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Best Yoga Towels

When you do physical-based yoga like Ashtanga, Bikram, or Hatha, there’s a tendency for your hands and feet to slip occasionally due to sweat. Regardless of how thick or stable your mat is, perspiration can cause slippage especially when doing poses. As a result, you tend to pay more attention to your grip, grasping your mat tightly with your fingers and toes just so as not to lose balance. Luckily, there are yoga towels that allow you to do your poses more comfortably and stably. Because they are absorbent, they soak up all the sweat, preventing you from slipping.

What’s great about yoga towels is they are much easier to carry around than mats. They easily fit in gym bags and travel bags, and can even be used as a workout towel or a mat covering. If you’re looking for a great yoga towel, take a look at our top picks. We have selected six towels that are not only highly absorbent but also hypoallergenic, non-slip, and easy maintenance.

Buyers Guide

  1. What is a yoga towel?

    Answer: A yoga towel is a highly absorbent material made to fit on top of a yoga mat and used to create a non-slip surface for extra grip and stability in your poses.

  2. Is a yoga towel necessary?

    Answer: If you want to hold your poses without slipping, a yoga towel can make all the difference as it helps your hands, feet, and other body parts stay in place.

  3. How do you clean a yoga towel?

    Answer: Machine wash your towel with cold water and like colors, then tumble dry low or hang dry. Do not bleach your towel, and avoid using it with dryer sheets, fabric softeners, or detergents with fabric softener.

Our Top Picks


Manduka eQua Yoga Towel

  • Made in the USA
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean

Add traction to sweaty palms and feet with this microfiber yoga towel. Made of lightweight but durable nylon and polyester, it is soft, suede-like, and ultra-absorbent. While initially designed for yoga, it easily transitions to a beach, surf, travel, gym, or workout towel. This eQua towel works great for all types of yoga including hot, vinyasa, and power. It measures 72 x 26.5 inches and is incredibly quick drying for a slip-free yoga experience.


FACESOFT Activated Charcoal Personal Yoga Sweat Towel

  • Infused with Activated Charcoal
  • Removes oils and toxins from your skin
  • Anti-microbial, anti-odor
  • Eco-friendly
  • Charcoal lasts infused for the life of the towel
  • Re-activates with the heat from your dryer
  • Charcoal Infused Towel, Patent-pending

FaceSoft Towel has figured out a state-of-the-art way to infuse Activated Charcoal right into Aqua-Cotton yarn. The Aqua-Cotton yarn gives our towels a luxurious and plush feel. Each one of our Charcoal Detox Towels has a built-in self-cleaning property due to the incredible anti-odor and anti-microbial properties Charcoal naturally entails. FaceSoft Charcoal-Detox towels remove oils and toxins from your skin while you sweat! The Charcoal Technology will re-activate for your next use with the heat from your dryer. The charcoal will last infused into the yarn for the life of the towel! We are taking the world of towels to the next level with our turbo charged charcoal technology. Detox your skin, keep it clean, glowing, and blemish free every single time you wipe your face!


Shandali GoSweat Hot Yoga Towel

  • Non-slip
  • Super absorbent
  • Soft microfiber
  • Easy to clean

Never again slip while holding a pose with this yoga towel. Made of soft microfiber, it is extra-absorbent, wicks moisture away, locks sweat in, and ensures proper traction. Lightweight and portable, it can easily be stuffed in gym bags or backpacks and taken anywhere. This towel provides knee support and extra cushioning when meditating or doing a downward dog. To clean, simply machine wash with cold water and like colors, then tumble dry low.


Yoga Mate Bikram Hot Yoga Towel

  • Super soft
  • Sweat absorbent
  • Non-slip
  • Easy to wash

Extend the life of your yoga mat by covering it with this ultra-soft towel. It absorbs your sweat so you stay in pose and well balanced. It is perfectly sized at 72 x 26 inches so you can easily place it on top of any regular or extra-large yoga mat. This high-quality microfiber towel is odorless, durable, and non-slip, making it suitable for your daily practice. Lightweight, easy to pack, and fast drying, it is perfect for Pilates, exercise classes, the gym, showering, camping, traveling, and the beach. To clean, simply machine wash, then hang dry.


Moortor Yoga Towel

  • Microfiber
  • Non-slip
  • Comfortable and soft
  • Durable and stable

Create a solid and sweat-free foundation to practice on with this yoga towel. It provides a stable, non-slip surface which helps you achieve the full benefits of yoga and other exercises. Made of microfiber material, it is comfortable and durable to use on any hard surface. The towel is designed to reduce impact, provide body support, and improve balance and coordination. It has excellent toughness, high tensile strength, and exceptional flexibility, making it suitable for your daily practice.


AmazonBasics Yoga Exercise Towel

  • 80% polyester
  • Fits over most standard-sized yoga mats
  • Soft but strong
  • Machine washable

Don’t risk slipping on sweat with this yoga towel. Measuring 72 x 24 x 0.1 inches, it perfectly fits almost any standard-size yoga mat. It weighs just 8 ounces so you can conveniently roll it up for transport from home to the yoga studio or gym. Made of a polyester and nylon blend, this towel is soft, strong and has a nice texture. Aside from spreading over a yoga mat, it can also be used for toweling off at the end of an intense session.


Ruick Hot Yoga Towel

  • Non-slip
  • Sweat absorbent
  • Super soft
  • 100% microfiber

Stay focused in your asana practice and less on your sweat with this yoga towel. Made from 100% microfiber, it is soft, absorbent, and provides excellent grip for the toughest poses. It is stable, so you can be sure it will stay in place for the duration of your yoga practice without bunching, slipping, or sliding. Measuring 24 x 72 inches, this towel is the perfect size for any yoga mat. It comes with a carry bag so you can easily bring it with you to your travels.

If you are serious in your practice, investing in a full-length yoga towel will go a long way. It will not only let you keep your hands and feet mostly dry but also protect your mat from developing holes or tears due to friction.