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Best Waste Receptacles

Removing trash and waste is a chore that has to be performed routinely in order to sustain cleanliness and proper sanitation in our living space. For home use, we have indoor waste baskets and even recycling bins for better waste management. Be informed of essential stuff related to proper waste management by reading our guide and reviews of products that can help in this matter.

Buyers Guide

  1. What are the different kinds of waste receptacles?

    Answer: Waste receptacles in general are categorized into two kinds: bins for indoor use and receptacles meant for outdoor use. Waste receptacles meant for outdoor use are made from durable material, bigger in terms of size and a lot heavier. Outdoor waste receptacles also include features like side rails, casters and spring-enabled lids that make them easier to handle mechanically thru collection services like garbage and recycling trucks.

  2. What factors should you look for in a waste receptacle?

    Answer: When buying waste receptacles, make sure to consider its size, the appearance, durability and additional features. Functionality is something you should not pass up—you have to check for features that you need to think through like lid type, the opening location, the purpose of the design, et cetera.

  3. What is the role of a recycling bin in proper waste management?

    Answer: The recycling of waste is an environment-friendly practice which furthers conserving natural resources. Supporting this procedure by means of proper waste management is done thru the use of recycling bins. For every kind of waste that is recyclable, there are certain waste receptacles for it. These items are color-coded to sort out a variety of recyclables like plastic, paper and glass in a correct manner.

    Recycling bins are recommended in residential settings, public and commercial areas so people will be encouraged to dispose their trash properly. If these waste materials are gathered in proper bins, disposing them all becomes an easier process.

  4. Any additional tips and advice for proper water management?

    Answer: Quality waste receptacles will reduce the number of muck and gunk that leaks all over the surface of the waste receptacle. Make sure to double-bag it to stop trash from leaking. Have some bleach and disinfecting wipes on hand so you can clean the waste receptacle every time you take out the garbage. This is to extend cleanliness between thorough cleanups. Waste receptacles should be cleaned once a month. More or less cleanings will be required based on the kind of trash collected.

Our Top Picks


Safco Products 9618SA Rectangular Wastebasket

  • Fire-resistant waste receptacle
  • Raised bottom
  • Vinyl bumper tops
  • Puncture-resistant steel construction

This Safco rectangular wastebasket offers a bigger capacity at 8 quarts. It is good for the office and for the home. The wastebasket is made from quality steel construction that is fire-resistant, puncture-resistant and will not release hazardous fumes. It has a 1-inch bottom which offers air cushion insulation too. Get more information on this product in this review.


LitterMaid Waste Receptacles

  • Compatible with LitterMaid litterboxes and filters
  • 18 sealed receptacles
  • Dispose after use
  • Sturdy odor containment

LitterMaid is known for litter box solutions and their waste receptacle product delivers. The waste receptacles help in maintaining cleanliness and odor-free environments for your cats. These waste receptacles serve in removing all the troubles related to disposing waste in litter boxes. The product locks away odors and waste for a tidy, odor-free litterbox. Check this one out in this review.


HLS Commercial 15 Gallon Round Beveled Open Top Trash Can

  • Low-maintenance powder-coated steel
  • Modern and stylish beveled top
  • Smudge-resistant steel finish
  • Detachable lid

This trash can from HLS Commercial is a great waste bin not only for the home, but for the office as well. It’s designed with a beveled top, provided with a powder-coated steel construction and smudge-resistant steel finish. The removable lid and its galvanized metal liner with handle makes disposing of waste an easier job to do. Get more information on this product in this review video.


Safco Products 9668 Plastic Liner for 21-Gallon Waste Receptacles

  • Tough 21-gallon liner
  • Waste receptacle liner
  • Durable plastic construction
  • Used with Safco waste receptacles

Proper waste disposal is no problem with plastic liners from Safco Products. These durable liners are designed to meet the demands of the brand’s waste receptacles. The liner is crafted from durable, long-lasting plastic material and readily fits receptacle bases with a 21-gallon capacity. Waste receptacles are sold separately. Get more information on this waste liner by watching this review video.


Liners Compatible for use in Littermaid Waste Receptacles

  • Includes 200 liners
  • Thinner liner for better fit
  • Control odors with baking soda
  • Measures 12″ x 5″ x 5″)

These liners are deliberately designed to be thin so it will fit receptacles better. Round up the edges of the plastic rectangle so they’re not spiky. The liners are also easy to double up. You can put several liners in the bin sprinkled with baking soda in order to control bad odors. Based on the frequency of litter changes, you might be required to double the layers. Thin liners like these are still more affordable compared to the hard ones. The package comes with 200 liners that can last for a long while. Get more information on the product in this review.

Do not overlook the waste receptacles you use at home or in the office. It is better is you purchase quality ones—better products translate to items that will give you good service for a long period of time. Check for reliable waste receptacles in our reviews.