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Best Vacuum Cleaner Toys

Toy companies are always coming up with great playthings that are not only engaging but highly imaginative. Among these are vacuum cleaner toys which help kids learn the importance of cleanliness and responsibility. Because they come in all styles and vibrant colors, they make pretend cleaning a fun activity for kids of all ages.

If you’re looking to teach your little one household responsibility at an early age, we found six cool vacuum cleaner toys that will surely make imaginative play exciting. Read on to see why these playthings are great hits with both kids and parents.

Buyers Guide

  1. What are the advantages of having a vacuum cleaner toy?

    Answer: Vacuum cleaner toys encourage imaginative play, inspire kids to tidy up after themselves, promote responsibility, and reduce any fears a child may have with real vacuum cleaners.

  2. Are vacuum cleaner toys safe?

    Answer: Most vacuum cleaner toys are made from materials that are completely safe for kids. They do not have electrical plugs unlike real vacuum cleaners.

  3. Can kids clean carpets with a vacuum cleaner toy?

    Answer: Some vacuum cleaner toys have real suctions that can pick up small wastes.

Our Top Picks


Kidzlane Handheld Toy Vacuum Cleaner

  • Makes real-life sounds
  • With visual effects
  • Includes 4 brush attachments
  • Safety tested and certified

Expand your child’s imagination with this vacuum cleaner toy. Perfectly sized for your little helper, it features popping foam balls that simulate a whirling dust cup, and a soothing vacuuming sound. The set comes with a carpet brush, wood brush, bristle duster, and crevice tool so your child can tidy up just like a grownup. Made of BPA-free plastic, the vacuum cleaner is safe and toxin free.


Casdon Dyson Ball Vacuum

  • Replica of the Dyson ball
  • With real suction and sounds
  • With a removable debris drawer
  • With whizzing colored balls

Allow your child to develop essential life skills with this vacuum cleaner. A brilliant toy replica of the Dyson ball, it has a working suction that really picks up and a simulated cyclone action with colored balls. It has a twist-and-turn action that’s just like the real thing, and it has a suction designed to pick up small pieces of paper waste or poly beads.


Black + Decker Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

  • With realistic action
  • Easy to operate
  • Sounds like the real thing
  • Lightweight and easy to store

Let your kid enjoy countless hours of imaginative play with this vacuum cleaner. Modeled after a modern version of the iconic Dustbuster, this toy makes real suction sounds. Simply press the button to trigger the sound and make the beads whirl around. Suggested for kids ages 3 and up, this vacuum cleaner is a fun way for children to enjoy an authentic role play cleaning experience. 


Play Circle Pink Vacuum Cleaner Set

  • With realistic vacuum sounds
  • With a variety of play options
  • Easy-to-clean surface
  • With swirling dust beads

Allow your child to build good lifestyle habits with this active play toy set. It includes 1 upright vacuum cleaner, 1 pink handheld duster, and 1 removable duster cup with beads. A 2-in-1 plaything, it changes between upright and handheld quickly. The vacuum toy’s whirling beads and realistic sounds feel just like the real thing when rolling around the house.


Fisher-Price Learning Vacuum

  • With learning songs and phrases
  • With vacuum sounds in 2 settings
  • Tilts up and down
  • With a light-up canister

Have your little one clean and sing at the same time with this colorful vacuum cleaner. Flip the power switch up to hear actual vacuum sounds, or let your kid push the vacuum along so bright lights will flicker and learning songs and phrases will start playing. These songs and phrases include numbers, colors, and other fun learning concepts.


PlayGo Cleaning Vacuum

  • With removable vacuum cleaner bag
  • Safe and toxin free
  • With real suction sounds
  • Made of durable plastic

Here’s a vacuum cleaner toy to help your little helper tidy up in style. It features a real-working suction, realistic sounds, bright colors, and a removable wand, just like the real thing. The simulated cyclone action has moving colorful balls in a clear cylinder, while the removable vacuum cleaner bag enhances the cleaning process and makes it even more realistic. 

With these vacuum cleaner toys, children can enjoy hours of creative fun alone or with friends, simulating the role of Mom or Dad on chore day. They have everything toddlers need for an amazing cleaning role play experience.