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Best White Noise Machines

The main reason we use white noise machines is to sleep better. Science proves white noise machines can help you sleep based on the consistency of the sound. When we are jolted out of sleep by a sound, it’s likely the change in noise levels, not the sound itself, jarring us into opening our eyes. White noise machines provide constant a stream of randomized frequencies to mask unwanted noise.

There are other types of noise out there, and in this comparison of colored noises the author suggests that white noise is the best for sleeping, because it’s comprised of equal frequencies from the entire sound spectrum, making it great at masking most sounds.

Buyers Guide

  1. How do white noise machines work?

    Answer: Except for the unique “Snooz” machine we reviewed which has an actual fan inside of it that produces the white noise, white noise machines will play noise at equal frequencies from the entire sound spectrum out of a speaker. The noise can either be looping, or non-looping and truly random.

  2. Do white noise machines help with noisy neighbors?

    Answer: Again, yes. Sounds from neighbors that could keep you up at night could be masked effectively with a white noise machine. This is a low cost and effective way to mask sounds coming from outside your bedroom.

  3. How effective are white noise machines?

    Answer: Extremely effective. Because you are subjected to a constant source of sound all night long, you won’t be surprised by a noise that would have otherwise jolted you out of slumber. White noise machines mask sounds and make it easier to sleep. There are other ways to mask sounds, but because white noise is specifically comprised of equal frequencies from the all parts of the sound spectrum, it will theoretically make sounds better than if you simply left a fan or air conditioner running.

  4. What is the best white noise machine for helping babies sleep?

    Answer: All of them will be good for helping babies sleep, but we like the Dreamegg model the best as it was designed specifically for this purpose. The nightlight will also come in handy, as long as you don’t mind the fact that you cannot adjust the brightness.

When comparing white noise machines, we based our ranking decisions based on over 10,000 reviews of 9 of the top products on Amazon, and ended up really liking these Top 4:

Our Top Picks


Big Red Rooster White Noise Machine

  • Natural sounds
  • Great for inducing sleep
  • AC or battery powered
  • Easy to Reach Buttons

People really like the natural sounds and insist that it helps them sleep soundly. Here is an in depth youtube review of the Red Rooster White Noise Machine where you can hear the six natural sounds it makes and get a brief overview of how to use it. The reviewer is very happy with the machine and she has been using many different sound machines in practice for a few years.


Avantek White Noise Machine

  • Helps with Tinnitus
  • Sleek design
  • Large variety of Sounds
  • Durable

With it’s black, futuristic look – The Avantek White Noise Machine is definitely the most aesthetically pleasing of all white noise machines that we’ve reviewed.  The reviewers swear by it, and praise it for helping their families with issues ranging from Insomnia, to Tinnitus and even Autism. This youtube review of the Avantek White Noise Machine allows us to hear the noises it makes and get a brief overview.


Dreamegg D1 White Noise Sound Machine

  • Great for helping Babies sleep
  • Natural Sounds
  • Nightlight

The Dreamegg is geared specifically towards helping babies fall asleep.  This is the only white noise machine we have seen with a nightlight. One downside that we noticed is that there is no way to adjust the brightness of the nightlight. Here is an in depth youtube review where you can hear the sounds and see if for yourself.


Snooz White Noise Sound Machine

  • Helps pets sleep
  • Cloth exterior
  • Real fan inside
  • Companion App

The Snooz white noise machine originated from a kickstarter project with almost 6000 backers.  You can adjust not only the volume, but the tone of the white noise with a quick twist of the shell.  This unboxing youtube review of the Snooz white noise machine does a great job showing off the functionality.  One of the downsides is that there are many complaints about the companion apps bugginess.