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Best Ultra Violet Clarifiers

Good pond keepers do all of the steps needed to maintain a healthy pond. Among the tools they use to take care of the pond is the ultra violet clarifier or the UV clarifier. With enough research, you can get a good UV clarifier that your pond needs. Start your research with our guide on this fascinating device.

Buyers Guide

  1. How do ultra violet clarifiers work?

    Answer: An ultra violet clarifier’s purpose is to pass water throughout a tube that is located next to a UV bulb. Due to the intensity of the light, tiny algae cells lurking in the water are killed off.

  2. Does a UV clarifier work on all kinds of algae?

    Answer: Ultra violet clarifiers work on most algae however, it cannot tackle string algae since this type of algae does not move throughout the tube by the lightbulb.

  3. What are the parts of an ultra violet clarifier?

    Answer: The UV clarifier comes in four basic parts—they are the germicidal lamp, the quartz sleeve which guards the lamp from water, the ballast which offer the lamp its electrical prerequisites and the housing which contains other components plus the water that courses through the light.

  4. Are UV clarifiers meant to be run the entire year?

    Answer: The length of time UV clarifiers are required to operate will mostly be based on the temperature of the surroundings and sun exposure all over the pond. Higher temps mean greater algae growth. Because of the higher amount of algae development, the UV clarifier needs to be used to maintain water quality. As soon as the temperatures plunge, you can take away the device and put it back once there’s frequent sun exposure and the temperature is high again.

Our Top Picks


Jebao UV Clarifier Sterilizer

  • High-grade UV clarifier
  • Effective algae removal
  • Easy to install
  • Requires little maintenance

A healthy pond does not have the excesses that algae-ridden ponds have. If you want to maintain a clean pond, you need to check out the Jebao UV Clarifier Sterilizer. Having this device around makes pond maintenance simpler. This unit is needed whenever your pond needs to deal with a high level of algae. The light from this UV clarifier destroys algal blooms in the most efficient manner. The UV light is safe and the bulb guarantees the best power. Get more information on this product by watching this video.


TetraPond GreenFree UV Clarifier

  • Quick-release couplings
  • Superb-clarity tube
  • See-through fittings
  • Stainless steel insert

The Tetra name is one of the most-trusted brands among fishing enthusiasts and related hobbyists. The brand caters to the need of both amateurs and pros in the fields of fish and pond keeping. Their UV clarifier is then again, another product that does not disappoint. It helps in keeping harmful algae growth in the pond thru intense and safe UV lights. The algae gets pumped inside the clarifier and becomes exposed to the damaging rays of the UV light, killing them. The remains of the dead algae clump up and gets taken away to the filtration system of the aquarium. Get more insight on this product by watching this demo.


Oxyful 36W Non-Submersible Ultraviolet Light Clarifier

  • Retains healthy ecosystem
  • Guards fish from harmful algae growth
  • Durable UV bulb
  • UL-listed

The Oxyful 36W Non-Submersible UV Clarifier and Sterilizer has advanced components which create solid results for harmful micro-organism removal. It has advanced technology which sterilizes pond water by means of an external filter. This filter technology makes use of ultra violet lights which tackle and remove signs of dangerous algae blooms, bacteria, pathogens and the like. The bulb helps in cleansing the pond of free-floating, destructive elements that can kill the pond’s ecosystem. The device can be used in outdoor and indoor ponds, regular and saltwater aquariums. Get more information thru this product review.


Sunsun CUV-118 UV Sterilizer

  • Highly-efficient bulb
  • Retains quality of water
  • AC 110-120V/60Hz in USA, Canada and Japan
  • 600GPH max flow rate

If you’re annoyed at the sight of ugly algae floating in your pond, then this Sunsun CUV-118 UV Sterilizer is your solution for this common pond problem. Treat your pond with these lights and get rid of the algae in an efficient manner. The device is designed to retain the quality of water for a beautiful, clean pond. The bulbs on this unit are durable and can last for a whole year. The whole set-up is also a breeze to install. In addition, the UV clarifier/sterilizer as flexible inlet and outlet connectors. See how this unit operates in this review.


Aqua Ultraviolet Clarifier

  • For full-size skimmers
  • Simple set-up
  • Transparent cap
  • Durable bulbs

This particular product from Aqua Ultraviolet serves as a supplementary piece for Savio Full Size Skimmers. These UV clarifiers are solid in terms of durability and pretty easy to remove. Full-size skimmers from Savio can take in a single or two UV bulbs, including a baffle block for guiding the flow to the UV bulb. This is a complete product which means you won’t need any special tools to put the item together or make it operate. Setting up the unit is effortless with a regular four-pin connection that provides stability. See how this UV light set work in this demo video.

UV clarifiers are some of the most effective solutions made to keep away algae growth in ponds. Choose a model from our list of top UV clarifies, something that answers what your pond specifically needs.