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Best Snow Blowers

Do you tend to deal with huge blocks of snow on your yard during winter every year? Then it’s high time that you consider the beneficial workings of the snow blower. Get some needed knowledge on this innovation and noteworthy model recommendations by reading our essential guide.

Buyers Guide

  1. What are the different kinds of snow blowers?

    Answer: There are 4 main kinds of snow blowers and they are the following:
    • Electric snow blower Features wheels and comes with bigger cutting widths and higher amps
    • Electric snow shovel Smaller device with 12-inch standard cutting path and lower amps
    • Gas-operated single stage snow blower Bigger than the electric type, with larger wheels
    • Gas-operated two-stage snow blower High-end powerful snow blower type with formidable features

  2. What are the features I need to consider when looking for a good snow blower?

    Answer: First, you need to check out the controls of the model, its starting type, the lights, discharge chute, the speed, size and the clearing paddle.

  3. Which type of snow blower is ideal for my property?

    Answer: To determine which snow blower is ideal for your property, you need to assess your area first.

    If you have broad, lengthy and hilly driveways and experience regular snowfall at beyond 8 inches, then you need a two-stage gas snow blower.

    Purchase a single-stage gas snow blower if you have an even and paved medium-size driveway and experience regular snowfall less than 8 inches.

    Go for a single-stage electric snow blower if you have a smaller sidewalk and driveway with flat pavement and experience regular snowfall at below 6 inches.

  4. Any safety tips when using snow blowers?

    Answer: Remember to don eye protection when using a snow blower. Don’t stick your fingers or hands into the device’s auger, chute or impeller when it’s turned on. Switch it off if you need to check for blockage. Also, wear water-resistant boots, gloves and clothing when working with snow and blowers to stay dry during the procedure.

Our Top Picks


Troy-Bilt 420 cc Arctic Storm 34 2-stage

  • 420CC electric start
  • Electric four-way chute control
  • Serrated steel augers
  • Touch ‘n’ Turn steering

The Troy-Bilt Arctic Storm snow blower is the two-stage type and it’s designed with an electric start 420CC gas engine, a joystick which operates the pitch control and four-way chute plus heated hand grips and Touch ‘n’ Turn steering. The steel augers cut through snow paths effectively and it’s a breeze to use. To protect the ground surface, the snow blower comes with adjustable polymer skid shoes too. See this at work in this review.


Craftsman 208cc Electric Start Two Stage Gas Powered Snow Blower

  • Comes with electric start
  • 26-inch clearing width
  • 6 forward and reverse speeds
  • Adjustable chute

The Craftsman 208CC Electric Start two-stage gas snow blower is designed with two serrated augers which rotate fast so it can cut through snow. Durable and sturdy enough to deal with thick snow. The chute can be spun by means of a hand crank so you can use it while passing through the snow. The chute is made from durable plastic material and this means less chances of blockage. Get more insight on this product in this video.


Ariens 921046 Deluxe 28 in. Two- Stage Electric Start Gas Snow Blower

  • Two-stage gas snow blower
  • 28-inch clearing path
  • 254CC engine
  • 14-inch steel auger

The Ariens 921046 Deluxe two-stage gas snow blower is designed with a self-propelled drive, automatic-turn steering and 6 forward plus two reverse speeds for the best, most accurate control in wintery surfaces. It offers 28 inches clearing width and it can release snow up to 50 ft. away. It has sturdy halogen lights so you can accomplish your tasks even at night. It operates efficiently, in a faster, more effective manner. Get more insight on this blower in this review.


Poulan PRO 24-Inch Two-Stage Electric-Start Snow Thrower

  • Has the brand’s Pro LCT engine
  • 24-inch clearing path
  • 23-inch intake height
  • 9.5 foot-pounds torque

The Poulan PRO 24-Inch Two-Stage Electric-Start Snow Thrower has a sizable mouth which is capable enough to take on sidewalks and minimize passes that one needs to deal with on bigger driveways. This means you won’t need to spend plenty of time working. It can get rid of huge snow drifts thanks to its 12-inch impeller, 23-inch intake height and 12-inch augers. You can also set the speed by means of the six-step forward transmission. Get more info on this unit in this review.


Briggs & Stratton 1022ER Single Stage Snowthrower Snow Thrower

  • Push-button electric start
  • Remote chute rotation handle
  • Fast-adjust deflector
  • Wear-resistant rubber-edged auger

One of the best things about the Briggs and Stratton 1022ER Single Stage snow blower is that it comes with rubber-edged, wear-resistant augers so it can clear up snow blocking your driveway efficiently. The machine has a compact design which makes handling it way easier. Storage is also hassle-free due to the size. It comes with the brand’s always-reliable 950 Snow Series OHV engine which is especially made for challenging snow-removal tasks. The model has a 22-inch clearing width that takes the brunt out of the task. See how this unit works in this review video.

The guide has laid out all you need to know to determine which kind of snow blower would be appropriate for your property. Now that you are aware which kind of snow blower you need; it is time to see which actual brand and model that you want to invest in. Please refer to the product recommendations in this article and see what model best corresponds to your preferences, situation, needs and budget.