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Best Sticky Notes

Let’s face it: sometimes, those with demanding careers have a difficult time remembering important things. It is for this reason that sticky notes are very useful when it comes to reminding oneself of significant dates, schedules, meetings, and other plans. There’s something about written notes that make them more reliable than typed notes on smartphones or tablets.

If you find sticky notes to still be very useful even in this age of technology, here’s four that will make your work easier for you. Take a look at our top picks.

Buyers Guide

  1. What are sticky notes?

    Answer: Sticky notes are small pieces of paper that stick on walls, desktops, and other surfaces.

  2. What are sticky notes used for?

    Answer: Sticky notes are used for organization. They’re used for taking down notes, leaving important messages, and labelling objects.

  3. Do sticky notes leave marks when removed?

    Answer: Sticky notes do not use glue so they will not leave marks on surfaces.

Our Top Picks


Arteza Sticky Notes

  • 3×3 inches
  • Assorted colors
  • Total of 4,800 sheets
  • Clean removal

Organize your thoughts and ideas with this set of sticky notes. The pack includes 48 pads with 100 sheets per pad. Choose from 6 vibrant colors to remind yourself of important schedules. Effortlessly remove each note without worries of any residue. Removing the note will not compromise its stickiness.


Simona Sticky Notes

  • 3×3 inches
  • 6 colors
  • Total of 1,200 sheets
  • High-quality paper

Record your daily schedule or upcoming events on this set of sticky notes. The pack includes 12 pads with 100 sheets per pad. There are 6 colors to choose from: yellow, pink, orange, green, rose red, and blue. The premium paper allows smooth writing, while the sticky portion leaves no residue when the paper is peeled off the surface.


Raclox Sticky Notes

  • 3×3 inches
  • Total of 600 sheets
  • Bright and colorful
  • No residue

Take down important information on this set of sticky notes. The pack includes 6 pads with 100 sheets per pad, all with water-based adhesive. Choose from 6 vibrant colors to easily organize and sort your notes: magenta, purple, blue, orange, yellow, and green. The portable size allows you to take these sticky notes wherever you go.


Post-It Super Sticky Notes

  • 3×3 inches
  • Total of 1,680 sheets
  • 2x sticking power
  • Recyclable

Transcribe notes after a brainstorm on this set of sticky notes. The pack includes 24 pads with 70 sheets per pad. Each sheet is recyclable and sourced from certified, renewable, and responsibly-managed forests. Made with a unique adhesive, these sticky notes can stick over and over so you can keep important reminders front and center.

Not even a sticky notes app on your desktop can beat the versatility of these paper sticky notes. These sheets can be placed anywhere: your lampshade, refrigerator, bulletin board, and even notebook. You’ll always be easily reminded of important things without having to turn on any device to simply check an app.