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Best Trash Bags

Filthy trash cans that have not been emptied for quite some time can pose a serious health risk to families. This is why it is important to line your waste containers with a trash bag all the time. It is a sanitary way of handling garbage, especially wet ones that stain our bins and leave a pungent smell behind. Bagging garbage also makes disposal much more convenient and eliminates the need to wash your trash cans regularly.

Waste receptacles come in different sizes, so it is only natural to find different-sized trash bags. However, size is not the only parameter. Trash bags also come in different varieties: Dimension, thickness, color, and gallon. If you are confused as to what garbage bag is right for your receptacle, take a look at our top six list. We compared different trash bags on the market to find the best in terms of thickness and strength.

Buyers Guide

  1. How thick should a trash bag be?

    Answer: Trash bags with a thickness of 0.90 mil work well with regular kitchen, bath, or bedroom garbage. Trash cans with a thickness of over 1.5 mil can hold sharp objects.

  2. Why do trash bags come in different colors?

    Answer: Trash bags come in different colors so you so you can keep different types of waste separate from each other. Different-colored bags also help you identify if the garbage inside is recyclable or not. Black is the most popular color because it does not show what’s inside.

  3. What are other uses of trash bags?

    Answer: You’ll be surprised to know that your regular trash bag can be used for other things. It can be used for storing your laundry. It can be used as a cold compress when you have a minor inflammation. It can also be used as a poncho on rainy days.

Our Top Picks


Tougher Goods Heavy Duty Black Trash Bags

  • 55 gallon
  • 50 count
  • 1.2 mil thick
  • 35 x 55 inches

Keep your garbage in one place with this trash bag. It is heavy duty and industrial grade, so it won’t tear or puncture in the middle of the toughest tasks. It is made of 1.2 mil heavyweight, ultra-strong plastic which is made to hold many items. The bag is made to securely hold all sorts of sharp objects without a single tear. It comes with a wide 55 gallon capacity, ideal for holding large objects, bulk supplies, or a large party’s worth of trash with absolute ease.


OKKEAI Small Trash Bags

  • 1.2 gallon
  • Biodegradable
  • 120 count
  • Environment friendly

Store your dirty garbage in this trash bag. Its bottom has an octagonal design that leaves no space to leak. It made of corn starch and other plant renewable resources that are degradable. This bag is not easy to breakable, extra strong, and durable. It helps eliminate messes and spills, and makes trash disposal easy. With a white color, it allows you to easily view and identify the contents to help separate recyclable items from non-recyclable ones.


Meidong Trash Bags

  • 13 gallon
  • Drawstring
  • 5 rolls
  • 115 count

Ensure a clean waste receptable with this trash bag. It is ideally sized at 13 gallons with a thickness of 0.79 mil. It is designed with durable drawstring handles that are easy to tie. This bag is easy to carry and transport, and can handle heavy garbage. It is made of environment-friendly material, refreshing your space with an original scent. It provides twice the stretchable strength of typical trash bags and resists tears and leaks.


Simplehuman Custom Fit Drawstring Trash Bags

  • 5.3 gallon
  • 20 count
  • Easy to carry
  • White

Dispose your garbage easily with this trash bag. It is tailored to perfectly fit trash cans so it does not slip inside. It  allows your waste to stay completely hidden when the drawstring is tied. This bag has extra durable plastic and thick double seams that prevent rips and tears. It has convenient drawstring handles, making it very easy to lift and carry. It has a perforated opening for hassle-free dispensing.


MEMX Drawstring Trash Bags

  • 4 gallon
  • 100 count
  • Drawstring
  • Extra strong

Hold heavy garbage and wet products in this trash bag. It is designed with durable drawstring handles that allow for a quick and clean closure when full. Its convenient double opening carton design makes it easy to grab one trash can liner at a time. This bag has no odors, perforations, or unraveling. It uses only pure PE material for your safety and health. It is strong enough to hold heavy garbage. The bag is leakproof, stretchy, and anti-puncture.


AmazonBasics Tall Kitchen Trash Bag

  • 13 gallon
  • Drawstring
  • 0.9 mil thick
  • 300 count

Hide your waste contents from view with this trash bag. It has a 13-gallon capacity and a 0.9-mil thickness. It has a red drawstring closure for easy closing, tying, and carrying. This bag has a long profile that nicely accommodates almost any tall kitchen trash bins. It reaches down towards the bottom of a bin, covers its sides, and leaves enough material at the top for folding over its rim. The bag is made of 100% plastic, which can prevent wet messes from seeping through.

With a trash bag to line your waste receptacle, you can store all your dirty, used, and wet items in one place. It is a much easier and more sanitary way to dispose your garbage because it keeps your bin clean at spotless the entire time.