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Best Tool Trays

People who own a bikes or cars know the importance of keeping maintenance and repair tools in the garage. After all, you never know when your vehicle will need some good fixing. When you have many tools, you will need a place to keep your items organized. Some prefer the use of tool boxes, while others prefer the use of trays. Tool trays allow you to view your items immediately so you can easily grab and go. Some even have compartments that let your separate different tools like your nuts and bolts.

Regardless of whether you like to do you own repair work at home or own a mechanical shop, a good tool tray is sure to come in handy. Unlike tool boxes, trays do not take up a lot of space on tabletops and aren’t heavy to carry. If you’re searching for a great tool tray for your home or workshop, take a look at these six trays that are getting all the raves.

Buyers Guide

  1. What are tool trays?

    Answer: Tool trays are used to store and organize repair tools in an exposed manner so that they are easy to identify, retrieve, and return.

  2. Do I need a tool tray?

    Answer: If clutter is a problem for you, a tool tray will help. Tool trays have a proven track record of helping solve issues of misplaced and disorganized tools.

  3. Is a tool tray better than a tool box?

    Answer: Tool trays and tool boxes both serve to organize, carry, and protect maintenance and repair tools.

Our Top Picks


Grypshon Orange Tool Tray

  • No magnets
  • Non-slip
  • Flexible
  • Easy clean up

Revolutionize your workflow with this tool tray. Its bright orange color provides a visual management system so you can easily see your tools and hardware. It keeps your hand tools together within proximity, such as under the hood of your car or on top of a ladder. The tray can withstand 500 degrees Fahrenheit and hold tools at a 70-degree angle with no magnet. Durable yet flexible, it can be folded or rolled up for easy storage. Its high-performance material is anti-static and chemical resistant. The compartments will keep your hardware organized.


Flexmat Tool Box Organizer Tray

  • Flexible and non-slip
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Heat and chemical resistant
  • With integrated measurement ruler

Keep your tools together and within reach with this tray. It is great for any project around the house, and will help keep your items organized no matter the size of the job. It can hold numerous items and even works on curved surfaces such as the hood of your car. Made of durable silicone, the tray bends and flexes to conform to virtually any surface. With several compartments, it will hold all your tools in place so you never have to worry about misplacing them again.


Horusdy Tool Tray

  • With rubber wheels
  • 360-degree rotation
  • Portable LED light included
  • With built-in carrying handle

Classify your tools with this rotatable tray. With 4 flexible, 360-degree swivel wheels, you can move it anywhere without having to carry it. The ball-bearing casters are easy to maneuver, while the 5 storage compartments ensure plenty of room to organize your hardware. A 150-lumen portable LED light is included, so you can see your items even in the dark. The tray’s built-in carrying handle makes it easy to move from one place to another. With included instructions, you can easily assemble this tray within 5 minutes.


Grypmat Portable Tool Tray

  • Exceptional grip
  • Prevents tool loss
  • Durable but flexible
  • No scratches

Hold all sizes of tools in this multipurpose tray. It comes in 3 sizes so you can tackle any project with ease. Its unique chemistry enables it to grip onto whatever surface it is placed on without sliding or falling. This non-slip tray is incredibly durable, heat resistant, and chemical resistant. While it is developed for aviation, aerospace, and automotive, it can be used anywhere. With a smooth material, it prevents scratches and dents on your beautiful paint job. The tray bends, folds, and rolls any way you need it to, but it always returns to its original shape.


S&B Silicone Tool Tray

  • Set of 3
  • Non-slip and flexible
  • Strong and durable
  • 5 colors to choose from

Protect your tools from dirt and scratches with this set of 3 trays. It is non-slip and very flexible, gripping to almost any surface and protecting whatever you are working on. Made of premium silicone, it won’t crack over time, has exceptional tear strength, and can handle extreme temperatures. With multiple color options to choose from, you’ll be sure to stand out doing your repair work. For dirt or grease buildup, all you need for easy cleaning is a mild degreaser or just a little soap and water. 


ABN Magnetic Tool Holder

  • 10.75 x 10.75 inches
  • No spills
  • Can be mounted
  • With a heavy-duty magnetic rubber base

Say goodbye to escaping nuts, bolts, screws, drill bits, and fasteners with this magnetic tool tray. Its 4 pounds of magnetic pull keeps fasteners and other metal components inside it even if it gets knocked over. It can be mounted horizontally, vertically, sideways, or even upside down on a myriad of metal surfaces. Constructed of high-quality stainless steel, the tray is rust resistant and prevents gas and oil buildup. It is designed with a heavy-duty magnetic rubber base that is resistant to scratches from daily use and wear.

With these tool trays, you can keep your lubes, spare parts, and other components close at hand. Everything you need for your repair job is within arm’s reach, and you will never again have to worry about misplacing any essential maintenance tool.