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Best Toy Microphones

When it comes to toys that entertain, microphones are on top of the list. Kids love music, and when they hear a nice song, they sing along with it. What better way to encourage their artistry than with a toy mic. Today’s toy microphones have different features that will allow children hours of fun. Mics will help develop a child’s audio and motor skills, promote imaginative play, and encourage kids to express themselves in front of crowds.

If your child has the makings of a future rock star or diva, allow them to take center stage with a toy mic. Introducing them early to music will enhance their vocabulary as they grasp the meaning behind unfamiliar words. Getting them to sing along with lyrics will help improve their memorization skills. Having them act out singing will help boost their confidence. Here are six toy mics that are getting great reviews because of their special and exciting features.

Buyers Guide

  1. What makes a good toy microphone?

    Answer: A good toy microphone should have a decent sound quality, nice speakers, and a long battery life. It should be durable, easy to hold, wireless, lightweight, and portable.

  2. What special features do toy microphones have?

    Answer: Some toy microphones come with flashy lights, an MP3 player, adjustable volume, pre-recorded songs, voice changing effects, a recorder, and a Bluetooth connection.

  3. What benefits can a child get from singing on a toy microphone?

    Answer: Singing on a toy microphone allows a child to develop audible learning skills. A child can learn to distinguish what sounds good and what doesn’t. They can learn about pitches and tones, and apply this knowledge to their singing.

Our Top Picks


Kidzlane Karaoke Microphone for Kids

  • With Bluetooth
  • Voice changer
  • 10 built-in nursery rhymes
  • With recorder and playback

Treat your kids to hours of singing on this toy microphone. It features a 100-second record and playback function that let kids practice and hear their own voices. It has a built-in voice changer and flashing multicolored LED lights that make it even more entertaining. This mic comes with 10 classic nursery rhymes and a corresponding lyrics book complete with charming illustrations. Your little one can easily select “Duet Mode” for a fun singing match or “Music Mode” when they’re ready to go solo!


Ipidipi Toys Echo Mic for Kids

  • Multicolored flashing light
  • With rattle
  • Durable plastic construction
  • Great for gifting

Help your little angel develop their fine motor skills with this cool toy microphone. It stimulates a toddler’s expression through speech and song. With a feedback, it accelerates comprehension and pronunciation. This mic features multicolored flashing lights that create a special effect on walls and ceiling for everyone’s delight. It has a rattle that is guaranteed to provide hours of pleasure and fun. It’s perfect for nursery school settings, playgroups, and drama workshops.


Kicko Echo Microphone

  • Pack of 6
  • Great party favor
  • No batteries required
  • 10 inches each

Get your bundle of joy up and singing with this toy microphone. Suitable for toddlers age 3 and up, it is made up of premium quality materials proven and tested for durability. It is non-toxic, eco-friendly, and safe, and requires no batteries or electricity to work. The reverberation of this mic is real, making it an awesome toy for kids who love to perform. The microphone makes a perfect party favor, birthday gift, carnival souvenir, or holiday giveaway.


Battat Musical Light Show Microphone

  • Lights up
  • With 5 songs
  • With record function
  • Suitable for kids age 2 years and up

Watch your little one perform using this toy microphone. Simply turn the transparent ring to see it project beautiful flashing colors that will make your child feel like singing in front of a huge crowd. It includes 5 pre-recorded songs, including Itsy Bitsy Spider and Happy and You Know It. This mic features a voice changer that lets your toddler hear their voice go from low to high. It has a record button and a playback so your bundle of joy can hear their marvelous performance.


VTech Baby Babble and Rattle Microphone

  • Promotes fun and learning
  • With 12 animal sounds
  • Suitable for infants age 1 and up
  • Great for gifting

Amplify your child’s voice with this toy microphone. Its built-in rattle helps develop your little one’s motor skills while they hear fun sounds and phrases. It features over 60 songs, melodies, sounds, and phrases that will surely encourage your darling to sing along. This mic has a ring that can be turned on to introduce to your baby 12 different animals and their respective sounds. It comes with an “instruments” button that plays 12 melodies in either classical or rock so your toddler can learn about different instruments.


ThinkMax Kids Microphone Toy

  • With voice changer
  • With recorder
  • Colorful lights
  • 8 pre-loaded songs

Teach your child to express themselves through music with this toy mic. It features a 30-second recording time and playback function that let kids practice and hear their own tunes. It has 4 voice-changing options that will surely make voice role play incredibly fun for your tyke. This mic comes pre-loaded with educational songs, giving your little one a jump-start on their music education. It is easy for small hands to hold, and comes with LED light effects that will definitely create a great atmosphere for any live performance.

With these toy mics, your little one will be able to showcase their talent anytime, anywhere. They can have a mini concert at home, a jamming session at school, or a duet with the neighborhood kids.