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Best Suggestion Boxes

The suggestion box is a good way to solicit customer or employee feedback. It serves as a nice tool to help assess the employee or customer experience too. To engage people from taking part in this activity, you need to present a stylish and inviting suggestion box. Read through our guide and find out which suggestion boxes are cool in the market today.

Buyers Guide

  1. Why do companies need a suggestion box?

    Answer: The suggestion box, as mentioned previously, is a good device for acquiring feedback. The box functions as a means for people to put their questions, requests and additional comments for the company. The most basic form of a suggestion box is a container that has an opening, almost like a voting box. This box is used for gathering paper slips with feedback from customers or employees of a certain company or brand.

  2. What materials are suggestion boxes made of?

    Answer: A standard suggestion box is usually made of stiff cardboard but these days we have suggestion boxes made of wood, plastic, steel, acrylic and aluminum. These suggestion boxes also come in a nice range of colors to suit company or brand colors/aesthetics.

  3. Can a suggestion box be customized?

    Answer: Suggestion boxes can be customized to fit the company’s colors or aesthetics. The box size can be customized according to the preferences of the company and their logo can be printed or laser-engraved on it as well.

  4. Any tips in encouraging customers and employees to provide input in the suggestion box?

    Answer: For starters, you have to make sure that the suggestion box has a pleasing design that catches the attention of patrons or employees. You have to be creative but be professional in terms of design. The box should be placed in a strategic location as well, a spot where it can be easily accessed by people, i.e. any area where there is public access.

    If you want to put a suggestion box for customers, make sure that the comment card boxes are locked so access to the surveys is controlled. Constructive feedback coming from patrons must be guarded and one way of doing this is to guarantee that access to the suggestion box is controlled.

    The boxes must be emptied every day or on a weekly basis. Assign a person to empty the box and evaluate the feedback cards.

Our Top Picks


Adir Corp. Multi-Purpose Medium Size Suggestion Box

  • Convenient and secure drop box applications
  • Durable heavy-gauge steel
  • Powder-coated, scratch-resistant finish
  • 25-inch slot

In case you are in need of a high-quality suggestion box, may we suggest the workings of the Adir Corp. Multi-Purpose Suggestion Box? This is one durable, hardwearing box crafted from heavy-gauge steel and supplemented with a scratch-resistant, powder-coated finish. The box is also designed with a 25-inch slot and an integrated storage compartment for ballots, surveys and the like. Great for customer service counters, retail store and manufacturing companies. See this at work in this review.


Safco Products 4232BL Steel Suggestion Box

  • Made from quality steel material
  • Includes 25 suggestion cards
  • Includes 2 keyed-alike keys
  • Durable powder-coated finish

This Safco Products Steel Suggestion Box is crafted from high-quality steel, durable enough for years of use. Apart from being a suggestion box, it can also serve as a deposit box, a drop box or as a drawing box for prizes. The box includes 25 suggestion cards, front panel adhesive labels and two keyed-alike keys. The box is wall-mountable to save space too. Get more insight on this product in this review.


Buddy Products Wood Suggestion Box

  • Includes tumbler lock with keys
  • Made from quality oak material
  • Includes 50 yellow suggestion cards
  • Wall-mountable model

Buddy Products’ Wood Suggestion Box is for you if you are after a box that can be mounted on the wall to save space. The box is crafted from quality oak with a durable construction. The box comes with a tumbler lock with keys, 50 suggestion cards plus a chain pen. Another advantage of this box from other similar products is its price. See how this box works in this helpful review video.


BUYaSafe G-B09 Aluminum Suggestion Box

  • Great as drop box or donation box
  • Secures feedback cards, suggestions slips or ballots
  • Comes with pen and note pad
  • Has integrated storage compartment other items

The BuyaSafe Aluminum Suggestion Box is produced from quality aluminum material, durable enough as a drop box or donation box. It already comes with a note pad and a pen. The box also includes a built-in compartment that you can use to keep feedback notes. It can secure important feedback cards and ballots so everything will be confidential. Also includes mounting screws wall mount so you can put the box on the wall. Check out this review for more.


Safco Products 4230MO Wood Locking Suggestion Box

  • Made from furniture-grade wood
  • Includes 25 suggestion cards
  • Includes lock and 2 keys
  • Comes with template and wall-mounting hardware

Keep your customers and employees close by encouraging them to participate in a suggestion box activity. This Safco Products Wood Locking Suggestion Box is made expressly for this event. The box is secure enough to contain all feedback cards, surveys and more. It serves as a prize-drawing box, drop box and a deposit box too. Crafted from furniture-grade wood to guarantee great aesthetics and durability. Get more information on this box in this review.

Make your company better by presenting a durable, secure and inviting suggestion box. Check out our list of top picks for the best in suggestion boxes. You might be surprised what you find out from your team when they can anonymously give you feedback!