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Best Waterbed Mattresses

Today, more and more people are investing on high-quality mattresses for comfort and improved sleep quality. Fifty years ago, Charlie Hall invented the water matress and we’ve been obsessed with them ever since, but now, improvements in technology have actually made these fascinating sleepers a better choice than traditional mattresses in many cases. Getting the right mattress is especially important since these sizable items can be too much of a hassle to take down and send back to sellers/manufacturers. Avoid purchasing mistakes by reading our helpful buyer’s guide and reviews.

Buyers Guide

  1. What are the health benefits of waterbed mattresses?

    Answer: Waterbed mattresses were designed to deliver even weight distribution all over the body, thus reducing pressure points (especially on the back area) and providing sufficient support. They can also give arthritis relief and improve the quality of sleep.

  2. What are the different kinds of waterbed mattresses?

    Answer: There are two common types of waterbed mattresses; soft side waterbeds and hard side waterbed.

  3. Are waterbed mattresses prone to bursting?

    Answer: Waterbed mattresses are crafted from durable, strong material like vinyl so it will not burst unless it is cut or torn with a sharp item. Waterbed mattresses do not burst as well—the mattress will merely leak once damaged.

  4. How do you clean waterbed mattresses?

    Answer: Clean your waterbed mattress with a vinyl cleaner or any cleaner made to treat such items. Cleaning its insides is not really needed since all waterbed mattresses are quite secure.

Our Top Picks


INNOMAX Sanctuary Free Flow Full Wave Waterbed Mattress, King by INNOMAX

  • No Wave Reduction
  • Weightless feel
  • Premium vinyl Body Profile sleep surface
  • Double reinforced corners

InnoMax’s Sanctuary Free Flow Full Wave waterbed mattress has lots of features that will catch your attention, from the full wave motion feature down to its Low Tension mattress design. This is designed to accommodate hard side waterbed frames. It comes with a vacuum-molded top plus wide, reinforced four-layer corners and extra layers of lumbar fiber. It provides excellent support to every body’s varying needs, leading to better sleep regardless of the sleeping position. This is a durable model that will not leak, offering longer usage. Check out the quality of this mattress in this review.


California King Waveless Waterbed Mattress 72w x 84L Boyd Lumbar Supreme with a Fill Kit & a 4oz Bottle of Premium Clear Bottle Conditioner

  • Used with hard side waterbed frame
  • Distributes weight evenly
  • Durable vinyl material
  • Vacuum-molded top

The California King Waveless Waterbed Mattress is a mattress that comes with a distinctive design, aimed to give off a good number of health benefits, a better alternative to your standard spring or foam mattresses. This is a waveless waterbed mattress model that comes with a 4-point memory stretch tether system. The 4-layer wave reduction configuration provides 99% motion reduction, which is a big plus for this item. Get more insight on this product in this video.


90% Waveless Waterbed Mattress For Queen size 60 x 84 Hardside Water Beds by Classic Mattress, Premium Clear Bottle

  • Contour back support
  • Very comfortable design
  • Wide reinforced corners
  • 15-year warranty

When it comes to waterbeds, a good deal of consumers are into the hard side type. Many also feel that this kind of waterbed is the way to go since it’s easy to assemble and it only needs a wooden bed frame to position the bed in place. There are available hard side wooden bed frames in stores but you can also create one yourself if you are so inclined. Hard side waterbeds also come with other advantages. For one, it takes after the shape of the body so it decreases excess pressure during sleep. Thus, no more aches and pains in the morning for you. Last but not least, the hard side kind is something budget-savvy consumers choose so this Classic Mattress 90% Waveless model is a good economical pick if you want to try out waterbed mattresses. This is a comfortable bed with durable, reinforced corners for longer usage. Get more information on this product by watching this product review.


Waterbed Free Flow Full Wave Mattress (Queen) by The Waterbed Doctor

  • Hard side type
  • Wood frame
  • Standard Free Flow
  • No Wave Reduction

Standard waterbeds come with a specific frame that is crafted from solid wood material that is quite durable. Complement hard side waterbed frames with a suitable mattress like this model from the Waterbed Doctor. This is a standard waterbed mattress with a free flow function so you will feel like you are floating on water while using the item. Another feature of this mattress that consumers need to be aware of is the No Wave Reduction. The mattress gives good support for the entire body and at times, even pain-relieving properties. This mattress is made from high-quality materials that makes for extended, comfortable use. See how this mattress works in this product video.

These days, numerous products have been made in order to improve the overall quality of our lives. Some of them have even become necessities. For those who have constant sleeping problems and recurring back/joint aches, the waterbed mattress is a blessing.

Waterbed mattresses as explained earlier, were designed to reduce pressure points and keep away discomfort while sleeping, leading to better sleep. These items do not come with the same features; however, they serve a single purpose. There are affordable models while some can be very expensive.