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Best VHS to DVD Converters

Save those memories you recorded on VHS tapes with the help of VHS to DVD converters. This innovation allows you to restore loads of memories caught on tape and save them as DVD formats. VHS tapes degrade over time and the VHS to DVD converter is an ingenious way of salvaging media documented on it. Want to learn more about VHS to DVD converter products? Read our handy buyers guide below!

Buyers Guide

  1. Do VHS to DVD converters come with apps that allow video editing?

    Answer: Lots of converters include specialized applications or software which provide features like editing, effects and transitions. There are also plenty of free programs that you can get online in case you bought a converter without such apps.

  2. Are VHS tapes copy-protected?

    Answer: To avoid piracy, lots of VHS tapes do come with copy protection. Thus, you cannot save its content to a DVD unless you make use of a converter which can bypass this issue.

  3. What makes a great VHS to DVD converter?

    Answer: Quality models are capable of maintaining the source tape’s video and audio quality.

  4. How much does a VHS to DVD converter cost?

    Answer: Most VHS to DVD converters have prices ranging from $30-$80.

Our Top Picks


Diamond One Touch VHS to DVD Video Capture Device

  • One-Touch video capture
  • User-friendly
  • Can capture straight from game console
  • Streams and produces videos thru Dynno

A user-friendly and versatile converter like the Diamond VC500 is great for beginners. The converter allows for easy capturing and managing of VHS media. It comes with the Cyberlink Power Director software plus all of the accessories you need for capturing and editing videos. You can use the converter right out of the box, it’s that easy. The Cyberlink software also allows for excellent transition effects so you can personalize your videos. Check out how it works in this demo.


Roxio Easy VHS to DVD

  • DVD software
  • USB capture device
  • Pro-level editing tools
  • Convert audio cassettes to MP3 formats

Apart from converting VHS media to DVD, this Roxio converter is also capable of converting vinyl records to CD and MP3 formats. That is a great way of saving your old vinyl. You can make use of the software included in the package to burn audio CDs and export the media into MP3s. The converter comes with options for S-video and composite outputs and it can connect to any device with a USB 2.0 port. It churns out quality DVD and CD output so it’s worth the purchase. More information about this product in this link.


VHS to DVD 5.0 Deluxe by Honest Technology

  • Step by step instructions with images
  • Advanced mode for more creative options
  • Wizard mode for beginners
  • Can store up to 25GB of data

The Honestech converter for desktop computers helps video enthusiasts with video conversations and edits. It includes a VIDBOX video capture device for easy transfer of media. Beginners won’t have a hard time using the application since it has the Wizard mode plus step by step instructions complete with pictures about the process. It also comes with Advanced modes for more creative pursuits. Another plus is its capability to convert videos into MPEG4 format. Get more insight on this product by watching this demo.


VIDBOX VHS to DVD 8.0 Deluxe by VIDBOX

  • Capture VHS, beta, 8mm and camcorder tapes
  • Edit HD video from HDV cams
  • Record audio from vinyl and cassettes
  • Windows 7, 8, 10 and Vista-compatible

If you want quality video conversions, you might be interested in the VIDBOX VHS to DVD converter. It allows beginners and pros to save old media stored in formats like VHS, beta, 8mm and camcorder tapes. You can convert those analog tapes into digital form easily. It comes with the features you need for the procedure and using the application’s Easy Wizard Mode, users can transfer the video into DVD or digital formats. See this application in action on this video.


ClearClick Video to Digital Converter

  • SD 640 x 480 Pixels recording resolution
  • Digitize VHS, camcorders, Hi8 and gaming systems
  • No computer or software needed
  • Prism Video converter software included

One hassle-free way of converting old videos is thru the ClearClick Video to Digital Converter. Now you can recover those memories captured in analog tapes and convert them into awesome digitized formats. Conversion is easy, even after the procedure, you can watch those videos on a variety of devices from PCs, tablets, mobile phones and television. The package also includes the Prism Plus Video Converter software for converting tapes into MPEG4 formats. Check out more information on this demo.


Dazzle DVD Recorder HD VHS to DVD Converter

  • Capture media from VCRs, cams and more
  • Convert VHS, Hi8 and V8 to digital formats
  • Includes video editing software
  • Share videos online

Are you a gamer who yearns to play games that you grew up enjoying? Check out the Dazzle DCD recorder for Window PC. The package includes all of the items you need to link VHS, V8 and Hi8 cameras to the desktop computer. Another plus of this product is that it already comes with RCA cables so you won’t have to buy them. See how this one works in this product demo.

Do not allow your VHS, Betamax, cassette tapes, old games and vinyl to gather dust. Save them into convenient formats so you can reminisce about the good old days and share them with friends and family. Get a quality VHS to DVD converter for quick, flawless conversion of your analog stuff.