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Best Wrist Rests

Endless work in front of your computer or laptop can produce strain not only on our eyes but our wrists as well. There are protective eyeglasses to guard eyes from strain while for the wrists, we have wrist rests. Ever considered using a wrist rest but don’t have any idea where to get proper info? Your wrists are in great hands with our buyer’s guide – get to know the essentials and check out our product recommendations we’ve put together through our extensive research on wrist rests.

Buyers Guide

  1. What exactly is a wrist rest?

    Answer: The wrist rest is a computer accessory which is designed especially for the wrist; it is meant to make mouse usage more comfortable particularly during extended use of the computer or laptop.

  2. What is the best wrist rest?

    Answer: The most excellent wrist rests include features like ergonomic design. Wrist rests for mouse devices tend to be smaller and are made up of a half-round shape. The palm and the wrist of your hand must be capable of resting comfortably without cramping.

    A good wrist rest also provides a soft cushion for maximum comfort and support. Non-slip rubberized bottoms are also recommended so the pad will remain in place even after hours of use.

  3. How does a wrist rest prevent cramping?

    Answer: Wrist rests help in keeping your wrist level—it means instead of dealing with a gap between your body and the computer or laptop keyboard where the wrist makes contact with the desk surface, the wrist rest offers an area where your wrist can lie. The wrist rest supports the wrist and maintains it at a neutral spot while at the same time, support the hand as well so all are in appropriate elbow-level height.

  4. When should I get a wrist rest?

    Answer: You should use a wrist rest if you want to reduce bending of the wrist, allow the hands and wrists to move freely, allow them to be raised above the palm and wrist rest while working or gaming. You should also get wrist rests if you want support and reduce pressure on those parts.

Our Top Picks


Gimars Upgrade Enlarge Gel Memory Foam Set Keyboard Wrist Pillow Rest Pad and Mouse Wrist Cushion Support

  • Premium memory foam
  • Breathable, comfortable and durable
  • Non-slip gel pad bottom
  • Ergonomic design

The GIM Keyboard Wrist Rest Pad is crafted from soft and breathable material plus premium memory foam. The ergonomic design makes for comfortable use even after extended hours of typing. The bottom comes with a gel pad which not only puts the pad in place but also serves to ease pain and stress on the wrist and hand. Great for making long working hours tolerable and more comfortable. Get information on this wrist rest in this review.


Fellowes Crystals Gel Flex Wrist Rest

  • Self-adjusting crystal gel wrist
  • Eases fatigue and pressure
  • Ergonomic design
  • Stain-resistant gel wrist rest

For comfort that goes on and on even during long hours of typing, the Fellowes Crystal Gel Flex Wrist Rest will make sure your hand and wrist will remain straight and comfortable. The wrist rest comes with a design that allows for pressure and fatigue removal for the best comfort while at work or (game)play. The innovative design of this piece, with its smooth surface us easy to clean and maintain. The wrist rest is also equipped with a non-slip rubber backing which keeps everything in place. Get more insight on this product in this review.


Kensington Duo Gel – Ergonomic Keyboard Wrist Rest with Gel Wrist Support Pad – 90 x 36 x 480 mm – (62397)

  • Designed with gel pillow
  • Includes ventilation channel
  • Elegant design and soft finish
  • Ergonomic design

The Kensington Duo Gel has an ergonomic design—it fits all over the length of your keyboard and shapes itself to the wrist’s form for complete support and comfort as you do your work. It has a modern, elegant duotone color scheme. The wrist rest also incudes a ventilation channel so your hand will remain dry and cool over the course of your daily tasks. The wrist rest has a design which allows for simple maintenance; it only needs a wiping for a cleanup. Check it in action in this review.


ELZO Keyboard Wrist Rest Pad Support with Comfortable Memory Foam Padding, Nonslip Rubber Base and Ergonomic Design

  • Includes soft gel cushion
  • Maintains wrist in neutral position
  • Anti-slip rubber base
  • Reinforced edges

The Elzo Keyboard Wrist Rest pad is designed with a gel-filled cushion for maximized comfort and support for hand and wrist. The wrist rest is equipped with a smooth Lycra covering which enhances the mouse’s tracking movements, provides effortless sliding and lets the cursor move about without causing tension in the waist. The anti-slip rubber base is all-natural and has anti-microbial additives too for a cleaner, more sanitized use. See this at work in this review.


Glorious Gaming Wrist Pad/Rest | 17.5×4 inches/25mm Thick (GWR-100)

  • Dual-Lock Anti-Fraying sewn frame
  • Suits full-size mechanical keyboards
  • Non-slip rubber bottom
  • Hand-washable

The Glorious Gaming Wrist Rest will make hours of gameplay more comfortable for users. It has Dual-Lock Anti-Fraying sewn frame for durability, a non-skid rubber base which grips the desk surface securely and an ergonomic design. The wrist rest is also easy to maintain since it can be washed by hand. Make sure to get more information on this product thru this review.