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Best Succulents

Plants brighten up a room, add life and color into any dull space, and leave the air smelling fresh. This is why many people like to have plants in their homes. The only problem, however, with caring for a live plant is it requires time and attention, which many people cannot devote to. In such case, a good plant to grow is one that is low maintenance like a succulent. What’s amazing about it is it can be grown both indoors and outdoors. Regardless of where you plant it, it can survive in any area or temperature. And when properly cared for, it will bloom in season and create more succulents to love.

If you want to create a relaxed and happy ambience in your home, you will not have a problem growing a succulent. Given the right environment, it can easily flourish right before your eyes. Here are six assorted succulents, with fascinating shapes and rich colors, that would make a lovely display in any home.

Buyers Guide

  1. What are succulents?

    Answer: Succulents are a collection of plants that have a unique ability to store water in arid climates or soil conditions.

  2. How do I know if I have overwatered my succulents?

    Answer: When a succulent is overwatered, its leaves will start to look yellow and transparent, and feel soggy or mushy. An early sign of overwatering is when a succulent’s leaves easily fall off with a slight bump.

  3. How long can succulents go without water?

    Answer: Succulents can withstand dry conditions up to 2 weeks without any apparent sign of stress. However, it is best to water your succulents at least once a week.

Our Top Picks


Altman Plants Mini Live Assorted Succulents

  • Pack of 64
  • With pots
  • Healthy arrival
  • Packaged with care

Bring life into your indoor space with these succulents. With so many different shapes, colors, and textures, this pack of 64 lets you create a magical fairy garden, terrarium, or other beautiful arrangements. The product mix may include a selection of aeonium, aloe, crassula, echeveria, kalanchoe, and sedum varieties. These succulents come in 2-inch pots and are fully rooted in soil. Easy to care for and very low maintenance, all plants come with helpful instructions and are packaged carefully by shipment specialists.


Plants for Pets Succulent Plants

  • Pack of 5
  • Fully rooted
  • With pots
  • Hand selected

Grow a beautiful fairy garden in your backyard with these succulents. Each is handpicked so you know you are getting live and healthy plants that are easy to grow and care for. This pack of 5 includes a unique collection of species that are fully rooted in 2-inch pots with soil. All plants are low maintenance and do not require fertilizer. Simply display them on a floating shelf, coffee table, wall mount, your foyer, bookcase, or even a live wreath.


Yeah Plants Live Succulents

  • Pack of 12
  • With pots
  • Easy to care for
  • Hand selected

Add color and personality into your home with these succulents. This pack of 12 includes 6 types of fresh and healthy plants with no 2 alike. Popular varieties include echeceria lala, echeveria chihuahuaensis, echeveria blue surprise, echeveria derenbergii, and sedeveria pink ruby. Each is hand selected and fully rooted in 2-inch pots separately. Display your set in a terrarium or make it part of a wedding cake. Share it with loved ones by giving it to them as a gift for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, or the holidays.


The Succulent Cult Succulent Plants

  • Pack of 5
  • 30-day guarantee
  • Hand selected
  • Pesticide free

Adorn your home or office with this pack of 5 succulents. Each is fully rooted in 2-inch pots so you can display it right away on your coffee table, bookshelf, desk, or dining table. It is handpicked with care from a pesticide-free greenhouse to ensure your family and pets will not be exposed to harmful toxins. This low-maintenance plant requires minimal watering, making it perfect for those with very busy lifestyles. Every order comes with a 30-day guarantee of healthy plant arrival.


The Next Gardener Succulent Plants

  • Pack of 5
  • Assorted rosettes
  • Fully rooted
  • With pots

Embellish your home with these beautiful succulents. This pack of 5 includes a unique collection of live rosette varieties with no 2 alike and that are fully rooted in 2-inch pots. Each is hand selected from a farm to ensure your family healthy and fresh live plants. With various appearances and colors, these succulents are best placed in terrariums or made part of a wedding cake. Ideal for gifting, this set makes a great present for housewarmings, the holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions.


Shop Succulents Live Succulent Plants

  • Pack of 100
  • Rosette collection
  • Hand selected
  • With pots

Make an impression with your house guests with these healthy succulents. There are 100 in a pack, which are more than enough for a fairy garden, vertical garden, or terrarium. Included are succulents of different varieties that all grow in rosette formations. Each comes in a 20-inch square pot and is fully rooted in soil. Easy to care for, it can be watered only once a week on hot days and once every 2 to 3 weeks on cold days. Place it on your windowsill, fireplace mantel, dining table, or floating shelf—it will look absolutely beautiful anywhere in the home.

With these succulents, you can turn a lackluster space into one that bursts with color and personality. Showcase these plants on your desk, bookcase, foyer, or any space that needs a touch of beauty.