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Best Stretched Canvas

Canvas has lots of uses—it is used in making shoes, bags, sails, marquees, tents and more. Most painters cannot do without this nifty invention too, for this is the surface where they produce their exquisite pieces. Know more about the canvas in our guide and reviews.

Buyers Guide

  1. What is a stretched canvas?

    Answer: The stretched canvas is the procedure whenever a printed or painted canvas is installed to a stretcher bar, which is a frame made of wooden material. This allows the painting or print to be shown as the artist planned, to be displayed in galleries, homes or commercial establishments. Stretching canvases is a manual process and involves the use of tools like wedges, staple guns and wood hammers to produce tension on all corners of the frame. The canvas is stretched all over the sides of the frame or stretcher bar and fastened using staples or tacks in position before more tension is provided by means of beating the wedges in position.

  2. What is the difference between cotton duck and linen?

    Answer: Cotton duck is composed of shorter threads which were woven together and feature different-looking grain while linen is available in a wider selection of weight and grains. Linen is also stronger compare to cotton duck.

  3. What are the different kinds of stretched canvas?

    Answer: There are there primary kinds of stretched canvas namely stapled, splined and canvas board.

  4. How do you stretch canvas?

    Answer: Put the frame in the middle of the canvas and guarantee that it has sufficient material to wrap all over the frame’s back part. Use pliers to grasp enough canvas between the pliers’ teeth. Use the ridge of the pliers to get leverage over the frame’s edge. Stretch all over the frame’s back. Stretch it starting from the middle of the bars and moving outwards. Use a staple gun to put staples in easily.

Our Top Picks


Daveliou Stretched Canvas 11×14 – Canvas Art 5-Piece Pack – Triple Primed Art Canvas by Daveliou

  • Individually-wrapped
  • Staple-free edges
  • Tight surface
  • Great for all kinds of media

Whether oil, acrylic or watercolor paints, the Daveliou Stretched Canvas will provide a tight and high-quality surface for artists to complete beautiful works of art. The texture comes from excellently tight-woven genuine 3-ply cotton material. The material is stretched carefully to provide the right tightness and bounce approved by artists. Create your art without the hassle using this—get more ideas in this review.


Art Alternatives Stretched Canvas Super Value Pack-16 x 20 inches-Pack of 5

  • Unbleached 4 oz. cotton canvas
  • Acid-free gesso primer
  • Back-stapled
  • Pack of 5 canvas frames

Do not be overwhelmed with the hassles of preparing a stretched canvas by opting for this value pack from Art Alternatives. This is great for students, hobbyists and beginners to practice on. Paint glides evenly and smoothly all over this canvas and dries fine too. It’s back-stapled and comes ready to hang. Good for most media but works specifically great with acrylics. Get more info in this review.


US Art Supply 16 x 20-inch Super Value Quality Acid Free Stretched Canvas 5-Pack – 3/4 Profile Primed Gesso (1-Super Value Pack of 5 Canvases) by US Art Supply

  • Bigger cotton stretched canvas
  • Includes 8 canvases
  • Different sizes
  • Reverse-stapled

For amateurs who want to practice and hone their craft but want canvases that are good value for their money, this value pack from US Art Supply will suffice. The cotton material is spread and stretched nicely, providing sufficient tightness and bounce to complete works. The canvas was also capable of containing paints well. It’s easy to use and paint on. Great for students and beginners. See more in this review.


Masterpiece Artist Canvas 41057 Vincent PRO 7/8″ Deep, 24″ x 36″, Cotton 10.5oz – 3X – Monterey Most Popular

  • 100 percent cotton material
  • Primed with quality acrylic gesso
  • Pine/fir stretcher bar
  • Includes cross brace

The Masterpiece Artist Canvas is tight and a blessing to work on. It has enough bounce that makes painting on the surface a cinch. The material is made from 100 percent cotton and has an eco-friendly stretcher bar to boot—the bar is crafted from sustainable wood. Also includes a fridge magnet. High-quality canvas that is great for students and pros. Get more insight in this review.


CONDA and Kiddy Color A30205-11 Artist Stretched Canvas 11X14 Pack of 5

  • Includes pre-primed canvas
  • High-quality cotton material
  • Includes wooden wedges
  • All-natural wood frame

The Conda and Kiddy Color stretched canvas is designed for beginners and pros alike. The features and offerings of this canvas frame is great for practice stuff and professional compositions. It has a pre-primed canvas—triple-primed as a fact to allow paints/colors to hold on the surface really well. Triple priming also prevents leaking through the back of the canvas. Add a natural wood frame on the ensemble and you’re set. Get more info in this review.


Arteza 11×14” Stretched White Blank Canvas, Bulk Pack of 8, Primed, 100% Cotton for Painting, Acrylic Pouring, Oil Paint & Wet Art Media (Classic – 8 Pack)

  • Quality cotton surface
  • Excellent construction
  • Pre-primed canvas
  • Acid-free acrylic gesso

The Arteza stretched canvas has a springy and tight surface that comes pre-primed with acid-free acrylic gesso. Due to its noteworthy construction, paint glides on freely and smoothly on the surface. It works especially nice with acrylics. The canvas is easy to use and works well with most media apart from acrylics. Great for practicing your craft. See this canvas in this review.

If you don’t want to be hassled by stretching a canvas the DIY way, go for premade ones instead. There are high-quality canvases out there and this guide will help you on your search for reliable canvases giving great value for your money.