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Improve Flexibility with These Top Yoga Wheels

The yoga wheel has proven itself to be an essential equipment for yoga enthusiasts. This nifty device does an excellent job in stretching exercises and also allows for new challenges in case you are bored with your current routine and want to kick things up a notch. Although it can seem daunting to incorporate into your yoga routine, it’s actually very easy to learn how to use a yoga wheel. This versatile equipment is not only for yogis though, you too can improve your flexibility by practicing with a yoga wheel.

Buyers Guide

  1. What is a yoga wheel exactly?

    Answer: The yoga wheel, as its name implies, is a prop with a circular shape that engages the body to open its front side to hone advanced postures in yoga. The wheel is also made to roll out one’s spine. It stretches the entire front side body from the shoulders, the chest, the hip flexors and the abdomen. The spine gets a good massage once you lay down on the wheel and it also allows yogis to mover further into specific postures like forearm balances and back bends.

  2. What are the benefits of using a yoga wheel?

    Answer: The yoga wheel helps in boosting one’s stamina and strength with regular use. It also allows yoga practitioners to finally nail challenging stretches. Flexibility also gets a boost with regular use of the prop since it lets users stretch deeper and move in positions in which they haven’t delved into before. Doing gentle poses with a yoga wheel also eases discomfort and tension—it helps relieve back pain and as mentioned earlier, can massage the entire length of the spine without the aid of a masseuse. The yoga wheel is also capable of removing knots and tension in the body thus it’s used by many athletes too.

  3. Is a yoga wheel difficult to use?

    Answer: Since you may not have used a yoga wheel before, it can be a bit tricky at first. In addition, you might discover that the wheel can be quite intense during initial uses. With frequent use though, you and your body will get used to the feel and functions of the yoga wheel. Most yoga wheel first-timers have adapted well to the mechanism of the prop and have treated the prop as a part of their routine.

Our Top Picks


UpCircleSeven Yoga Wheel

  • 12-inch x 5-inch size
  • 550 lbs. weight capacity
  • 8mm thick padding
  • Strong ABS frame

The UpCircleSeven Yoga Wheel will give your front side a nice, satisfying stretch—regular use will amp up your body to ready itself for challenging and new poses. This one has excellent weight capacity—it can accommodate up to 550 pounds of weight. The frame is made from strong and durable ABS material and it will not bend nor flex over the course of use. It’s also sweat-resistant to make your routine effortless thanks to its utilization of Closed Cell Technology on its cushioning. Perform the best backbends, improve flexibility and ease back pain using just one fitness prop.


Tranquil Yogi Yoga Wheel

  • Certified Toxin-Free
  • Thickly Padded Rubber or Cork Top with ABS Inner Ring
  • Recyclable Inner Ring
  • Lightweight & Strong (300lbs Capacity)

Tranquil Yogi Yoga Wheel is the the Most Beautiful Yoga Wheel. It has laser etched chakras on the surface and toxin-free painted chakras on the inside. It is comfortable on your back, feet, knees or core. Whether you are slight of frame or of larger stature, this wheel has the strength to support you to reach your goals. Our yoga wheel definitely will help you strengthen your core, achieve better balance and open new dimensions to your yoga sessions.


Shogun Sports Yoga Wheel

  • Available in 3 sizes
  • 500 lbs. weight capacity
  • 3.4-inch thick TPE padding
  • Durable ABS frame

The Shogun Sports Yoga Wheel can accommodate up to 500 lbs., maintained by its sturdy ABS frame. Practice your hand stands, back bends and do deeper stretches by using this prop, and you will soon embrace new perfected poses. It’s not only for yogis—athletes who also want to hone neat stretches and ease back pajn can take advantage of this prop. Made to last, supplemented by an environment-friendly, bacteria and moisture-proof TPE padding, this yoga wheel will indeed enhance your flex and strength.


Acumobility The Ultimate Back Roller

  • 11.3 x 7.48 x 11.3 inches
  • 1000 lbs. weight capacity
  • Hardwearing EVA molded foam
  • Has therapeutic bump patterns

The Acumobility The Ultimate Back Roller is definitely the one with the greatest number of weight capacity—this can accommodate up to a thousand pounds. What you have here is a hardy piece, composed of resilient EVA molded foam that will not bend nor breakdown even in the middle of the most challenging of poses and stretches. Another distinctive attribute of this prop is its bumps—the wheel sports loads of bumps which dig deep on the back muscles for some much-needed relief. Use regularly, and open your chest further, improve flex and stamina and even reduce those daily stresses and anxieties.


Plexus Chirp Wheel for Back Pain

  • Up to 500 lbs. weight capacity
  • Corrects spine curvature
  • Has injection-molded rigid core
  • Stretches/massages thoracic/lumbar regions

The Plexus Chirp Wheel for Back Pain is another good option in case you want to try out the benefits of the yoga wheel. This one can accommodate up to 500 pounds care of its strong injection-molded rigid core. For those who want to improve their posture and acquire better strength and stamina, you can accomplish those goals using this wheel. Regular use witll reinforce muscles throughout the spine which accommodates the discs—in turn all tension will be eased on the spine, nerve roots and even minimize bulging. Strain is also reduced since the wheel helps in correcting spine curvature.


ATIVAFIT Sports Yoga Wheel

  • Measures 13 x 5 inches
  • 220 lbs. weight capacity
  • Environment-friendly TPE
  • Has strong ABS frame

The ATIVAFIT Sports Yoga Wheel supports up to 220 lbs. of weight and its sturdy ABS core helps in accommodating such heavy loads. The wheel is also outfitted with durable and eco-friendly TPE plastic—it gives support for the back during spine stretches and allows users to go through various poses and movement with less effort. It has a thicker padding to guard the feet, back and the palms over the course of exercises for the best comfort and experience. The yoga wheel is sweat-resistant as well so in spite of constant use, this wheel will not develop any musky odors.


Pudding Cat 3 Pack Yoga Wheels

  • Has 6.5/10.5/13-inch wheels
  • 550 lbs. weight capacity
  • With soft TPE tread
  • Strong ABS core

If you want to encourage your family to get into the workings of the yoga wheel, this set of Pudding Cat 3 Pack Yoga Wheels is highly recommended. The set comes with 3 wheels measuring at 6.5, 10.5 and 13 inches. The wheels all features a rigid and durable ABS core plus soft treads in the form of eco-friendly TPE material. The tread has anti-sweat properties and it will not slip under you as well during use. There’s no need to worry about the prop bending or breaking down thanks to its reliable built.

We have an entire section dedicated to yoga product reviews that you should check out after you’ve made your decision on which yoga wheel will suit you best. If you are having difficulties perfecting your balance poses, stretches and back bends, you may want to get into the whole mechanics of the yoga wheel. Yoga wheels come in a good range of sizes and weight capacities so there’s a wheel for practically everybody. See our list again before buying one.