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Best Waist Packs

The waist pack is back! What was once considered essential gear in the 80s and the 90s is now back in the pages of fashion magazines and the accessory lines of the best clothing brands. Designer brands are even releasing their own versions of the waist pack. Known back in the day as the fanny pack, waist packs are appreciated due to their functionality and design. Know more about this gear which once drew flak from the fashionable crowd and the ways in which you can wear them.

Buyers Guide

  1. What makes waist packs great?

    Answer: Waist packs were designed to keep your hands free and allow you to do other tasks while in transit. You can go on with your activities without dealing with holding various items or pulling on uncomfortable shoulder bag or backpack straps. There are lots of pack designs available which can cater to varying tastes.

  2. What are the different types of waist packs?

    Answer: Modern waist packs differ in terms of sizes, shapes and styles these days. They are grouped into the following:
    • Travel waist pack – wider straps and document-sized pouch.
    • Hydration waist pack – great for water bottles/drinks.
    • Lumbar waist pack – includes compression straps for better comfort.
    • Hunting waist pack – additional space and accessible pouches.
    • Fashion waist pack – trendy and available in various colors, shapes and styles.

  3. How do you wear a waist pack?

    Answer: You can wear a waist pack in many ways. You can wear it at the hip and to the side, across the chest, wear the item as a backpack, slung low on the hips and even wear it like you would a cross-body bag.

  4. What are the factors I need to consider when buying a waist pack?

    Answer: You need to factor in a waist pack’s storage capacity, your intended purpose for the pack (if it’s going to be used for hunting, for running a marathon, for fashion purposes, etc.), the number of pockets you need and the weight of the pack.

Our Top Picks


Waterfly Fanny Pack Slim Soft Polyester Water Resistant Waist Bag

  • Made from water-resistant nylon
  • Lightweight waist pack
  • Adjustable polyweb waist belt
  • Main double-zippered compartment

The Waterfly Fanny Pack is a lightweight model that is great for men, women or children. It’s recommended for people subscribing to an active lifestyle. Due to its lightweight nature, it is a nice fanny pack for sports or physical routines. It has a waist size of up to 50 inches, an adjustable polyweb waist belt, two front pockets, a hidden rear zippered pocket and a main double-zippered compartment. Know more about the product in this review.


Fitter’s Niche Ultra Slim Fanny Waist Pack Running Belt

  • Made from spandex-Lycra blend material
  • Includes water-resistant layer
  • Quick-drying and breathable
  • Excellent organization

This Fitter’s Niche fanny pack has all the space for your everyday essentials. For people on the go, this makes for a nice carrier for your phone, cards, keys, extra change and more. This is also something that will benefit joggers, trail runners, cyclists and frequent travelers. It has upgraded inner compartments, made from water-resistant spandex-Lycra material, dries quick and is breathable to boot. Check this pack in this video review.


EOTW Fanny Pack Waist Bag Travel Pocket Chest Shoulder Bag Running Belt with Separate Pockets

  • 4 compartments 1 large main
  • Durable and lightweight nylon
  • Easy to pull zippers
  • Adjustable elastic band

The EOTW fanny pack is best for on-the-go activities—take this while hiking, camping, fishing, cycling, on music festivals, even shopping. It carries plenty of items from your keys down to your phone and handkerchiefs. The design is great for all sexes and its adjustable elastic band fits most people too. Comfortable to wear and offers plenty of space, you are more welcome to put it on your to-buy list. Check more information in this review.


Dimok Running Belt Waist Pack

  • Flexible and adjustable belt
  • Water-resistant neoprene material
  • Slimline design
  • Great for exercise/running routines

The Dimok Running Belt Waist Pack provides the best fit thanks to its adjustable belt and elastic straps. It’s snug without being too tight and the neoprene material keeps the pack from slipping and sliding—no items falling out of the waist pack when you take out your card or phone. The design fits the needs of people who are into physical activities like exercise and sports. The waist pack is also great for everyday activities. See this pack at work in this review.


Adidas Originals National Waist Pack

  • 100 percent synthetic lining
  • Zippered main compartment
  • Clear body
  • Exterior zippered pocket

Adidas is one of the world’s most well-known sports gear brands and it’s not surprising if they have a range of reliable waist packs in their lineup. This model comes with a screen-printed trefoil logo, zippered main compartment where you can store your essentials, a key fob in the front pocket, sturdy nylon zippers with metal pulls and a clip-lock closure. Get more insight on this pack in this review.

Waist packs are not only highly-functional, they are also fashionable. There are lots of big-time brands offering fanny packs in different styles and colors, that it is time that you also get yourself a cool waist pack. Have a fun day shopping for the best!