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Best Vacuum Food Sealers

Many consumers now depend on vacuum food sealers to keep food fresh. Due to the demand, there are lots of available options in the market right now. We decided to create a mini guide about vacuum food sealers—the essentials you need to know plus commendable models in the market, all to make this selection a lot easier for you.

Buyers Guide

  1. How long do vacuum-sealed foods last?

    Answer: Majority of foods that have been vacuum-sealed can last in the fridge for around 1 to 2 weeks, which is longer compared to the standard 1 to 3 days for foods stored traditionally in the refrigerator. Frozen foods which have been vacuum-sealed can last for a good 2 to three years compared to the average 6 to 12 months when kept in other methods.

  2. What are the primary benefits of using vacuum food sealers?

    Answer: Having a vacuum food sealer around means you can store seasonal fruit and veg on hand, throughout the year. The device guards the food from threats like bacteria, dust, humidity, mold and the like. It helps in cutting down food wastes.

  3. What are the different types of vacuum food sealers?

    Answer: The types of vacuum food sealers are external vacuum sealer, chamber vacuum sealer, clamp vacuum sealer and the retractable nozzle vacuum sealer.

  4. What are the features you should look for in a vacuum sealer?

    Answer: The features you need to consider in a vacuum sealer is design, power, the technology it presents, maintenance, the warranty and the price of the product.

Our Top Picks


NutriChef Vacuum Sealer

  • Easy vacuum food sealing
  • Straightforward plug-in design
  • Dry and Moist Sealing Modes
  • Reusable, waterproof air-seal bags

The NutriChef vacuum food sealer’s effectivity is not only lab-tested, it is also one good-looking machine. The device has a neat, sleek and compact look which makes it a nice complementary unit in modern kitchens. This is a user-friendly machine and it comes with two sealing modes for storing food (Dry and Moist). See how this one works in this review.


FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer Machine

  • Portable size
  • CrushFree Instant Seal
  • Patented detachable drip-tray
  • Accessory port and hose

The V2244 from FoodSaver is a budget-friendly model that is great for homeowners who want a basic yet solid sealer. It comes with features that allows the device to seal food which can be used in sous vide cooking plus Instant Seal for locking in fragile foods. It also includes a starter kit with BPA-free storage bags, a heat seal roll and accessory hose. Check it out in action in this video.


Seal-a-Meal Manual Vacuum Sealer

  • Seal indicator lights
  • Press/Hold Release
  • Patented, detachable drip tray
  • Can fit 8-inch-11-inch quart and gallon heat seal bags

The Seal-A-Meal vacuum food sealer is a user-friendly model—working on this device only requires 3 easy steps. The unit offers multi-layer bag sealing for excellent, locked air-tight seals. It also comes with a removable drip tray for mess-free sealing. Get more insight on this unit in this review video.


NESCO Food Vacuum Sealing System

  • One-touch sealing operations
  • Roll storage compartment with bag cutter
  • Seal time options
  • Comes with bag material

Fast vacuum food sealing is what the Nesco VS-02 specializes in. It includes a starter kit that has sealing bags for convenient food storage procedures. The unit is designed with straightforward controls and it makes use of a one-touch sealing system. For the best sealing results, users can choose to modify sealing times for particular food items. Users can also get to save storage space thanks to the unit’s storage section for the bag rolls. Check how the Nesco vacuum food sealer works in this video.


GERYON Vacuum Sealer

  • Lightweight design
  • Compact, portable size
  • Automatic vacuum sealing
  • Starter kit with heat seal bags

The Geryon vacuum sealer is another budget find. For those who want kitchen appliances with a minimal, compact design, the Geryon unit wins in this respect. It is a breeze to use due to the straightforward controls and it also allows hands-free operations. It can fit heat seal bags up to 12-inch wide and also work together with heat seal bags from other brands. Get more information on this product here.


KOIOS Vacuum Sealer

  • Built-in cutter
  • Accessory port
  • High-temperature resistant
  • NRTL-tested and certified

This model from KOIOS is another sealer that is a snap to operate. It comes with a built-in cutter and has a sleek, modern stainless steel finish that fits most contemporary kitchens. It is designed with an easy-latch system to keep sealed food fresh for longer. The system is also a good means to seal a variety of meats used in the sous vide technique. See this sealer in action in this product review video.

Take the time to evaluate all of the products mentioned in our list of top products that we’ve compiled through our extensive research, narrow down your choices based on your specific needs and you can determine the perfect food sealer for you.