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Best Toy Guns

Toy guns are fun playthings that symbolize leadership, power, strength, and control. Children love to run around the house and backyard holding these, pretending to shoot the bad guys and protect their parents from the evil forces.

If you’re searching for the best toy guns to give your little tyke, we’re happy to present our choice picks for this category It wasn’t an easy decision, given the many cool designs out there, but we’re sure these picks will impress.

Buyers Guide

  1. What is a toy gun?

    Answer: A toy gun is a child’s plaything that imitates a real gun.

  2. Are toy guns dangerous?

    Answer: Most toy guns only make sounds with nothing coming out of them, making them safe for kids to use even without supervision.

  3. Can girls play with toy guns?

    Answer: Anyone can play with a toy gun, even an adult.

Our Top Picks


Toshi Station Colt 1911 Toy Gun

  • With soft bullets and ejecting magazine
  • Actual size of M1911
  • Spring loaded slide action
  • Fits any real pistol holster

Scare away the bad guys with this orange, yellow, and blue toy gun. It provides realistic action with its 5-round removable magazine and magazine release button. It has the same shape and size as the M1911 Colt 45 so it fits any pistol holster made for the real thing. The bullets will travel only a few feet to keep things safe around the house.


Liberty Imports Colt 1911 Toy Gun

  • With 20 soft rubber bullets
  • Harmless impact
  • With a magazine that can be ejected
  • Realistic replica

Run after the criminals this colored toy gun. This impressive imitation of the Colt 1911 gun makes it the perfect choice for Halloween or cosplay where realism matters. It features a 5-round removable magazine, spring loaded slide, and magazine release button. The included soft bullets are shot in a short 2-meter range to ensure no harm or accident.


Waootuentl Kid Toy Gun

  • With 7 soft bullets
  • Harmless impact
  • Realistic pistol replica
  • Fits in any pistol holder

Teach your tyke about appropriate gun usage and shooter safety with this realistic black toy gun. This M1911 gun with black thigh tactical holster includes soft bullets that are shot in a short 2-meter range for a harmless impact. Appropriate for kids 6 year old and up, it has a real blowback-style loading mechanism of 1 cock per shot.


Pinovk Kid Toy Gun

  • With 5 soft fluorescent bullets
  • With a real blowback-style loading mechanism
  • Resembles a real Colt M1911 pistol
  • Compatible with any pistol holster

Chase away the terrorists with this black toy gun. It includes 5 soft bullets that will travel only a few feet away to keep things safe. A 1:1 scale replica, it’s the perfect addition to costumes for Halloween or cosplay. The slide must be fully pulled all the way back in order to avoid jams, just like the real thing.

Having a toy gun at home doesn’t mean you are encouraging any violence. With this plaything, you can not only enjoy creative pretend play with your tyke but also teach him or her how to properly use a gun and about gun safety.