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Best Travel High Chairs for Your Baby

Feeding your little one is always a messy affair at home and when traveling. However, at home, you get to control the mess, thanks to a high chair. What if we told you there’s a way to feed your baby without making a huge mess while on travel? The solution is a travel/ portable high chair.

These chairs are light and compact enough for you to carry when traveling, visiting grandma, and dining out. You can also use them when eating out for the night, as not all restaurants come with a high chair. Another added advantage of purchasing a travel high chair is that you can use it at home, especially if you have limited space or have a tight budget. Here’s our review of the best travel high chairs on the market today.

Buyers Guide

  1. What factors should I consider when choosing a travel high chair?

    Answer: Start by checking the type of portable high chair you require. Do you want one that attaches to your table? Do you want a wrap-around or a booster seat? The decision on what to choose should be based on what you and your child are comfortable using. Second, check if the chair comes with safety features. Your child’s safety should be your top priority. Therefore, make sure you go for one with a ton of safety features. Next, confirm if the chair is easy to clean. It quite easy to cause spillages when feeding your little one, therefore, make sure you go for one that’s easy to clean. Lastly, check the chair’s portability. Can you put the seat in a suitcase? This is something you should confirm when purchasing a portable high chair.

  2. Are there different types of high chairs?

    Answer: Yes, there are two types of high chairs: booster seats and hook-on high chairs. Booster seats give your child a boost allowing them to be at the same high as everyone else at the table. The best thing about this seat is that you can convert it into a normal seat when your child gets big enough. The hook-on high chair enables you to attach it to the side of the table. The only downside is that it only carries a maximum weight of 37 pounds.

  3. How different is a travel chair from a regular high chair?

    Answer: The main difference is its portability. While a regular high chair may be portable, it doesn’t fold up easily as a regular chair. With a travel chair, you can carry it anywhere you go without worrying about how to store it.

Our Top Picks


Phil & Teds Lobster Highchair

  • Dishwasher safe tray
  • Aluminum frame
  • Can accommodate kids from three months to three years
  • Super light

The Phil $ Teds lobster highchair is a top-quality high chair with several features that serve you and your baby perfectly. It’s super light and compact, making it easy to carry wherever you go. The chair also features an aluminum frame for support and strength. It also comes with a padded back section that provides the necessary comfort your child requires when using the chair. This child is perfect for kids between three months and three years, as it can accommodate a weight of 37lbs. The weight limit enables your child to grow with the highchair.


The Upseat Baby Floor and Booster Seat

  • Encourages upright posture
  • Safe for a baby’s developing hips
  • Accommodates healthy infant thigh sizes
  • Large removable tray included

The Upseat Baby Floor and Booster Seat was developed with the guidance of leading physical therapists to encourage proper, upright posture and healthy hip development. As a 3-in-1 seat, the Upseat can be used as a floor seat for sitting up, a booster seat using the handy conversion straps, or as a feeding seat with the attachable tray. When feeding your little one, it is important that the pelvis is tipped forward instead of backward, in order to prevent the risk of choking. Luckily, because the Upseat encourages anterior pelvic tilt (a slight forward rotation of the pelvis), babies will be held in a good extended position, ideal while eating.


Bombol – Pop-Up Baby Booster Seat with Carry Bag & Seat Cover

  • Weighs only 0.9kg
  • Comes with carry bag that transforms into a seat protector
  • Folds down to size of a tablet
  • Water and oil-repellent
  • Easy to clean with just a sponge

We have all experienced the sense of dread when going to restaurants or public places with our baby and we see that the only option available is a communal highchair that is not always cleaned properly after every use. This Pop-Up Booster is super portable and can be folded to the size of a tablet so you can bring it with you everywhere you go. It is also water & oil repellent, easy to clean, and comes with a 5-point harness for extra safety. Your baby can always have his own chair at any table and you can say bye-bye to public highchairs and boosters!


Summer Deluxe Comfort Booster

  • 2 in 1 high chair
  • 3 positions
  • Ultra-compact folding size
  • 2 height levels

The Summer Deluxe comfort seat is the perfect high chair for all your child’s meals. This chair is a 2-in-1 chair that allows you to use it as an infant feeding seat and toddler booster seat at once. It also has a two-level height adjustment that enables you to adjust the height of the seat depending on your little one’s height. The chair has a three-point safety harness system that securely straps your little one to the seat. Lastly, the seat has a compact folding design making it easy to store.


Inglesina Fast Table Chair

  • Clip-on design
  • Adjustable backrest
  • Perfect for kids from six months and above
  • Padded seat

The Inglesina Table Chair is compact, lightweight, and an excellent mealtime companion for kids from six months and above. It has a clip-on design that enables you to attach the seat onto your table and take them off easily while on your travels. It also features padded and adjustable backrests that add to your little one’s comfort while using the seat. The seat has a rear pocket that you can use to carry any items you require. The cover is removable making it easy to clean.


Bumbo Booster Seat

  • Three-point safety harness/li>
  • Easy to clean
  • Compact design
  • Recommended for babies between six and 36 months

The Bumbo seat is a multi-purpose seat that you can strap to an adult seat, use it as a baby floor seat, or a booster. It’s recommended for babies between six and 36 months, as it comes with enough legroom to adjust the height and set according to your child’s height. It also features three-point harnesses that keep your little one secure and safe while using the seat. The seat also has an easily detachable tray and a padded seat ensuring that your child is comfortable.


Ciao Baby Portable High Chair

  • Five-point safety harness
  • Can hold up to 35 pounds
  • Foldable
  • Easy to clean

Last up is the Ciao baby portable high chair. This seat features a five-point safety harness that meets every US safety standard. It also helps keep your little one secure and safe. The maximum amount of weight it can hold up to 35 pounds and it allows your baby to grow with the chair. It also comes with an easy to clean feeding tray making it portable enough for tailgating, vacations, picnics, and camping.

You can finally enjoy spending time outside your home’s comfort without worrying about making a mess when feeding your little one. You can also check out our review of the best portable baby cribs, as you will require a place for your child to sleep.