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Best Vertical Bike Racks

Indoor bike storage is a must for cyclists who live in apartment buildings. There are lots of indoor bicycle storage styles being sold in the market right now, and one of the most popular choices is the vertical bike rack. Learn more about indoor bike storage with the use of our guide. Read up on our reviews too.

Buyers Guide

  1. Why opt for indoor bicycle storage?

    Answer: Recklessly keeping your bikes outside your house is one way to encourage thieves to steal your bike. You might enhance your bicycle with the best anti-theft device but you know how inventive thieves can be. Thus, an indoor bike storage is a wise decision.

    Keeping your bike exposed to the elements is also another factor to consider, Rain, extreme temperatures and snow can do a number on your two-wheel ride. Your bike can corrode or get dirty easily if it’s kept exposed to the elements.

  2. What are the different kinds of indoor storage for bikes?

    Answer: The different kinds of indoor storage include the wall-leaning rack, the freestanding rack, the wall floor-to-ceiling rack, the ceiling rack and the wall-mounted rack.

  3. How do you install indoor bicycle racks?

    Answer: Not all indoor bike racks can be installed the same way. There are models that will not need any drilling while some will specify it on the description. To prevent installation problems, better read the specifications of the product first before buying it.

  4. What factors do I need to consider when selecting an indoor bike rack?

    Answer: It is crucial that you first evaluate your home or apartment first to determine which kind of rack would be suitable for it. Depending on the size and set-up of your home, you can either opt for a wall-mounted, vertical bike rack or standing set-up.

    Also, remember that not all indoor bike racks are built to accommodate all types of bicycles. Just go for a model that will take in all the bikes you own. Do not forget your budget considerations as well. Read reviews for references on the best indoor bike racks in the market.

Our Top Picks


Delta Michelangelo Canaletto Two Four Bike Gravity Stand

  • Will not require drilling
  • Fast, simple installation
  • Distinctive adjustable arms
  • Rubber bumpers and sleeves for protection

If you own a number of bikes and you need a versatile indoor storage rack for it, then the Delta Michelangelo Canaletto stand garage storage is your rack. It has an effective, versatile design due to the Easy-Adjust feature which allows the unit to take in just about any kind of bike. It is a breeze to install, easy with no drilling required, has rubber sleeves and bumps to protect bike finish and a high-quality silver coating for the best looks. Get more info in this review.


Rubbermaid FastTrack Garage Storage System All-in-One Rail & Hook Kit

  • Features FastTrack System
  • Straightforward installation
  • Secure and sturdy built
  • Includes installation hardware

The Rubbermaid FastTrack Garage Storage System has all the hardware you need for a complete installation. Make your garage space spiffier than before with this indoor rack; separate your two-wheel rides from your four-wheel ones. The package comes with one garage rail, a handle hook, a multipurpose hook and two scoop hooks. Locking grippers on the hooks are meant for sturdy security during the fastening procedure. See this at work in this review.


Steadyrack Classic Bike Rack

  • Secure and stable bike rack
  • Suits hybrid, road and certain mountain bikes
  • 35KG maximum weight
  • Frees up floor space

The family-friendly design of the Steadyrack Classic Bike Rack will support most road, hybrid and specific mountain bikes. Free up floor space by choosing this type of rack. This is ideal for apartments, smaller homes and offices. This unit can store bikes vertically and it can turn 180-degrees to either side so you can save up on floor space even more. Easy to install and will not require any lifting, you only need to draw the bike on the back wheel and slip it on the rack. Get more info in this review.


HOMEE Bike Hanger, Heavy Duty Bicycle Wall Hook Mount Holder

  • Made from high-quality, sturdy steel
  • Hangs bikes vertically
  • Sponge covers protect wheels
  • Great for all types of road, folding and mountain bikes

The heavy-duty Homee Bike Hanger is your solution to your lack of outdoor storage for your bike. It can accommodate a maximum weight of 66 lbs. and fits a good range of bikes from road, folding bikes and mountain types. The unit features sponge covers on the hooks as well to better guard your bike from abrasions and nicks. To prevent the bike from falling, the unit is designed with a safety-engineered locking mechanism. Go for more info in this review.


CLUG Bike Clip – Bicycle Rack Storage System

  • Installs easily on any wall type
  • Stores bikes vertically or horizontally
  • Comes in 5 sizes to accommodate most bicycles
  • Makes extra floor area usable

Are you after something inconspicuous for a bike storage indoors? Presenting the wonders of the CLUG Bike Clip. This modern, stylish and low-key ensemble is great for cyclists who live in smaller dwellings with not enough space for their bikes. The clip holds the bicycle against the wall by gripping its front tire while the rear one rests on the floor. Truly straightforward. The package also includes equipment for the installation. Get more info in this review.