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Best Studio Multitrack Recorders

Setting up a small recording studio at home will require you to also work on multitrack recorders. Know the basics about studio multitrack recorders with some assistance from our guide and reviews.

Buyers Guide

  1. What is the multitrack recording process?

    Answer: Multitrack recording is the procedure of melding a variety of sounds to produce a complete song or band mix. The term track refers to the lines of sound or audio. Producers often record individual lines of audio on top of each other and proceed to modify the level of volume to guarantee that all factors will blend well.

  2. What are the advantages of using a multitrack recorder?

    Answer: Multitrack recorders are portable so you can travel with them wherever recording sessions take you. It also makes recording so convenient since you can instantly record stuff. Compared to computer devices, you won’t have to worry about compatibility problems regarding operating systems. Supplementing multitrack recorders with other devices like microphones and monitors can also be done, and it’s easy to do.

  3. What types of multitrack recorders are available today?

    Answer: There are digital multitrack recorders which include a computer that comes with both a MIDI and audio interface so users get to see sound wavelengths during the recording process. There are also standalone multitrack recorders which allow all procedures to be accomplished on the unit itself, from mixing down to sound manipulation and editing. Popular digital multitrack recorders these days are available as computer applications which are installed on desktop computers and laptops. Software allows for both digital and visual sound depictions to show up on screens for a more convenient view.

  4. Which studio multitrack recorder is for me?

    Answer: The best studio multitrack recorder for you is the device which allows you to efficiently accomplish whatever needs to be done in a seamless manner. If you’re a beginner and need something basic, you can opt for a straightforward hardware recorder. If you have some experiences recording, you can choose to splurge on a computer recording system.

Our Top Picks


Tascam DR-40 4-Track Portable Digital Audio Recorder

  • Switchable mic set-up
  • Works with Windows OS
  • 4-track recording
  • Dual recording

The Tascam DR-40 4-Track audio recorder model is capable of recording four channels simultaneously without issues. It also worked perfectly capturing live music. The angle of the microphones can be switched as well so users can record broader or more limited soundscapes. Worked excellently for its price. See how this unit works in this review.


Zoom H4N PRO Digital Multitrack Recorder

  • 4-channel recorder
  • Includes 2 XLR/TRS inputs
  • 4-In and 2-out USB audio interface
  • USB functionality

The Zoom H4N PRO Digital Multitrack Recorder feature 4-channel recording capabilities and loads of features and options that you can work with. Professional-quality construction and functions are yours to test out at a price that can’t be beat. Delivers very minimal noise and works well with two AA batteries. You can plug a mic or stereo on this unit too. Provides phantom power and can function for 4 straight hours. See more in this review.


EVISTR Digital Voice Recorder 8GB L53 – 1536KPBS PCM Stereo Audio Recording Device Portable Dictaphone Microphone Gain Controllable Noise Reduction

  • Has responsive microphone
  • Gain control and noise cancellation
  • Long-life rechargeable battery
  • Portable voice recorder

The EVISTR L53 features a rather distinctive recording feature where users are able to hear what’s being captured whenever it records. Ideal for recording live music and built with a very responsive and perceptive system. Creates audible recordings, has a dependable built, well-crafted and includes a longer-lasting rechargeable battery as well. Get more insight on this product in this video review.


J4T Multitrack Recorder by Jaytronix

  • Can interpret from external storage
  • Capable of recording audio
  • Can write to external storage
  • Concedes with Google Entitlements verification

The J4T Multitrack Recorder from Jaytronix is a well-designed and crafted application which helps in recording smooth audio. It can capture several tracks and does mixing as well so you get to save on the latter. Users can instantly record anything they want out of the blue with some assistance from this application. The Auto-Latency Wizard was a breeze to use and was able to line up tracks successfully without hassles. Get more ideas in this review.


iZotope Spire Studio: Portable, Professional Quality Recording Made Simple

  • Built-in Spire app wireless connection
  • Pro-grade processing technology
  • Portable size
  • Share tracks with friends

This recording device from Spire Studio is supported by the iZotope application so this means working with this device will make tackling your creative input easier and more manageable. The recorder is user-friendly and it also allows users to jam with friends and other musicians by plugging their instruments with the included XLR/TS combination jacks plus share tracks with them. Sound quality is nice and overall, is a simple application which can accommodate beginners. See more in this review.


Boss Micro BR Digital Multitrack Recorder

  • Portable, travel-friendly size
  • Supports and plays MP3 files
  • Onboard multi-effects
  • Time-Stretch and Center Cancel features

Perfect your recording capabilities anywhere you go with this nifty, handy model. The Boss Micro BR Digital Multitrack Recorder is compact so you can simply toss it in your bag and go. It comes with excellent onboard multi-effects and guitar input. Electronics performed very well and suits all output channels of audio devices connected to it. Ideal for home recordings and recordings using acoustic/electric guitars. Get more info in this review.

Become your own music producer by using excellent studio multitrack recorders for your DIY home recording studio set-up. Thanks to technology, there are more affordable multitrack recorders being sold right now, perfect for beginners or those with frugal budgets. Choose only the best high-quality recording device that you can afford. Use our review list as reference.