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Best Touchless Door Openers

People are always touching things. When their hands aren’t clean, germs can be transferred to objects and then transferred to another person’s hands. This is why it is bothersome to go to public places with shared surfaces nowadays. You are bound to touch objects when you are outdoors, and these objects may have been touched by someone with a condition. While washing our hands is a good solution, it is not always possible to do so in a public place. How then, do we minimize the spread of germs and bacteria?

The good news is there are now touchless door openers, sometimes called EDC door openers. This key-like tool acts as our extra set of hands and fingers so we do not have to touch as much objects when we are outdoors. They can be used for operating an ATM machine, carrying a grocery bag, or opening doors. Some even have a stylus tip that can be used for pressing buttons and keys. If you are looking for a way to minimize touching objects when in public areas, take a look at these EDC door openers that are getting high ratings from buyers.

Buyers Guide

  1. Where can you use an EDC door opener?

    Answer: An EDC door opener can be used for flushing a toilet, turning on faucets, knocking on doors, touching phone keypads, pumping gas, pulling a lever, push vending machine buttons, dispensing water in a cooler, turning on light switches, and moving a chair.

  2. Is an EDC door opener necessary?

    Answer: An EDC door opener minimizes the spread of germs and bacteria that can cause illnesses. If you want to ensure your health and safety, an EDC door opener will help.

  3. How do you clean your EDC door opener?

    Answer: Clean your EDC door opener every night by washing it well with soap and water or wiping it down with hand sanitizer or alcohol.

Our Top Picks


VONQA 4 PACK Touchless Contactless Clean Key Door Opener

  • Set of 4
  • Multipurpose Tool
  • Made from Zinc Alloy
  • Attaches to Keychain

VONQA’s contactless door opener tool is equipped with a unique design that will let you push/pull most commercial doors, car handles, flush toilet knobs, use soap dispensers, pick plastics, carry bags and even use it as a bottle opener. You can also use the silicon rubber stylus tip to operate your phone while you’re out and about as well.


Delxo EDC No Touch Door Opener

  • Set of 3
  • Stainless steel
  • Reusable
  • Contactless

Avoid direct contact with public equipment with this set of 3 EDC door openers. It reduces point-of-contact area by over 99%. Small and lightweight, it easily attaches to your keychain and can be carried in your purse or pocket. This door opener is perfect for opening various types of doors, boarding public transits, operating ATM machines, pressing elevator buttons, or flushing a toilet.


TOPIST Non-Contact Door Opener

  • Set of 2
  • With stylus
  • Hygienic
  • Reusable

Be ready for any situation with this EDC door opener. It is made entirely from a solid piece of brass which will help with your everyday tasks. It helps you avoid direct contact with shared surfaces, minimizing the spread of germs and bacteria that may be harmful to the health. This door opener has a hook groove, which is convenient for pulling and controlling various door handles. Its rear section adopts a ring design, which is convenient for finger hooking so you can control your task perfectly.


SKL Products No Touch Door Opener

  • Hygienic
  • 97% copper
  • Compact
  • Easy to use

Limit exposure to infected surfaces with this EDC door opener. It is made with 97% copper which is durable and long lasting. Its hook tool can be used as a sanitary door opener, button pusher, stylus, or utility tool for touchable surfaces. This door opener features slightly rounded edges in the finger slot for utmost comfort. Measuring 2.875 x 1.25 x 0.125 inches, it fits in pockets, wallets, and purses easily.


NE EDC Door Opener Tool

  • Brass
  • Rubber tip
  • Thick
  • Heavy duty

Protect yourself and others with this EDC door opener. It is made of zinc alloy with an antique bronze finish, making it both durable and stylish. It has 2 pieces of rubber touch tips so you can touch your tablet, ATM machine, or signature pads. This door opener is more consistent with American hands, so you can use it comfortably. It has a bottle opener design, so you can open your bottles any time.


MTRSUE Contactless Door Opener

  • Set of 2
  • Easy to use
  • Many uses
  • Small and portable

Keep your hands free with this set of 2 EDC door openers. It can help you press the elevator buttons, move a chair, or pull a drawer handle without touching directly. It includes a stylus for use on keypads and most touchscreens. This door opener has an ergonomic design that makes it easy and quick to press buttons and pull levers. It fits easily into wallets or phone case card slots. You can also carry it in your hands or attach it to a keychain. 

The world isn’t what it used to be. In today’s new normal, all safety measures must be taken to avoid getting sick and transferring illnesses to other people. A good way to start is with the use of these EDC door openers.