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Best Treat-Dispensing Toys For Your Pooch To Alleviate Their Stress

Before they were tamed by humans, dogs have been living in the wild surviving in any way possible. Because they were alone, through their experience and life, they were designed to scavenge, hunt their food, and do the very best they can so they could have food inside their bellies.   

dog, play, meadow

Nowadays, as these beautiful creatures were tamed and domesticated, they don’t need to hunt or put an effort so they could have dinner anymore. Food is already be served for free directly right in their bowl. Some even have it for two or more times a day. But despite the years, hunting and scavenging are still in their blood, which makes dogs love challenges and food so much.   

With these reasons, there is indeed no doubt why dogs and their humans love food dispensing toys so much. Embracing the excitement of chasing, chewing, and hunting food, without destroying the house is the best. Moreover, playing with these food dispensing toys could also help soothe anxiety and entertain your pooch for hours while encouraging them to slow down in eating.   

What are the best food dispensing toys available in the market nowadays? Here are some of those we highly recommend.  

Buyers Guide

  1. Is a food processor necessary in the kitchen?

    Answer: You might think dogs are all but cute and fluff, but know they are more than that. They are intelligent and curious creatures that are full of energy and passion for life. As pet owners, their humans should know how to get the most out of these skills and talents. Not doing so would lead to behavioral problems like aggressive chewing, digging, barking, and even biting at times.

    Food-dispensing dog toys can help alter this situation big time. It can make a dog busy and well-entertained, stimulate its mind and senses, and help keep its mind sharp. All these could surely improve the emotional, mental, and physical state of your pooch.

  2. How to choose the right treat-dispensing toy for your dog?

    Answer: To know whether or not the treat-dispensing dog toy is perfect for your pooch, there are several factors you have to consider. One of the main things that fur parents should look after is the durability of the toy.

    Durability is so important when it comes to dog toys. Your dog will always tend to destroy things, even if it doesn’t mean to. So, purchasing low-quality things is only a waste of money. Furthermore, it could also put your dog at risk as small fragments of toys can be easily ingested and can cause throat or digestive blockage or even death.

    Another factor that fur parents should never take for granted is the quality of the materials used for the toy. Your dog’s toy should always be made out of high-quality and safe materials for you might end up wasting your money on things that can be easily destroyed or purchase toys that could cause more harm than good.

  3. Why is it important to be careful when your dog is playing with a treat-dispersing dog toy?

    Answer:Though not all dogs can be territorial over their food, some can become pretty aggressive over it. Canines who suffer from this behavioral problem can become extremely aggressive once they’ve been given a chance to play with these treat-dispersing dog toys. If you think your pooch shows this kind of personality, it is better to take the toy away from him.

    Another reason why you should need to be extra careful when providing your dog this food-dispensing toy is the risks that come with it. During the first few tries of playing with the toy, it is better to supervise your pooch first. Doing so could minimize the choking risks of the snacks inside it or the parts of the toy itself.

Our Top Picks


Yiyun Dog Puzzle Interactive Food Dispensing Dog Toys

  • Materials made of durable and safe plastic
  • Perfect exercise for your pooch’s brain
  • Entertaining and educational
  • Has a diameter of 22cm and a height of 8.5cm

Recommended for medium and small breed dogs, the Yiyun Dog Puzzle Interactive Food Dispensing Dog Toys is a great treat-dispensing dog toy to have. Made from food-safe and durable tough plastic materials, this toy can be very useful in providing your favorite pet with mentally challenging but entertaining games at the same time. It could also be perfect for pooches who are under a strict diet as its design encourages slow feeding. By using this treat-dispensing toy, your dog will surely lose weight and become healthier again.  

To use this Yiyun Food Dispensing Dog Toy, dog owners should hide the treats inside the toy’s balls first. After doing so, the toy is then given to the pooch for them to find their treats. It may take time for dogs or puppies to understand how to play the game, but with practice, they will surely learn it in no time.   


