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Best Stair Lifts

The stair lift is a fantastic innovation which helps individuals use the stairs. For loved ones who are physically unable to climb the stairs due to age or sickness, the gift of a working stair lift allows them to use their entire house. They are quite easy to install and give a lot of bang for your buck as far as mobility goes. We’ve reviewed the top selling stair lifts and compiled all of our research in this handy guide.

Buyers Guide

  1. What are the primary benefits of stair lifts?

    Answer: The stair lift is designed to bring passengers up and down the stairs. This innovation actually gives them more freedom to move about at home. It also gives family and relatives of people with mobility issues peace of mind. Stair lifts make climbing the stairs a safer gesture.

  2. What features can you expect on stair lifts?

    Answer: Stair lifts function by means of electricity and majority of units include a battery backup which is on continuous charge. This means that the lift can still be used even without power running inside the house.

    The lift comes with hand controls, buttons or a built-in joystick which manages the lifting action. Most stair lifts also include a swivel chair for safety. The chair allows the passenger to face the wall when the lift is moving up or down and it rotates 90 degrees, locking itself so passengers can get off of the lift.

    Lifts also come with seat belts. There are lift models which include sensors that can perceive and pick up items along the way of the lift.

    Another feature you should look in a quality lift is a lockout switch, which prevents the unit from being controlled by other people.

  3. What stair lift is best for my home?

    Answer: Stair lifts come in two categories namely curved and straight. The former is designed for homes with staircases that come with corners, half-landings or bends while the latter are aimed for stairs that do not have those features.

  4. How do you maintain stair lifts?

    Answer: Do not unplug the lift when it is not used since this can damage the battery pack. Do not exceed the maximum weight capacity of the lift as well.

    The moving components and the track of the stair lift require a cleanup and lubrication every now and then. Use a damp cloth or rag to clean the lift and oil it every few months.

Our Top Picks


Electropedic SOS Mobility Harmar Helix CSL500 Indoor Curved Stair Lift

  • Advanced design and construction
  • Foldable seat
  • Swivel seating
  • Built-in sensor plates

The Electropedic SOS Mobility CSL500 by Harmar Helix will make taking the stairs an easier task for your ailing and physically-incapacitated loved ones again. The lift is designed with a narrower profile so it can be installed nearer to the wall and take in curves and tight bends along the track. The ride it provides is quite stable and smooth. The design also allows for a range of configurations which allow it to suit the staircase and the passenger’s capabilities. Get more info in this review.


Harmar AC350 Stair Lift with Extra Wide Seat

  • Includes rocker controls
  • Operates using 115 VAC current
  • Folding seat and footrest
  • Made in the USA

The Harmar AC350 Extra Wide Stair Lift makes for a lift that is easy to manage and gives extra safety features like for instance, rocker controls that present the constant-pressure feature. Whenever the control is released, the stair lift is halted in an instant. The unit comes with a carriage that is pre-mounted on one segment of the track. The footrest can also be adjusted to a few heights to better accommodate passengers. Check this unit out in this review.


AmeriGlide Horizon Standard Stair Lift

  • 300 lbs. weight capacity
  • Includes lap belt and digital display
  • Has call and send remotes
  • Plugs into regular electrical wall outlets

One of the things people raved about the AmeriGlide Horizon Standard Stair Lift is its slim design, which is convenient and gives a comfortable ride for passengers up and down the stairs. Can be custom-cut too—regular rail size comes at 14.75. ft. The seat is lever-operated and includes a lap belt for extra safety. The footrest is foldable so it will not get in the way when the lift is not in use. Check out this lift in this review.


Harmar Stair Lift

  • Pre-installed carriage
  • 3 setting backrest
  • Foldable footrest
  • Wider, padded seat

Harmar’s Stair Lift with lifetime warranty on motor and drivetrain has a weight capacity of 350 lbs. It includes a pre-installed carriage plus a durable aluminum track that gives a smooth, stable ride. For the best comfort, the stair lift offers a cushioned, wider seat. The seat is decked out in eye-catching upholstery as well. The lift can be custom cut so it can fit your stairs perfectly. Get more insight on this lift in this review.

A stair lift that is installed properly and has excellent working features gives the guarantee that even people experiencing mobility problems can take the stairs anytime they want to, all the time. We hope our guide on stair lifts has given you an idea of the perfect product for your needs.