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Best Storage Sheds

Sometimes, a person’s love for gardening or the outdoors inadvertently transforms their garage or basement into a tool shed, resulting in a disorganized space. From lawn equipment to outdoor gear, there’s just too much clutter that needs to be placed elsewhere. Luckily, there are real storage sheds that you can assemble right in your backyard so you can finally have a place to properly store your tools and equipment. Having your own shed adds room back to crowded spaces and provides you with ample room for organizing your outdoor stuff. Many come with shelving units, allowing you to organize not just big equipment but also small workshop tools.

If your backyard has just enough space to fit in a storage shed, now’s your chance to declutter your garage or basement. Our team of researchers reviewed various sheds on the market to find the best six in terms of durability, versatility, and ease of assembly. See why these sheds are getting rave reviews by reading on.

Buyers Guide

  1. What is a storage shed?

    Answer: A storage shed is a small unit used for storage. It is usually situated in a backyard or side yard of a residential property.

  2. What do you put in a storage shed?

    Answer: Storage sheds usually contain home and garden tools and equipment such as lawn tractors, rakes, shovels, bicycles, electricals, petrol, pesticides, and herbicides.

  3. Is a storage shed necessary?

    Answer: Having a storage shed will allow you to free up space in your house and garage, and store everything neatly and safely out of the way.

Our Top Picks


Keter Factor Outdoor Shed

  • 70 x 44.5 x 82 inches
  • 110 cubic feet storage capacity
  • Resin construction
  • Weather resistant

Say goodbye to garage clutter with this storage shed. Its external dimensions are 70 x 44.5 x 82 inches, while its internal dimensions are 64 x 39 x 78.5 inches. It has a large capacity of 110 cubic feet, allowing you to store both large and small outdoor equipment and tools. The shed is made from polypropylene resin plastic and is steel reinforced so it will not peel, rot, or rust. It is durable, weather resistant, waterproof, and UV protected, and it never needs to be repainted. The shed features a skylight to let natural light in and is vented for good air circulation.


Suncast Horizontal Storage Shed

  • 5.4 x 3.2 feet
  • 70 cubic feet storage capacity
  • Durable construction
  • Weather resistant

Let this storage shed be your solution for lack of space. It measures a medium 5.4 x 3.2 feet and offers a spacious capacity of 70 cubic feet, allowing you to store your outdoor equipment and tools conveniently. It features wide double doors with a hinged lid so you can easily move and store oversized items. The shed is constructed of blow molded resin that is durable, strong, and won’t rust or rot. Its floor is reinforced and heavy duty, so it can withstand abuse and support heavy equipment.


Arrow Storage Shed

  • Electro-galvanized steel
  • UV resistant
  • Padlockable
  • Low roof

Keep your outdoor and sports items safe and organized in this storage shed. Constructed of electro-galvanized steel, it protects your things against rot, insects, and extreme weather conditions. Its 60-inch tall walls allow you to easily access your storage items, while its low gable reinforced steel roof provides extra stability. The shed is treated with zinc, provides corrosion resistance, and protects from rain and moisture. With a storage capacity of 255 cubic feet, it easily stores lawn and garden equipment, pool accessories, trash containers, firewood, and bicycles. It features a padlockable sliding door to help keep your items safe and secure.


Doit Garden Storage Shed

  • With lock
  • Galvanized steel and PP
  • Simple and quick assembly
  • Resists bad weather

Store your garden equipment and tools in this metal garden shed. Built from the finest galvanized steel and polypropylene, it is durable, strong, stable, and made to last a long time. Its sloped roof prevents moisture and resists bad weather, ensuring your items are safe and dry inside regardless of the climate or season. The shed has an overall dimension of 60.94 x 33.86 x 71.02 inches, and an inside dimension of  57.59 x 30.15 x 69.56 inches. With pre-cut and pre-drilled parts, it is easy and quick to assemble.


HYD Parts Outdoor Storage Shed

  • With sloped roof
  • Durable construction
  • Spacious layout
  • Easy installation

Organize your lawn equipment in this storage shed. Measuring 5 x 3 feet, it is just the perfect size for putting away your garden tools, pool supplies, and sports equipment. It features a sloped roof that allows extra storage and prevents rain water from accumulating on top. The shed is treated with zinc so it provides corrosion resistance and protects from wet weather. It features a padlockable door to help keep your items safe and secure.


Rubbermaid Storage Shed

  • 5 x 6 feet
  • Sandalwood color
  • Tough construction
  • Lockable doors

Free your garage or basement from clutter with this storage shed. If features a tough, double-walled construction and an impact-resistant flooring, allowing it to handle heavy items, drops, and spills. It is made from high-quality material, making it durable, strong, and stable. With a storage capacity of 159 cubic feet and an inside dimension of 52 x 72 x 72 inches, it is perfect for storing mowers, adult bicycles, rakes, water cans, petrol, and other garden and sports equipment. The shed can be customized with pegboards, shelving, and racking using the brand’s wall anchors, and it has lockable doors to ensure the safety of your items.

With a storage shed in your backyard, you can put order back in your garage or basement. Finding your tools should no longer be time consuming because everything you need is easily accessible in one organized space.