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Best VR Headsets

Virtual reality is now more than just a fiction thing; it’s ultra-enhanced and it’s here to stay. If you want to experience the real thing though, you need a good VR headset for this high-tech journey. Don’t worry about the goods available; our guide will help you determine which among those models are made for you.

Buyers Guide

  1. What can I do with a VR headset?

    Answer: There are lots of websites and applications where you can use the headset to experience new worlds and activities you’ve never done before. You can fly high in the sky like a bird, explore mountains by biking, travel to distant lands, swap genders, create 3D artwork, ride a rollercoaster and a lot more. You can engage in VR games too.

  2. Are bigger rooms more ideal for virtual reality?

    Answer: While this is not really a primary need, this can be a very fun and fulfilling experience. Keep in mind though that VR headsets differ in terms of movement requirements. Some models are designed to be used while sitting down. Movement requirements also differ when it comes to games—there are games that will require you to sit down like racing-type games and shooter games that allow you to walk, stoop down.

  3. Will using VR headsets lead to eye damage?

    Answer: There is no conclusive evidence that frequent use of the unit can lead to eye damage. While there is good proof that people with weak eye control and movement are most likely to acquire eye strain and headaches, this is usually an indication that they need to have their eyes examined.

  4. What accessories can be used with a VR headset?

    Answer: VR headsets can be supplemented readily with peripherals and add-ons which can enhance the experience. One example are controllers, which are designed principally for mobile virtual reality. Another accessory is hand tracking which makes use of ultrasound and infrared to perceive and movement without requiring to grasp controllers.

    Smell accessories are also being perfected at the moment. A Japan-based company, Vaqso, has made an attachment which releases smells for virtual reality headsets. The device comes with room for up to 3 varying smells. To make the smell more intense, the device includes a fan.

Our Top Picks


HTC Vive Virtual Reality System

  • Lifelike movement
  • Realistic graphics
  • HD haptic feedback
  • Accurate movement tracking

HTC Vive Virtual Reality System requires users to stand or move around in a room with 15 x 15 ft. dimensions. The system comes with two base stations and users can play SteamVR games from a selection of more than 2800 options. It offers impressive, engrossing virtual reality surroundings. One of its greatest points is the Lighthouse room tracking which allows users to move about while using the headset. The controllers meanwhile are supplemented by a battery with topnotch juice. See how this works in this review.


Oculus Rift + Touch Virtual Reality System

  • Comes with 6 free game titles
  • Excellent ultra-low latency
  • Immersive Touch controllers
  • Requires Windows 10 OS

The Oculus Rift headset is actually the one responsible for kickstarting the VR experience. Rift offers a VR experience that you have never underwent; regardless of any activity you engage in using the device, you will absolutely feel like you are part of the world, in real-time. The device makes use of a 2160 by 1200 resolution and operates at millions of pixels per second. The headset also provides a 90Hz refresh rate. It’s a splurge that is worth every cent especially of you are into videogames. Check it at work on this review.


Lenovo Mirage Solo Most Comfortable VR Headset

  • Standalone VR headset model
  • Includes breathable, thick cushioning
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 Mobile VR Platform
  • Comes with free Blade Runner: Revelations copy

The Lenovo Mirage Solo Most Comfortable Headset makes sure that using this particular device will be of utmost comfort, so every minute will be spend just enjoying an immersing yourself in the VR experience. The device comes with a battery that has a longer life for uninterrupted play. The headset also gathers more points because of its 6DoG tracking and higher screen resolution. It also allows users to test out Worldsense applications. Get more insight on this VR headset in this review.


PlayStation VR – Best VR Headset for Consoles

  • Works with PS4 consoles
  • 12z refresh rate
  • Excellent game selection
  • Straightforward setup

The PlayStation VR headset is primarily designed for gamers—particularly PS4 enthusiasts. This device accommodates all PS4 consoles. The VR bundle comes with a Moss game voucher, Astro Bot Rescue Mission Blu-Ray disc and a Playstation Camera. The headset was a breeze to set up and it provides stunning visuals and sound. You can also play 3D Blu-ray movies within the device, which is another plus. The PlayStation VR offers an impressive lineup of games this year as well which is something you can look forward too. Get more information in this review.


Oculus Go Best Affordable VR Headset

  • Meet up with friends and family in VR world
  • Portable, standalone model
  • A cinch to control
  • Built-in high-quality audio

The Oculus Go is a standalone model that’s easy to use—you need to log in using the companion application on your phone and that’s about it. As soon as you are done with this step, you can go ahead and use the device. It has a decently sizable field of view and refresh rates of 60-70Hz. Viewing experience is sharp and notable and it comes with spatial audio as well so no headphones are needed. Get more info in this review.

Make your gaming experience more high-tech with a VR headset. Check our opt list of products for reference.