sukeen 4 Pack Cooling Towel

  • Remains chilled up to 3 hours
  • Great for heatstroke prevention
  • Ideal for sports use
  • Includes carrying pouch with carabiner clip

The Sukeen 4 Pack Cooling Towel is a nice budget option being a value-pack. It is made from fast-evaporating, breathable mesh material which makes activating the cooling system of the towel a breeze to do. As long as you have water on hand, this towel will do its job of keeping your body temps down. Also comes with a handy carrying pouch with carabiner clip for easy storage.


Ergodyne Chill Its 6602MF Cooling Towel

  • Gives instant cooling relief
  • Made from lightweight microfiber
  • Has UPF 50 sun protection
  • Machine-washable

The Ergodyne Chill Its 6602MF Cooling Towel brings your temps down even in the hottest of all summer days. Lightweight and easy to use as all cooling towels are. Made from high-quality microfiber fabric that’s extra-absorbent and remains supple and soft whether damp or dry. Also comes with a high sun protection factor at UPF 50. Washing machine-friendly as well and can be reused—activating the towel takes just a few easy steps.


Perfect Fitness Cooling Towel

  • Made from hyper-evaporative material
  • Remains cool for hours
  • Ideal for heat stress and fatigue prevention
  • Machine-washable

The Perfect Fitness Cooling Towel measures 11 x 29 inches and it’s nice to have around to fight off heat. Use regularly during a hot day and it can help prevent the onset of heat fatigue and stress. Very easy to clean and maintain—it can be washed in washing machines plus it requires only wringing the towel out and folding it loosely right after. Produced from quality high-evaporative materials for taking in moisture better and allow longer hours of cooling goodness.


SYOURSELF Cooling Towels

  • Reusable cooling towel
  • Gives fast cooling relief
  • Measures 40 x 12 inches
  • Eco-friendly SoftCool Extreme material

The SYOURSELF Cooling Towels already includes a convenient pouch to store the towel in. Tuck this one in your bag specifically if you work outdoors. Its cooling effect serves as relief from oppressive heat, thereby preventing fatigue and heat stress. Made from RoHS-certified, environment-friendly material, the SoftCool Extreme—This one dries down supple and soft—it will not drip nor leave a wet mess on your clothes. Won’t unravel prematurely due to sturdy, smooth stitching.


Alfamo Cooling Towel for Sports

  • Measures 47 x 14 inches
  • Remains cold up to 3 hours
  • Stays silky-soft and supple
  • Includes carrying pouch with carabiner clip

The Alfamo Cooling Towel for Sports it wide ang long so you can easily tie it up in whatever style you want for instant cooling effects. Whether you want to use it as a neck gaiter, a mat to cool down your head or simply dangled around your neck, this efficient cooling towel will chill you down and decrease body temps up to 30 degrees. The best cooling towel for sports, outdoor activities and preventing heatstroke and fatigue. For easy storage, the brand also threw in a carrying pouch with a carabiner clip in the set.

Don’t suffer from the heat. Treat your body with an effective cooling towel—our list brings 6 of the best products in the market for easier buying decisions.