KONG Wobbler Food Dispensing Dog Toy

  • Made from plastic polymer
  • Measures 7 x 6 x 10.5 inches
  • Perfect for teething puppies
  • Weighs 0.81 kilograms

Made by KONG, the dog toy manufacturer whose goal has always been to satisfy and provide educational toys for pooches, this KONG Wobbler Food Dispensing Dog Toy is an action-packed mentally stimulating food dispenser perfect for your best friend. This KONG shaped toy is more than a dispenser. It is an effective toy that could help entertain and ignite your pooch curiosity big time.   

To use it, owners must put the treats inside the dispenser first. The mouth-watering smell of it will then attract your dog so it will knock it over. It will then wobble, roll, and spin, until the dispenser pushes the tasty treat through the holes and out for the pup to eat.   

For more details on how to use it, visit this video.  


IDEPET Squeaky Dog Toys

  • Made from natural rubber and plush corduroy
  • Features a cute dinosaur design
  • Perfect for all sizes and dog breeds
  • Durable and can help to teethe

With dimensions of 7.1 x 7.48 x and 5.51 inches, the IDEPET Squeaky Dog Toys is the best dog toy to purchase if your dog adores plushies. Made from pineapple velvet fabric, it is all-natural, making it perfectly safe for your furbabies to use. This treat-dispersing toy also has this cute dinosaur style and purple color, which your dog could never resist. The best squeaky toy there is, it would surely make your canine entertained for hours. It could even become its new favorite baby.   


PetSafe Busy Buddy Kibble Nibble Meal Dispensing Dog Toy

  • Made from a rubber material
  • Encourages slow feeding
  • Easy to use
  • Perfect for medium and large dogs

Available in sizes of small (4.5” x 4” x 4”) and medium (6.9” x 6” x 6”), this PetSafe Busy Buddy Kibble Nibble Meal Dispensing Dog Toy can incredibly make a simple and boring mealtime exciting. Made for pooches who adore chewing, this toy won’t just perfectly cure boredom but it could also release them from stress.   

Aside from this, this toy is also very easy to use. Just twist its two sides apart, and you can already put your dog’s treats or kibbles in it. Once done, it is now all ready for your pooch to explore. It can hold up to 3.5 cups of treats, enough for your dog’s adventure for the day.   


EETOYS IQ Dog Treat Ball

  • Made from safe high-quality natural latex rubber
  • Improve dental health
  • Easy to play with
  • Available in two sizes: 2.45 and 3.97 inches

Another must-have toy to complete your dog’s toy collection, EETOYS IQ Dog Treat Ball is the most beneficial ball to have. Aside from entertaining your dogs and cure their boredom, this treat-dispensing ball can also encourage healthy dental care. Thanks to its unique bar and teeth design, which helps clean the teeth against plaque and tartar and massage their gums at the same time. Furthermore, it could also make your dogs more intelligent as it could stimulate them mentally as well.  


WEST PAW Design Zogoflex Rumbl Treat-Dispensing Dog Toy

  • Encourages slow feeding
  • Interactive chew toy for your pooch
  • FDA-compliant 
  • Dishwasher safe

One of the best interactive chew toys in the market nowadays, the WEST PAW Design Zogoflex Rumbl Treat-Dispensing Dog Toy is the last one to complete our list. This treat-dispensing dog toy can be very beneficial for dogs of all ages. It is FDA-compliant, which means it is not just all fun and bright colors. It is made from non-toxic, PHthalate-free, and BPA free high-quality materials. So, you are sure your dog is completely safe with it.  

Aside from this, the WEST PAW Design Zogoflex Rumbl Treat-Dispensing Dog Toy can also encourage better health through slow feeding. Some dogs tend to eat their meal very fast, which could result in obesity and an unhealthy lifestyle. And this treat-dispensing ball can help you and your dog with that.   

Pamper your pooch more with these treat-dispensing dog toys. But if you are still looking for other items to purchase for your buddy, let me help you by clicking this link.