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Best Sock Aids

Putting on your socks just got a whole lot easier. If you’re having trouble bending over to put on your socks, you’re not alone. According to the CDC, 54 million Americans are living with some form of arthritis and could benefit from the use of devices made for those with limited mobility.

Sock aids are generally made of plastic, and they hold the sock open so you can easily slide your foot into your sock without having to hold it open with your hands. It’s actually quite shocking how much effort we need to exert in order to put our socks on, given how easy it is to take them off.

There are a lot of products out there to assist with this exact problem, but don’t worry, we’ve done the research for you and are excited to present to you our list of top picks for sock aids. Please check out our buyers guide and choose the one that best fits your specific needs.

Buyers Guide

  1. What is a sock aid?

    Answer: A sock aid is a device that holds a sock open. This device will allow you pull your socks onto your foot while seated, without reaching or bending.

  2. What is a sock aid for?

    Answer: A sock aid can allow those arthritis patients who have difficulty bending and reaching their feet to independently put on their socks.

  3. What are the important features of a sock Aid?

    Answer: A sock aid does not come in sizes, as it should be able to accommodate feet of all sizes and should work well with most socks and stockings.It should be made of semi-flexible material that is attached to two long handles which can be a rope or a cord.

  4. How to use a sock aid?

    Answer: First is to orient the sock over the sock aid, then slide the sock over the sock aid and make sure that the toe of sock is pulled tight. Hold on to the rope and drop the sock aid to the ground then place foot into sock, pull on the rope and the plastic of the sock aid , after which, you’re almost done because the last is adjusting the sock if it is necessary.

  5. At what age does a person needs to use a sock aid?

    Answer:Age does not dictate the use of a sock aid but it is the situation of a person that would lead to its use. Those people who have Arthritis, avascular necrosis fractures, osteoarthritis, hip, neck, knee surgery are just some of the people who are in need of sock aid.

Our Top Picks


Norco™ Easy Pull Sock Aid by North Coast Medical

  • The flexible plastic core of the Norco™ Easy-Pull™ Sock Aid allows people to use just one hand to shape the trough easily to slide it into a sock
  • Large loop handles at the end of the strong, 31-1/4″ (80cm) straps are great for persons with weak grasps
  • Polyester lining allows foot to slide easily along the trough
  • Terrycloth outer covering keeps the sock or stocking securely on the sock aid
  • Slits in the plastic core allow for contour bending around the heel
  • Compact and lightweight

The Norco™ Easy-Pull Sock Aid is the perfect daily living tool for those who struggle with a limited reach or hand mobility while dressing. This device is used to provide assistance in putting on socks or stockings without the need to bend over and reach down to your feet. Your foot slides easily on the polyester lining while the sock remains secure.


Vive Sock Aid

  • Comfort grip foam handles
  • Slip-resistant cuff
  • Adjustable cord length
  • 60 day guarantee

The Vive Sock Aid is perfect for those recovering from surgery, injury or those with limited mobility, thus making life much easier. It is known to be a perfect gadget for getting compression sock over the foot. It gives independence allowing users to get dressed without help. Sock assist cords are 33″ in length and simple adjustments can be done using the button adjusters.


Vaunn Medical EZ-TUG Sock Aid Assist

  • Slide, tug pull design
  • Minimizes injury
  • Engineered to perfection
  • Contoured design

The Vaunn Medical EZ-TUG Sock Aid Assist eliminates the struggle and frustration involved while putting on socks, stockings or panty hose. It is so rigid that it can handle any size of socks. This is also applicable to teach older children who have fine motor issues in putting their socks on.


BodyHealt Sock Aid

  • Molded plastic frame
  • Foam Handles
  • Perfect for those who or temporarily or permanently disabled
  • Flexible Contoured plastic shell

Sock Aid and Stocking Assist is a great device for putting on support hose as it takes only 5 minutes or even less for each leg. This is perfect to those who have undergone neck and knee surgery as it reduces the bending and straining necessary to put on the socks.


RMS Original Deluxe Sock Aid

  • Contour shaped shell
  • Soft and Non-Slip Foam Handle
  • Adjustable Ropes
  • Ideal daily living aid for those with limited mobility

RMS Original Deluxe Sock Aid by RMS Medical Solutions is specially designed for individuals who have weak hand strength. It has slip-resistant foam pad that keeps sock or stocking from slipping of of the sock assist. This is a device which is a great help and easy to use. The knots at the end holding it to the sides are large and heavy enough that they won’t pull through. This device is absolutely brilliant as it is also useful for donning sandals.