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Best Wheeled Garbage Cans

All homes generate trash that should be disposed regularly to maintain cleanliness and health. To ensure this, what every household needs is a proper waste management equipment. It is important to have the right size of outdoor bins because nobody like a sloppy and overflowing trash can outside their home. A good garbage receptacle should be covered to trap odor in and prevent the invasion of pests and insects. It should be made of durable materials, like plastic or stainless steel, to withstand elements. And to ensure easy handling, it should be equipped with wheels.

Today, we take a look at wheeled garbage cans. These are the ones you often see being rolled out of houses or businesses regularly for waste disposal. Our team has reviewed a number of outdoor trash receptacles to find the best in terms of quality, capacity, and maneuverability. See why these garbage cans are getting great customer reviews by reading on.

Buyers Guide

  1. What is a wheeled garbage can?

    Answer: A wheeled garbage can is a waste receptacle, usually with two wheels, used for transporting several bags or large loads of trash to a dumpster or across your property.

  2. Is a garbage can with wheels necessary?

    Answer: By having wheels, a garbage can protects its bottom from damage caused by dragging on floors or concrete.

  3. Where do people use wheeled garbage cans?

    Answer: Wheeled garbage cans are used in homes, restaurants, and businesses where trash needs to be regularly moved around.

Our Top Picks


Rubbermaid Wheeled Garbage Can

  • 50 gallons
  • Heavy duty
  • Easy mobility
  • Smooth contours

Effortlessly move your trash for disposal with this wheeled garbage can. It is constructed of durable polyethylene with a hinged lid, integrated handle, and inset wheels, and is imprinted with the universal recycling symbol for increased waste management compliance. It has an ergonomic handle for comfortable push or pull operation. The garbage can has heavy-duty wheels with high-performance treads that are optimized for easy mobility. Measuring 29 x 24 x 36 inches, it has a large capacity of 50 gallons. This trash can is designed to maintain performance at freezing temperatures as low as 0° F.


Toter Two Wheeled Trash Can

  • Heavy duty
  • 64 gallons
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Blackstone finish

Store your trash in this wheeled garbage can. It is manufactured with a patented Advanced Rotational Molding process for superior durability and years of service life. Its rugged rim design provides added strength, while its large footprint and aerodynamic design provide stability. With the industry’s best tilt-to-roll ratio, an ideal handle height, and rugged wheels, this garbage can is easy to roll even when completely full. Its distinctive Blackstone finish masks normal wear and tear, keeping it looking new for a long time. It is compatible with all fully-automated garbage trucks and semi-automated cart lifters.


Suncast Commercial BMTCW32 Wheeled Trash Can

  • Heavy duty
  • Polyethylene
  • With drain plug
  • With lid

Keep your trash in this wheeled garbage can. Made of durable resin, it stands up to any application, takes on even the most demanding job, and offers effortless transportation. Its cold-impact construction stands up to even the harshest environments without rusting, chipping, denting, or bending. This garbage can features a clean-access handle on the lid with enhanced polymers for lasting durability, and has a drain plug at the bottom for easy cleanout. Its nylon blushing provide a smooth run, while its blow-molded HDPE ensures uncompromised strength and rigidity. This trash can is available in a range of unique colors and sizes to suit your needs.


Otto Trash Container

  • 95 gallons
  • Heavy duty
  • Polyethylene
  • Reinforced rim

Contain your waste in this wheeled garbage can. Made from high-density polyethylene, it has strong and durable walls that withstand winds up to 40 mph. It is molded with integral handles, a reinforced rim, and wear ridges that protect and strengthen its bottom. The garbage can features a molded recess on the base that allows easy tilting on the axle for tilt-and-roll mobility. Its attached lid conceals contents and retains odors while keeping out rain and snow. The trash can features lifting pockets that are compatible with automatic arm lifters and semi-automatic bar lifters. 


Alek…Shop Commercial Recycle Bin

  • 45 gallons
  • With latching lid
  • Keeps odors in
  • Comfortable grip

Throw your trash in this wheeled garbage can. Measuring 26 inches deep, 37 inches high, and 22 inches wide, it has a large capacity of 45 gallons. Built to withstand intense sunlight and freezing temperatures, it features a unique hinged lid design that opens to either 80 degrees or all the way up. This garbage can features rugged wheels that allow you to roll it to and from the curb smoothly. It has a wide wheelbase that allows it to stay steady and upright.


CY & Win Wheeled Trash Can

  • 1 liter
  • Plastic
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Easy to clean

Don’t leave any unsightly trash behind with this wheeled garbage can. Made from environmentally-friendly thickened raw materials, it is resistant to high pressure and corrosion. With a size of 53 x 46 x 79 centimeters, it has a load-bearing capacity of 1 liter. This multi-purpose trash can is perfect for homes, offices, restaurants, malls, and parks. Its comfortable and durable handle makes opening and closing the lid simple and effortless.

What’s great about these wheeled garbage cans is they are easy to maneuver even by children and the elderly. Each has a large capacity that can store an abundance of waste for several days without leaking foul odor or inviting pests in.