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Best Toilet Brushes

The toilet is one of the nastiest appliances in our home. Being the unlucky recipient of our waste products, it is only natural to regularly clean it to avoid scaly buildups or dirty rings. Luckily, there are toilet brushes to do the job. These helpful tools give your bowl a thorough cleaning without the need for you to use gloves or your hands. By giving your rims a good scrubbing, they remove bacteria and microscopic germs that cling to the bowl every now and then. They also remove embarrassing stains, ensuring your bowl is hygienic at all times.

Like many cleaning products, toilet brushes are not created equal. What you need is a brush with sturdy bristles that can withstand harsh household cleaning chemicals. Its handle should be able to slightly flex under pressure and provide a good grip for ease of use. Because there are a lot of options available, we will help you choose a good toilet brush. Below, we share our top picks for the best toilet brushes on the market.

Buyers Guide

  1. Is a toilet brush necessary?

    Answer: No, but it is more hygienic and easier than scrubbing your toilet using a sponge and your hands.

  2. How do you clean a toilet brush?

    Answer: Pour boiling water inside a bucket, then add a couple caps of bleach. Put the toilet brush in the bucket, then soak it for an hour. Air dry. Remember to wear rubber gloves during the whole process. Do this at least once a week to keep your brush fresh.

  3. How do you get stains off your toilet brush?

    Answer: Place your toilet brush in a bucket of warm water. Add a cup of baking soda, then stir it using the brush. Leave it overnight to soak. This will remove stains and odors.

Our Top Picks


ToiletTree Products Deluxe Toilet Brush

  • With lid
  • Hands-off operation
  • Decorative and modern
  • 5.8 x 5.8 x 11 inches

Scrub your bowl clean with this toilet brush. It keeps the dirty work of cleaning your toilet bowl discreet. Its included canister keeps the brush out of sight and the germs inside. This brush has a heavy base that ensures it stays upright when stored. Measuring 5.8 x 5.8 x 11 inches, it is just the right size to fit behind the bathroom garbage can or be placed near the back of the toilet bowl.


IXO Toilet Brush

  • With holder
  • Pack of 2
  • 304 stainless steel
  • Long handle

Ensure a spotless bowl with this toilet brush. It is professionally designed for your bathroom, making it more tidy and modern. Its head is made by soft, flexible, sturdy, and dense bristles. This brush can clean 360 degrees, reaching every part of your bowl, including the under rim section. Its handle can be extended 16.8 inches long and is equipped with 304 stainless steel. The lid prevents your hands from splashes when cleaning the toilet, while the holder holds drips and avoids stains in your bathroom.


Marbrasse Bathroom Toilet Bowl Brush

  • Pack of 2
  • With holder
  • Slim and compact
  • Made from ABS and PP

Remove filthy stains with this toilet brush. Made from ABS and PP, it is flexible and durable. It doesn’t hurt the toilet while capturing dirt, and never wears out or changes its shape. This brush has no metal that will rust or bend, and its handle is stiff and comfortable to hold. With a hemispherical brush head design, it deep cleans under the rim and other hard-to-reach places. This brush has a space-saving design that fits into tight bathroom areas, making it easy to tuck away.


WITAIR Toilet Brush

  • Pack of 2
  • With holder
  • 304 stainless steel
  • Ergonomic

Clean your bowl with this set of 2 toilet brushes. It is made of premium 304 stainless steel toilet brush, making your bathroom look elegant and tidy. It has a matte finish so it won’t reflect light. This brush has a large head made by soft, flexible, sturdy, and dense bristles, allowing you to scrub your toilet deeply and easily. Its steel cover protects your hand from stains. 


mDesign Compact Freestanding Plastic Toilet Bowl Brush

  • With holder
  • Bronze
  • Discreet
  • Durable

Keep your bowl spotless with this toilet brush. With an individual holder, it tucks neatly beside the toilet, providing discreet storage while keeping the floor clean and dry. It has a non-skid, non-slip foam base that keep it secure. This brush has sturdy bristles that deep clean hard-to-reach places for a sparkling bathroom. It has a space-saving design that allows it to fit into tight bathroom areas, making it easy to tuck away. It is made from durable, shatter-resistant plastic in elegant bronze.


TreeLen Toilet Brush

  • Silicone bristles
  • With holder
  • Ergonomic angled handle
  • Space-saving design

Maintain perfect cleaning with this toilet brush. It has a hemispherical brush head design with double brushes: The TPR gray brush is soft and flexible, cleaning your toilet bowl without scratching your porcelain. The PP white brush is ideal for scrubbing tough stains. Both brushes can easily reach under the rim and other hard-to-reach places. The brush has a canister drip tray that features ventilation slots that allow water to quickly evaporate. It has a 15.88-inch long angled brush handle that makes reaching hidden areas easier than ever.

When choosing a toilet brush, it would be good to think about matching accessories. Extras, such as a plunger and canister, should be considered so you can have a complete toilet cleaning set.