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Best Toddler Dresses

Baby girls don’t stay babies too long. One day, they’re a sweet newborn, the next day, they’ve transformed into a toddler who is already talking and running around. When kids get big and tall fast, they outgrow their clothes. This is why parents should always update their little one’s wardrobe.

Girl clothes come in many adorable patterns and colors, making choosing dresses very fun. Just imagining all the flowers, ribbons, ruffles, and sequins your little one will be wearing is already exciting as can be. But, design and color are not all you should look for in a toddler dress. Quality dresses are not easy to find, so you must take into consideration the material of the clothing to ensure it is comfortable, breathable, and safe for the skin. To make the search for toddler clothes easier for you, our experts reviewed various dresses to find the best ones in terms of quality and design.

Buyers Guide

  1. How do you choose the right size of dress for your toddler?

    Answer: Always choose a dress one size ahead of your toddler’s actual age. Most 1-year-olds can wear clothes size 2, while 2-year-olds can wear clothes size 3, and so on.

  2. How many dresses do toddlers need?

    Answer: Toddlers should have at least three dressy outfits—two being casual dresses and one being fancier.

  3. At what age should toddlers be able to dress themselves?

    Answer: Toddlers should be able to start dressing themselves from about 2 ½ to 3 years of age. It may be as simple as putting on a sock or sweater.

Our Top Picks


Mettime Baby Girl Floral Outfit

  • Soft cotton material
  • Fadeless
  • Machine washable
  • Comfortable and breathable

Make your little one the most adorable-looking girl in town wearing this ruffled tank top and floral skirt. Made of soft cotton, this duo is breathable, non-irritating, and very comfortable to wear. The sleeveless top features 3 white buttons, while the flowy skirt features a cute bowknot. Choose from sizes ranging from 6 months to 4 years old. This pair is the perfect outfit for different occasions like family gatherings, birthday parties, and the holidays. It can be worn to school, church, the park, or the beach. Even after washing numerous times, it will show no signs of wear and tear.


Touched by Nature Girls Organic Cotton Dresses

  • 100% organic cotton
  • With pull-on closure
  • Machine washable
  • Soft and gentle on skin

Dress your little girl in this beautiful organic outfit. Made with natural and breathable fibers, it is the best material for your baby’s soft and sensitive skin. It is pure and made without harsh chemicals, synthetic pesticides, or fertilizers so it feels incredibly comfortable and cozy to wear. Featuring adorable prints and stripes, this dress is the perfect attire for special occasions because it is fashionable. With a convenient construction, it is easy to put on and remove. The dress holds up wash after wash and stays true to its size for a perfect fit. It is designed to last longer and stay softer than clothes made of conventional cotton fibers.


Mersariphy Toddler Tutu Dress

  • Skin friendly
  • Soft and cozy
  • Easy to clean
  • Many colors to choose from

Get your little girl all dolled up wearing this beautiful tutu dress. It has sizes ranging from 6 months to 5 years old, as well as many colors to choose from. Made from soft fabric, it is breathable, flexible, comfortable to wear, and easy on your baby’s sensitive skin. The dress is backless, making your girl look absolutely charming. It features a ruffled sleeve that lets your toddler feel like a princess. To clean, simply wash by hand or machine, then hang out to dry.  


Yaoyaou Baby Girl Romper

  • Cotton blend
  • Soft and comfy
  • Skin friendly
  • Includes a headband

Here’s a baby girl dress that has fashion written all over it. This charming romper is made of 100% cotton that is very breathable, lightweight, and skin-friendly, making it perfect for your toddler’s sensitive skin. It has a snap closure design at the bottom to help you change your baby’s diaper easier. This jumper features a floral print, lace strap, and V-neck that make it absolutely cute. It includes a bowknot headband that is sure to look very adorable on your darling’s little head.


Balaflyie Summer Outfit Clothes

  • Cotton blend
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Boho style
  • Machine washable

Your baby girl will be the talk of the town wearing this matching ruffle top and floral skirt. Made of soft cotton, it is breathable, lightweight, and safe for your little one’s sensitive skin. The sleeveless top and swing skirt give your angel plenty of room to twirl and play around, making it comfortable to wear. Stylish and colorful, it is great to wear to school, at church, picnics, the park, and even the beach. Choose from sizes ranging from 1 to 6 years old.


Jbeelate Baby Girl Casual Sleeveless Dress

  • Cotton linen and polyester
  • High-quality fabric
  • With button closure
  • Stylish and colorful

Let your darling angel get compliments from others with this floral dress. Its round neck and sleeveless design make it comfortable to wear, while its fashionable and lovely bow in the middle adds a sophisticated touch. The button-down front makes the dress easy to put on and remove, while the floral print is absolutely cute from afar. Made of cotton linen and polyester, the dress is lightweight, soft, and breathable. Its unique purple color is sure to let your baby girl stand out.

Toddlers may grow very fast, but it doesn’t mean they should outgrow their clothes just as quickly. This is why when shopping for girl dresses, you should keep in mind two things: finding the right size and ensuring the material is strong enough to be worn over and over.