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Best Waterfall Lights

Turn your pond or water garden into a wonderful, aesthetically-pleasing spectacle at night with quality waterfall lights. Water gardens are always a nice sight in the daytime so why not extend that beauty in the evenings? You have come to the right place for ideas and information on waterfall lights; check out our essential buyer’s guide and discover the lights that will transform your water garden into a visually satisfying area.

Buyers Guide

  1. Why do I need to purchase waterfall lights?

    Answer: There are plenty of reasons why waterfall lights are worth trying out. For one, waterfall lights allow you to get into the groove of the loveliest season of the year; summer. Relaxing under the stars and waterfall lights by your water garden is something you must experience.

    Waterfall lights also produce a glimmering, starry effect which improves the ambience of your water garden. These lights offer safety too by providing extra visibility. You can easily keep track of people in your garden with these lights switched on.

  2. What are the factors I need to consider when choosing waterfall lights?

    Answer: The factors you need to consider in waterfall lights is the complexity of the installation, energy-efficiency, brightness, durability and the features.

  3. What are the different kinds of waterfall lights available in the market right now?

    Answer: There are two types of waterfall lights and they are the following:
    • LED – Light emitting diodes or LEDs for short, operate by directing voltage by means of a semi-conductor that releases light. LED waterfall lights are pretty simple to use and install since you only need to plug them into its power resource.
    • Fiber optic – For fiber optic waterfall lighting, the bulb is positioned in a lightbox or illuminator which is mounted in a certain spot on top of the waterfall. The light is then conveyed throughout the cable by means of a specific fitting and into the water garden or pond.

  4. What are recommended lighting placements for waterfall lights?

    Answer: There are only two choices when it comes to waterfall lights; either you go exterior or opt for underwater lighting. Remember: water and electricity can be risky when put together so have a licensed electrician manage the installation.

Our Top Picks


Whatook Underwater Submersible LED Lights

  • High-quality IP68 waterproof rating
  • Wireless and reusable lights
  • Lovely RGB colors
  • Versatile lighting

The Whatook Underwater Submersible LED Lights are excellent for illuminating ponds, water gardens and any decorative container for water. It makes use of low-voltage heat which means you won’t have to worry about the lights overheating while in use. It operates by way of 3 AAA batteries and will function up to 12 hours max. The lights are quite pleasing since it’s capable of 4 dynamic color-changing modes, accent lighting, flower design lights, 16 multi-colored lights and indoor/outdoor lighting. See how these lights work in this review video.


Aquascape LED Waterfall Up Light

  • Sleek and compact design
  • Submersible lights
  • Water-tight fixtures
  • 40,000-hour bulb life

This Aquascape LED waterfall light makes your water garden a feast for the eyes. It emits a natural, warm color and its compact, low-profile appearance is great for hiding the lights in smaller spots like ponds or all over a waterfall. The lights are submersible so you can plunge this one underwater and it will function normally due to its watertight fixtures. Get more insight on this product in this review.


LampLust Fairy Spray String Lights

  • 8.5 ft., 9 strands
  • Built-in 6-hour timer
  • Weatherproof lights
  • Wireless/cordless

Lamplust’s Fairy Spray String Lights are lovely and will spread lots of magical cheer in your water garden at night. These cool, white LED lights come in 9 strands and the whole ensemble measures 8.5 ft. long. The lights are quite versatile since you can also use them on other areas like the patio or deck. They can also be used as centerpieces for parties and as holiday décor. Get more information on this product in this review.


TetraPond Remote-Controlled Color Changing LED Waterfall Light

  • Remote-controlled lights
  • Color-changing LEDs
  • Submersible lighting
  • Great for waterfalls, ponds and fountains

The Tetra Pond waterfall lights feature wonderful color-changing LEDs that can uplift the look of your pond or water garden. Awash your garden with streams of beautiful rainbow colors with these LED lights. The lights are submersible so you can use them underwater. Its remote control comes with a color wheel so users can choose any colors they dig. See these lights at work in this review video.


Lewisia 211 GPH Fountain Pump

  • Suction cups for stability
  • Durable stainless-steel shaft
  • Great for both fresh and seawater aquariums
  • Energy-efficient

The Lewisia Fountain Pump Submersible with LED light is a great unit since it combines the functions of a pump with colorful LED lights. The 4-color lighting system offers extra color and perk to ponds, water gardens, aquariums and hydroponic systems. It comes with a UL-listed, longer cable plus it’s the kind of pump which is a breeze to clean. For more information, go to this video review.

The best waterfall lights light up your water garden or pond gloriously, with different lighting modes and colors, in and energy-efficient way of course. Check our top picks that we’ve put together through our extensive product research.