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Best Wine Racks

What is it about wine bottles that make them such a great gifting idea for just about any occasion? Employers give them to their employees, colleagues give them to each other, and neighbors give them to every new family who moves in next door. So, what do you do with your collection of wine bottles?

Easy: display them in a wine rack. It comes in all styles, colors, and designs to suit every taste. We searched on Amazon to find the most practical and attractive wine bottle racks for you—even if you don’t drink wine.

Buyers Guide

  1. What is a wine rack?

    Answer: A wine rack is a receptacle that offers a convenient and permanent place to store wine bottles.

  2. Do I need a wine rack?

    Answer: It all really depends on you. If your wine bottles are taking too much space in your pantry, you can opt for a rack that will let you display your bottles neatly.

  3. How many bottles of wine can I place in a wine rack?

    Answer: There are wine racks designed to store only 2 bottles while there are those designed to store even more.

Our Top Picks


Fostersource Wine Rack

  • Made of natural bamboo
  • Sturdy and wobble-free
  • Stores 8 to 16 bottles
  • Holds standard-size 750 ml wine bottles

Made of high-quality natural bamboo, this stackable wine rack ensures a sturdy construction and compact capacity. It is 15 mm thick, stable, and smooth. Choose between a capacity of 8, 12, or 16 bottles. The package includes bamboos, screws, a wrench, and an easy-to-follow detailed instruction for hassle-free assembly.


Gongshi 3-Tier Stackable Wine Rack

  • No assembly required
  • Convenient stackable design
  • Stores 12 standard wine bottles
  • Stable and sturdy

Measuring 17.5 inches wide, 6.7 inches deep, and 12.9 inches, this wine rack fits perfectly in any bar, wine cellar, or kitchen countertop. No need for any assembly—simply store (12) 750 ml wine bottles with a diameter of up to 3.5 inches. Stack them together or place them separately in different parts of the home. The wave design prevents bottles from wobbling, tilting, or falling.


Soduku Rustic Wood Countertop Wine Rack

  • Displays 6 bottles
  • No assembly required
  • Durable construction
  • Made of a combination of metal and wood

Give your rustic home a country-style vibe with this elegant countertop wine rack. Measuring 7.88 inches long, 7.50 inches wide, and 13.60 inches high, it fits 6 standard wine bottles perfectly. The exceptional combination of wood and iron looks very beautiful on any kitchen countertop, bar table, or fireplace mantel.


Sorbus Wine Rack Butterfly

  • Minimal assembly required
  • Sleek and chic
  • Stores up to 8 standard bottles
  • Lightweight but durable

At first glance, this modern piece looks like a home décor on its own. This butterfly rack makes a beautiful addition to any contemporary theme with its rich dark mahogany color and sleek finish. Measuring approximately 17.25 x 11.5 x 4 inches, it securely fits 8 standard-size bottles. Constructed of wood, it features 360° views so you can not only see the bottles but also grab one from both the front and back ends. 

With a reliable wine bottle rack in your kitchen or bar, you can have a place to store your bottles and keep them orderly. And when it’s time to entertain guests with some wine, choosing the finest bottle is easier and more convenient.