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Best trekking poles

Do you often get tired when hiking or trekking? While the main reason why people hike is to give their bodies an endurance challenge, the experience may affect knees negatively. Fortunately, trekking poles help take the pressure off the knees and give the body a perfect balance. There are fixed length, telescoping and folding poles.

Buyers Guide

  1. Why do you need a hiking pole?

    Answer: While people have been using normal sticks for trekking, a special pole gives your body a smooth balance when walking through unbalanced surfaces. The knees will be safe, regardless of the trekking distance. Also, the special trekking poles have better handles, giving you a good feeling, especially if you want to hike for long.

  2. Between fiber poles and aluminum shafts, which are best for trekking expeditions?

    Answer: The two types of shafts are perfect for any trekking expeditions. However, they are different. Carbon fiber shafts feel premium and stronger than aluminum. However, the aluminum poles are cheaper, and they can withstand all types of “hiking abuses.”

  3. What specs make a trekking pole ideal for you?

    Answer: The definition of a perfect trekking pole depends on one’s needs. However, a customizable, strong and pole that has a better handle is a perfect buy. These three factors differentiate good poles from normal trekking poles.

Our Top Picks


Foxelli trekking poles

  • Made from 100% fiber
  • Has quick-lock technology for adjustability
  • Anti-slip natural cork grips for comfort
  • They have a carrying case

Foxelli trekking poles are the perfect partners if you want to push your trekking limits without compromising your comfort, even in rough terrains. First, they are 100% fiber and, therefore, light and strong. The carbon body also makes it ideal for a long-term excursion, especially if you plan trekking for more than a year. Besides the wise selection of materials, the poles have an anti-slip design on the handle, which is natural and feels comfortable. Thirdly, the poles have quick-lock technology, making them easier to retract after the trek or extend when preparing for an excursion.


Retrospec trekking sticks

  • 100% carbon fiber
  • Easily adjustable for maximum comfort
  • Adjustable wrist straps
  • Ultra-light

Retrospec sticks are modern and well-designed trekking poles for all types of hiking enthusiasts. Some of the key factors that make them worth include the following. First, they are 100% carbon. Carbon fiber is safe and durable. Therefore, you can explore more without endangering your knees and legs. The poles are also adjustable for maximum comfort. Depending on your height, you can customize them to match your height. Thirdly, the wrist straps are comfortable and adjustable. The final and the most iconic feature is the ultra-lightness.


TrailBuddy trekking poles

  • They have adjustable flip-locks
  • High quality and padded straps
  • 100% lightweight Aluminum
  • The poles are inter-changeable

TrailBuddy trekking poles are the most comfortable sticks you can get for your expeditions. They have padded straps that prevent hands from chaffing. The handles absorb all the sweat and therefore helps in keeping your hands dry. Besides comfort, the poles are durable and sturdy. Although they are made from aluminum, they are lighter than most carbon fiber sticks, thanks to the company using aircraft-grade aluminum. The final and the most important factor why you should consider the TrailBuddy trekking poles is usability. The twist locks are easy to master, and you do not need special gloves or prior experience to adjust poles.


TheFitLife trekking poles

  • Ultra-light with rubber tips
  • Made from 100% carbon
  • Ergonomic anti-slip crock grip
  • Easy to use

As the name suggests, the TheFitLife trekking poles are multi-purpose sticks with bleeding-edge specs. The use of carbon fiber, for example, makes the poles light and durable, regardless of one’s use. Under normal use, they can last up to five years. The ergonomic anti-slip grip also makes the TheFitLife trekking poles ideal buy for professionals and hiking enthusiasts. You can walk for long distances without getting tired or getting fatigued on your hands. However, if you need to adjust, the poles are easy to use, especially adjusting the height.


Naturehike trekking poles

  • Made from carbon fiber
  • Has advanced EVA foam grips
  • Adjustable and therefore ideal for all hiking trips
  • Lightweight and portable

The Naturehike trekking poles have a superior design, making them perfect for professional hikers and enthusiasts.  First, the choice of materials makes the sticks easy to carry around. Carbon fiber is also durable, and you can take the sticks to extreme places without breaking. The sticks also fit on the hands perfectly. The EVA foam, one of the best cushioning materials, makes the grip perfect for long treks. However, if you want to adjust the poles’ length, you can do it faster, without using any tool. If you do not have prior knowledge of adjusting trekking poles, you will easily fine-tune the length by following the manuals.


Hiker Hunger trekking poles

  • It is carbon-made
  • Features Quick Flip Lock (easy to collapse and extend the pole)
  • Has an ergonomic cork grip
  • The pair is ultra-light (only 15.2 ounces)

The Hiker Hunger trekking poles are carbon-made pair of walking sticks. Thanks to the material choice, the poles are light and perfect for all expeditions. While the poles are relatively expensive than most alternatives, they can last up to five years. The quick flip lock (which is the Hiker Hunger technology) will not become less efficient, regardless of how long you extend and collapse the pole. The same case applies to the strong flip-lock and the tightening bolt. Also, the ergonomic cork grip does not become rough or rigid over the years.

A pair of trekking poles is one of the first things you should buy when preparing for a hiking trip. Unlike most hiking accessories, they are affordable and can be used for years. While the trekking poles outlined above have different specs and prices, they are sturdy, and durable for all types of trekking expeditions. Check out our section dedicated to camping and hiking product reviews when you are done picking our the perfect trekking poles for your next journey.