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Best Windproof Umbrellas For Practical Use

You cannot avoid the wind every year. While it can be dangerous—hurricanes and tornadoes come to mind—a nice gust of wind during a particularly hot day can be a savior too. A good breeze refreshes and simmers us down down.  For those currently residing in areas with frequently blustery climates, an umbrella that can withstand strong winds is an absolute necessity. Get a windproof umbrella so you will stay dry despite those rains and winds.

Buyers Guide

  1. What is the difference between a regular umbrella and a windproof one?

    Answer: Windproof umbrellas, unlike standard types, have undergone wind tunnel tests to guarantee that these items are capable of tolerating all types of winds. It was designed to stay put whenever there are strong gusts of wind up to 50 miles per hour. Windproof umbrellas are composed of strong, durable materials and coupled with its unique built, are often more expensive than regular umbrellas.

  2. How do windproof umbrellas work?

    Answer: As mentioned earlier, windproof umbrellas were designed to be stronger. The umbrella features metal material that is quite dense, heavy and thick compared to metal components usually found on regular umbrellas. Components that are most prone to breakage and damage like the joints are also protected by tempered steel material to make them more hardwearing. Windproof umbrellas also come with smaller vents that allow smaller gusts of wind to pass through—this might seem contradictory to the whole set-up. However, this makes for better protection. These vents do not have lots of pressure compared to vents on standard umbrellas and are more flexible to boot so the wind will not do damage on them.

  3. What is a vented umbrella?

    Answer: The windproof umbrella is an example of a vented umbrella. This means it gives sufficient protection against strong wind. Vented ones are designed with a secondary internal canopy with tiny vents that allow the wind to pass through and collapse inside the umbrella so pressure will be released. The secondary canopy on this umbrella is meant to provide protection against rain and sun. Unvented ones only come with a single canopy which is solely meant for rain and sun protection.

Our Top Picks


BLUNT Classic Stick Umbrella

  • Has 47-inch canopy
  • Comes with Quick-Dry polyester
  • Patented design
  • Includes strong aluminum frame

The BLUNT Classic Stick Umbrella made it on top of the list due to its durable built and excellent protection against the elements. It features the brand’s patented design and has undergone independent wind tunnel tests to guarantee first-rate protection against blustery winds. The umbrella comes with Quick-Dry polyester plus it has UV protection too to further safeguard users against the harm done by UV rays.


Procella Golf Umbrella

  • Has 62-inch canopy
  • Includes reinforced fiberglass frame
  • Tear-resistant inner mesh
  • Comes with vented double-canopy built

The foldable Procella Golf Umbrella remain dry in the middle of windy, rainy weather by using this Procella Golf Umbrella. It can tolerate winds as strong as 46MPH thanks to its reliable construction; the umbrella features a durable reinforced fiberglass frame, tear-resistant inner mesh and vented double-canopy construction. These components are further supplemented by its broad 62-inch canopy, rubberized anti-slip handle, water-resistant 210T Pongee microweave fabric and 50SPF sun protection.


Lewis N. Clark Travel Umbrella

  • Has 38-inch canopy
  • With Teflon-like coating
  • Features chrome-plated steel shaft
  • Has flexible fiberglass tips

The Lewis N. Clark Travel Umbrella is another top choice because it gives effective security against tough winds and torrential rains. The canopy measures 38 inches and the umbrella features a 16-inch arm length which opens and closes automatically by way of a button. This is a foldable model that includes flexible fiberglass tips, a corrosion and rust-resistant frame and durable metal ribs. Canopy material is composed of mildew-resistant Quick-Dry polyester too. Comes with its own mold-proof storage sleeve.


Repel Umbrella Double Vented Windproof Automatic Travel Umbrella

  • Has 9-rib canopy
  • One-button open/close system
  • Double-vented design
  • Comes with Teflon coating

Get the protection you need against inclement weather by using the Repel Umbrella Double Vented Windproof Automatic Travel Umbrella. This one has an efficient double-vented design that includes 9 durable, resin-reinforced fiberglass ribs that are quite flexible and tolerates powerful gusts of wind. This one will not turn inside out thus you will remain dry during stormy and rainy weather. The canopy also comes with advanced Teflon technology and rubberized, slip-proof handle.


G4Free UPF 50+ UV Protection Travel Umbrella

  • Has 46-inch canopy
  • Comes with vented, double-layered mesh canopy
  • Completely automatic umbrella
  • Features telescopic 3-fold shaft

The G4Free UPF 50+ UV Protection Travel Umbrella not only gives secure protection against extreme weather conditions; it also provides enough protection against the sun’s harmful rays by means of its UPF 50+ UV protection. The construction involves a double-layered, vented mesh canopy, automatic open and close system and a chrome-plated black metal shaft. It is lightweight too at 0.42 kilograms. The tips of the umbrella are made from durable and flexible fiberglass so what you have is something that will last you for a longer period of time.


Sharpty Inverted Umbrella

  • Has premium carbon fiber material
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Comes with double-layered canopy design
  • Comfort-grip C-shape handle

The Sharpty Inverted Umbrella is a windproof model that features a double-layered canopy design which is deemed in the industry as one of the most effective windproof designs among umbrellas. If you are after an umbrella that is a breeze to hold, this is the brolly for you—the umbrella features a distinctive C-shaped comfort-grip handle so you can hold it effortlessly, rain or shine. Its inside-out built is also one of the smartest in the business.

If inclement weather in your area is always a big concern for you, make sure that you always have a windproof umbrella on hand. If you’re just looking for a regular umbrella, we also have some recommendations in our umbrella reviews section of more general umbrellas you should check out. Windproof umbrellas have better features and offer better protection against strong winds and rains compared to standard ones.