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Best Wine Decanters On the Market today

Have you ever marveled at why some avid wine aficionados pour wine into a decanter rather than enjoy it straight from the bottle? Is it just for mere show, or does it have an added effect on the wine’s flavor? Even if you only sip wines on certain occasions, decanting wine is essential in thoroughly enjoying its properties. Learn the significance of this process and the instrument used for it; the wine decanter.

Buyers Guide

  1. What is decanting exactly?

    Answer: Decanting wine is the process of dispensing the contents of the wine bottle into a specific vessel, which is the wine decanter. In general, wine is served from the decanter however at times, specifically in restaurants for service purposes, the wine is decanted back into the bottle where it came from.

  2. Why is decanting wine crucial?

    Answer: Decanting is often used for wines that are older or vintage. This is due to the fact that aged wines have plenty of sediment in them—they produce sediment as they mature. The decanting process separates the sediment from the wine. This will not only make the wine look more presentable in the glass, but it will also affect its flavor—the wine’s flavor becomes sharper. By decanting the wine carefully, bit by bit, the sediment will remain in the bottle and you will get in turn, wine that is clearer in your glass.

  3. Do you need to decant white wine?

    Answer: Majority of white wines do not really require decanting. However, older high-end white wines can highly benefit from this process since these wines can have a rather tricky flavor when it’s dispensed straight from the bottle. The decanting process will significantly open up this type of white wine.

Our Top Picks


Zulay Kitchen Wine Decanter

  • Lead-Free Crystal Glass
  • 1800ML Capacity
  • Slanted Spout
  • Maximum Aeration
  • BPA Free

The Zulay Kitchen Wine Decanter was made with lead-free crystal glass that displays the swirling stream of wine pouring into the transparent glass graciously. It was designed to efficiently aerate wine and improve its taste and texture while releasing the fragrant aroma within! It’s ideal for all your wines as it was made for maximum liquid aeration. Its slanted spout provides easy drip-free pouring too. Enjoy your wine tasting experience to the fullest with this beautiful and functional hand-blown, artisan-made crystal wine decanter! 


Ullo Wine Purifier with Hand Blown Carafe and 6 Selective Sulfite Capture Filters

  • Wine purifier and aerator
  • Removes sulfites from wine with Selective Sulfite Capture™
  • Fits on top of a wine glass or carafe
  • Compatible with all wines (red, white, rosé)
  • Carafe is hand blown from lead-free crystal

Üllo is a stylish wine purifier that will improve the taste of wine by removing sulfites via Selective Sulfite Capture™ technology as well as separating out sediment. To purify wine simply place the aerator on top of a wine glass or carafe and pour through. The handsome design features a display base that captures drips and stores neatly. The union of science and style, Üllo + Carafe is designed for serving red and white wines. The power of Selective Sulfite Capture™ purification combines with Üllo’s uniquely styled Carafe for a Pure Wine experience. The Carafe is hand blown from lead-free crystal and is the perfect fit for showcasing the Üllo Wine Purifier.


HiCoup Kitchenware Wine Decanter

  • Lead-free crystal
  • Elegant, modern design
  • Drip-free pouring
  • Maximum aeration

The HiCoup Kitchenware Wine Decanter’s swan-like appearance is not just for mere looks—the design has in fact, a purpose. The shape makes pouring wine an easier deed—dispense a basic 750ml of wine on the decanter by means of the bigger opening. This instance will allow the wine to aerate before it is dispensed from the smaller spout and into the wineglass. The design also makes gripping the decanter effortless and reduces chances of dripping or leaking. This is one that is designed for both form and function and if you prioritize those factors, you have a winner.


USBOQO HBS Wine Decanter

  • Crystal glass decanter
  • 1200ml capacity
  • Snail shape design
  • Lead-free crystal material

The USBOQO HBS Wine Decanter is the decanter for you if you plan on holding wine-drinking parties with several people. It has a bigger capacity at 1200ml, which translates to nearly 2 regular bottles of red wine. It has a snail-shape form will allows air to enter the decanter more to further enhance the flavor of the wine. The grip is also convenient since it makes dispensing the wine and cleanups a simpler task to do. The decanter is also made from handblown-premium lead-free crystal.


Sagaform Nature Collection Wine Carafe

  • Mouth-blown glass carafe
  • Elegant design
  • Easy to pour
  • Dishwasher-safe

The Sagaform Nature Collection Wine Carafe is crafted from lead-free, high-quality mouth-blown glass that will not get cloudy or stained over the course of use. This one is actually ideal to use on white wines. It features an oak stopper which creates an air-tight seal to protect the wine’s quality. It can contain around 34 oz of white wine. Decanting white wines that are heavy on the tannic elements benefit greatly from the process since it allows the wine to open up more. Another welcome highlight of this decanter is it’s dishwasher-safe.


Bella Vino Wine Decanter

  • 100% lead-free crystal
  • Designed for 750ml bottles
  • Easy pouring
  • Anti-spill

The Bella Vino Wine Decanter is an excellent budget choice. It is made from 100 percent lead-free crystal and can contain wine from standard 750ml bottles. For better aeration, the decanter has a broader funnel and flue. This design also allows faster drying after cleanups. The decanter features a slanted top meant to prevent dripping, spilling and to make pouring wine simple. The narrow neck makes holding the decanter easy as well. It will remain stable on top of the table thanks to its wide and thick base.


Le Chateau Wine Decanter

  • Non-leaded crystal
  • Hand-blown decanter
  • Designed for regular 750ml bottles
  • Easy-pour slanted spout

The Le Chateau Wine Decanter leads among the bunch, being a hand-blown piece crafted from fine, lead-free crystal. It features a slanted spout for easy wine-pouring and a base with a wide bottom. The elegant design is an eye-catcher along with its affordable price. This is a great value-for-money piece too since the quality of the glass is impressive at such a reasonable price point. Apart from being a part of your wine appreciation collection, this one also wins as a gift for fellow wine lovers. Durable and beautifully done.


Lenox 825772 Tuscany Classics Crystal Aerating Decanter

  • Lead-free crystal
  • 48 oz. capacity
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Break-resistant material

The Lenox 825772 Tuscany Classics Crystal Aerating Decanter is a well-designed crystal decanter equipped with a stopper—this means your wine will retain its quality once it’s decanted. Aside from serving its function, the crystal stopper also adds to the charm of the whole ensemble. Its inner dome meanwhile is meant to build up aeration for better wine flavor. The high-quality workmanship of this decanter is not only its high point—it is also made from lead-free crystal that’s durable and break-resistant. Its strength even makes it safe to clean in dishwashers.

The popularity of wines from red wine, white wine and rosé will never wane. Appreciation the taste and body of your aged wines even more by decanting it. The wine decanter will never allow any trace of sediment from touching the wineglass. If you want your wines to have a better taste, allow it to aerate well through the use of this specific tool. Our list of the best wine decanters in the business will make choosing a good option easier.