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Best Squirrel Traps

Choosing the right kind of squirrel trap will make ridding your property of squirrels an easier task. A home that is free from squirrels can also allow you to save money on professional pest control payments and property restoration. Get some help with our guide and reviews on the best squirrel traps in the business.

Buyers Guide

  1. Why are squirrels considered pests?

    Answer: Squirrels look cute and might seem utterly charming but unfortunately, they come from the same family as rats. These are rodents who can also bring with them viruses and health conditions which are hazardous to members of your family.

  2. What are the different kinds of squirrel traps?

    Answer: Here are some of the most common squirrel traps:

    • Live cage trap – This is a catch-and-release type device wherein a bait is used to lure the squirrel inside the cage. The animal will step on a trigger built on the cage and it will instantly shut itself up. This trap is considered humane.
    • Snap trap – Snap trap is mainly used on rats and mice but also works fine for squirrel. It can kill in an instant.
    • Tube trap – In a sense, tube traps are snap traps kept within a plastic or circle-shaped metal tube. A bait can be added inside the tube to further attract squirrels.
    • Electric trap – Electric traps make use of electricity to shock squirrels that creep up inside the device. These traps operate using batteries or corded power.

  3. What foods are squirrels attracted to?

    Answer: Squirrels are quite fond of cookies, sweet biscuits and cereals apart from fruits and nuts. For best results with the trap, make sure to get a good location for the device. Place the device on trails that squirrels frequent and areas close to the entrance of their nest.

  4. Are there non-lethal ways to solve the squirrel problem?

    Answer: Live cages have been mentioned before and this type of squirrel trap come in a wide range of styles. Included in this category are foothold traps, spring-loaded jaw traps, cage traps and cable unit. Once you catch these rodents alive, let them loose in areas distances away from your property.

Our Top Picks


PestZilla Electronic Rodent Trap – Powerful, Easy and Safe Way to Kill Rats, Mice and Squirrels [UPGRADED VERSION]

  • Releases 7000V electric shock
  • Kills in an instant
  • Comes with 5 ft. adapter
  • User-friendly rodent trap

The PestZilla Electronic Rodent Trap releases a powerful and lethal electrical burst which instantly eliminates rodents that gets inside it. It works fast thanks to its 7000V shocks. The device has an indicator light built in it to signify that a rodent was killed and requires removal. Removal is an easy process as well; all you need to do is get the trap and throw the dead rodent in the trash. No mess to deal with, no touching of killed vermin. Get more info in this review.


Eliminator Robust Electronic Rat and Rodent Trap – Eliminate Rats, Mice and Squirrels Efficiently and Safely [UPGRADED VERSION]

  • Precision Rodent Detection technology
  • User-friendly rodent trap
  • Releases 7000V electric shock
  • Includes 5 ft plug-in adapter

The Eliminator is a rat and rodent trap that does clean and humane elimination of rodents. It releases powerful, lethal 7000V electric shocks to kill the animal in an instant. The device has a design which allows for majority of rodents to crawl inside. Its operations are mainly based on excellent rodent sensing technology. The device also includes an indicator light which flashes when the unit has eliminated the trapped animal. Get more insight in this product review.


Rugged Ranch Products 100063928 Squirrelinator Trap

  • Catches up to 25 squirrels
  • Works fast and traps within hours
  • Multi-catch live trap model
  • Includes ready-to-use basin

The Squirrelnator is another humane way to trap and get rid of pesky squirrels in your property. The trap has a multi-catch design which allows it to trap up to 25 critters within hours. No need to use electricity or poisons to make the trap work which can endanger the lives of other animals. The trap already includes a complete basin which can be used straight out of the package. Set the trap, wait and bring the caught rodents to a location far away from your home. Get more info in this review.


Tube Trap Squirrel Trap (Standard)

  • Made with 21-gauge steel
  • 4.5” in diameter and 15”
  • Includes safety hook
  • Baited or non-baited

The Tube Trap for squirrel control is a device which is crafted from durable 21-gauge steel. It can be used with a bait or not, and it makes for an attractive spot for squirrels to hide or saunter to it. The trap works by catching the rodent as soon as it steps on the middle segment of the trap. The double torsion string gets activated and the squirrel meets its fate. Comes with a safety hook. Practice special care when setting. Get more insight in this video review.


Havahart 1083 Easy Set One-Door Cage Trap for Squirrels and Small Rabbits

  • One-handed set/release
  • Great for beginners
  • Leveled internal edges
  • Spring-loaded door
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The Havahart 1083 Easy Set One-Door Cage Trap is an easy way to catch rodents around your property. Even beginners will get the hang out of this straightforward trapping device. Ideal for trapping squirrels and rabbits. It’s made from durable, corrosion-resistant wire mesh coupled with steel reinforcements and galvanized for maximum sturdiness. This is a humane trap—its flattened internal edges prevent injuries on the trapped animal as well. Perceptive triggers and spring-loaded doors work together to quickly catch and contain animal. See this at work in this review.

Keep your property squirrel-free by using effective, reliable squirrel traps. Our guide will help you find the best squirrel trap that is appropriate for your situation.