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Make Your Baths Extravagant with These Towel Sets

The feel of ultra-soft bath towels after a bath or a dip in the pool can be a very satisfying experience. If you want better towels, opting for the highest quality ones is the way to set up your bath game. Enough of the thin, rough towels stashed in your hamper—we rated the top selling towel sets that are worthy of your hard-earned buck. Quality towel sets last long, feel soft against the skin, won’t fade after multiple washes and have pleasing designs.

Buyers Guide

  1. What factors should I consider when choosing high-quality towel sets?

    Answer: If you want towels that are soft, super-absorbent and luxurious, make sure to go for towel sets made from 100 percent cotton and has lavish yarn loops on the surface of the towels. Another trick to remember is to check the GSM (grams per square meter)—the plushest towels have more than 600GSM. For towels that dry fast and have better durability, get ones that are made with a blend of cotton and polyester materials or fabrics with shorter loops. Furthermore, we all want our colored towels to retain their rich color—get ones that are made from topnotch materials. Better yet, read reviews first before purchasing the item.

  2. How do you clean and maintain towels?

    Answer: Before using your newly-bought towel set, you have to wash them first. This step is needed in order to remove the coating that makes the towels appear and feel fluffier. Prewashing them also helps the towels to become more absorbent. If you bought colored towels, prevent fading or bleeding by washing them with same-color towels in warm water for the initial washes. Use only half the required detergent amount during the wash then add a half to one cup of white vinegar to the water over the course of the rinse cycle. The addition of vinegar allows the colors to set and it also helps remove all traces of detergent. Once you take the towels out of the washing machine, shake them well to fluff the loops and make it more absorbent. Do not iron towels since this will reduce their absorbent properties. If you want to use the dryer to dry towels, use the automatic or regular setting so the towels will dry quickly.

  3. What is the difference between Turkish and Egyptian cotton?

    Answer: The most luxurious towels are made from Turkish or Egyptian cotton. Both towels are crafted from ultra-fibrous, long-staple cotton cultivated in Turkey and Egypt. This leads to cotton towels that has a super-lush and soft feel, durable and absorbent. The difference between the two though lies in their drying speed—Turkish cotton towels dry faster compared to Egyptian cotton.

Our Top Picks


Great Bay Home 100% Turkish Cotton Striped Bath Towels

  • 6-piece set
  • Made of 100% authentic Turkish cotton
  • Highly-absorbent and durable
  • Very soft, plush feel

The Great Bay Home 100% Turkish Cotton Striped Bath Towels offers the best quality when it comes to towel sets—this 6-piece set is made entirely from 100 percent genuine Turkish cotton. This means it has long-staple cotton which is the softest and the most luxurious in the industry today. Turkish cotton dries fast as well and its fibers are quite long-lasting. The 500GSM rating means it is the real deal when it comes to bath extravagance. The set is also very machine-friendly.


Canopy Lane Six Piece Bath Linen Set

  • Designed in California
  • 6-Piece Set
  • 700 GSM, 100% Cotton
  • Easy Care, Machine Washable

Designed in California, the Canopy Lane Six Piece Bath Linen Set is available in several trend-right colors. From the 100% cotton yarns to the oversized construction, each piece in the set is ultra absorbent and incredibly soft to the touch. Rated at 700 GSM, the towels are plush, luxurious, and machine wash friendly. Everyday, home use was a key factor in the design process which means these towels are both durable and built to last.


Classic Turkish Towels Luxury Bath Towel Set

  • 3-piece set
  • Attractive ribbed design
  • 600GSM towels
  • OEKO-TEX certified

The Classic Turkish Towels Luxury Bath Towel Set is another excellent find. Very plush care of its 600GSM rating. It has a distinctive ribbed design as well which makes this one a fine aesthetically-pleasing set. The set comes with towels measuring 40 x 65 inches. These items are machine-washable therefore they are easy to maintain. An environment-friendly pick too if you want eco-conscious items only, being an OEKO-TEX certified product.


Home and Plan Luxury Extra Large 8-Piece Turkish Towel Set

  • 8-piece set
  • Super-absorbent, fluffy towels
  • Fast-drying
  • Made in Turkey

The Home and Plan Luxury Extra Large 8-Piece Turkish Towel Set is one fluffy bunch that you need to try. This set is composed of 8 pieces, ranging from XL picks for adults and smaller wash cloths measuring 12 x 12 inches. It dries fast to prevent the item from getting mildew and mold build-up plus it’s soft to the touch. Machine and dryer-friendly for easier maintenance. A good choice for families too.


SALBAKOS Bath Towels Sets

  • 4-piece set
  • 100% genuine Turkish cotton
  • 700GSM towels
  • Soft and dries fast

The SALBAKOS Bath Towels Sets will become your trusty bath and pool companions thanks to its 100 percent authentic Turkish cotton material. Towels made from Turkish cotton make for indispensable purposes because they are very plush, soft, durable, absorbent and dries faster compared to other towel materials. They are rated 700GSM so the quality is indeed there. It has a spa towel-like quality that you’d love to wrap yourself in.


Utopia Towels Medium Cotton Towels

  • 6-piece set
  • 100% ring spun cotton
  • Quick-dry towels
  • With double-stitched hem finishing

The Utopia Towels Medium Cotton Towels are crafted from fine 100 percent ring-spun cotton for the ultimate in softness and breathability. Being an amazingly breathable material, this is a nice choice for hand and body use. The towel’s weaves are super-absorbent and they make for versatile pieces too—take them away from your home and use it by the beach during summer holidays. The double-stitched hemmed finishing also makes the towels more durable—this one will not fray quickly with frequent use.


Bagno Milano 100% Turkish Cotton Jacquard Luxury Towel Set

  • 6-piece set
  • Made from 100% Turkish cotton
  • GMO-free material
  • Quick-drying and highly-absorbent

The Bagno Milano 100% Turkish Cotton Jacquard Luxury Towel Set are made from premium 100 percent Turkish cotton for a very soft, lush feel even after multiple washes. Being made from such a lovely material also means it dries fast. The towels have that luxurious texture due to the process it undergoes—the towels were made using Aqua Fibro’s Unique Spinning Technology. If you want something extravagant to give away, make this set number 1 on your list. The set comes with bath towels, hand towels and wash cloths.

We also have an entire section dedicated to bathroom product reviews that you should check out after you’ve selected the bath towels that are going to up your bath game. Get the finest plush towel sets and you will be rewarded with premium textures, superb designs, craftsmanship and maximum durability. Our list has the towel sets that are indeed, worthy of your attention.