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Best Smart Treat Dispensers For Your Best Furry Pal

Having a dog is one of the best things a person can experience in life. It won’t just give you a happier and more positive outlook, but experts say it could also improve your health, especially when it comes to your mental state. It could improve your social life, release your stress, help you fight depression, and even keep your mind and body active and fit.   

dog, sad, waiting

But amid all the good things that come with taking care of a pooch, having one would also mean another responsibility—a commitment that would possibly last for more than a decade. Pet owners understand how difficult it is to balance this along with other life’s responsibilities, especially if you have no choice but to leave your precious pooch all alone at home.   

Good thing the market now has these smart treat dispensers available for fur parents. Products as these is a great investment for pet owners as it allows them to look after and care for their dogs even while they are away. Often can be controlled with a smartphone or computer, this smart treat dispenser is truly a great help.  

Buyers Guide

  1. Why do you need to invest in a smart treat dispenser?

    Answer: Though it is fun to be a fur parent, juggling your life as a professional and a parent of a four-legged fur ball isn’t a joke. It would require lots of effort, time, and resources. And with what we have at present, perfectly dealing with these concerns without sacrificing the other is almost impossible.

    Smart treat dispensers changed how this game works for pet owners. With this product on hand, they could now remotely feed their pets just by navigating through their phone. It also gives them the chance to see and talk to their fur baby any time of the day.

  2. What are the things to keep in mind when purchasing a smart treat dispenser?

    Answer: Ever since the smart treat dispenser products invaded the modern market, the supply and demand for the product have risen dramatically. So, with hundreds of these products in the market nowadays, how will you know which one to purchase?

    Two of the most important things to consider when purchasing a smart treat dispenser are the product’s compartment capacity, the materials used, and the quality of audio, mic, and video. Choose the one that has higher compartment capacity, so that your dog would have enough treats to enjoy for the rest of the day. It is also important to purchase a dispenser that is made out of durable and safe materials and those that have high-quality audio, mic, and video. That is so you could get the most out of your money

  3. Who invented the first-ever internet-able dog treat dispenser?

    Answer: The inventor of the first-ever internet-able dog treat dispenser was the 13-year-old Brooke Martin, who was also a 9th grader at that time. Her inspiration for the invention was her dog, who usually suffers from separation anxiety. Her idea was simple—to create an opportunity where she can video chat with her dog and at the same time deliver her treats even when she’s away.

Our Top Picks


SKYMEE Owl Robot

  • Long battery life of about 6 to 8 hours
  • Can help you track your pet anywhere, anytime
  • Charging time of 6 hours
  • With 8 infrared lights for improved day and night vision

The SKYMEE Owl Robot is the answer to every fur parents’ prayers. It has a lot of features, which allows pet owners to track, communicate, interact, and play with their pets even while they are outside of their home. Can dispense different kinds of treats with sizes that range from 4mm to 16mm, this robot offers a full HD camera and night vision that could effectively provide clearer images and videos for owners to see.   

This product also allows pet owners to provide treats or talk to their pets remotely with the use of some simple navigation through their phones. Can be used with or without WIFI, this robot could surely make your dog entertained even up to 8 hours.   


FURBO Dog Camera

  • Stable WIFI and internet connection are required for best performance
  • 1080p full high- definition camera & 160-degree angle
  • Features an adjustable barking alert & 2-way audio
  • 3-minute easy set up

The Furbo Dog Camera might seem like your ordinary smart treat disperser, but this product is far more than that. Considered the #1 Best Selling Pet Camera, experts have approved its efficiency in taking care of both of your dog and belongings while you’re away.   

All thanks to its features that include 1080ph Full HD Camera and 2-Way Audio and Barking Alert, users can testify how this product saved their dog’s life and even their belongings for so many times. It also provides Real-Time Smart Alerts, which enables Furbo to alert the owner instantly the moment his pooch needs help. May it be about the dog’s separation anxiety, a burglar entering the house, or about the pooch’s behavior while the owner is away, everything will be recorded and directly sent to the owner.   


HONGSA Smart Pet Camera

  • Has 6 intelligent functions
  • 1080p full high-definition camera:
  • 3-minute easy set up
  • User-friendly and easy to setup

Feeding your dog while you are away is now possible, fun, and made easy by HONGSA Smart Pet Camera. This product lets owners feed their dogs even they are away, no matter where they are and what time it is. They only need a smartphone, a WIFI connection, and the app (Smart Pets). And they are now ready to roll.  

HONGSA Smart Pet Camera is equipped with 1080p HD video, which enables the product to capture high-quality videos and pictures as a daily souvenir from your pooch. It is also an effective way to monitor the whereabouts or the problems encountered by your dog. Its 2-way microphone and built-in speaker also go hand in hand with its HD video setting so pet parents can talk to their pets and be able to hear their response too.   

You might want to check out this video for more details too. 


WOpet Dog Treat Dispenser

  • 720p full high-definition camera
  • Has a wide-angle view and night vision
  • Suitable for dry treats only
  • Can perfectly work well with Alexa

Pet cameras are now becoming popular all around the world, giving the opportunity for dog owners to watch, play, talk, treat, guide, and virtually be with their dogs at all times. One of the best we have in the market is the WOpet Dog Treat Dispenser.  

Using this pet dispenser is fun. It has so many features. One of which is its HD camera with 123 wide-angle lens and 4x times digital zoom. Thanks for these three, photos and video of this treat dispenser is always of the best quality.   

Furthermore, it also has a built-in speaker, which can be very effective to use when communicating with your fur baby. Your doggy will surely love you more for it.  


FARORO Dog Camera Treat Dispenser

  • 1080p full high-definition camera
  • Has barking alert features and 2-way audio
  • Can detect motion
  • Video can be shared to up to 8 devices

The FARORO Dog Camera Treat Dispenser is one of the best partners to have in keeping your dog active and entertained while you are at work. It can dispense your dog’s favorite treat with sizes between 0.5 cm to 1.5 cm. It could also detect motion, so everything your dog will surely be caught on video.   

Even at night, the FARORO Doc Camera Treat Dispenser is still as effective as it is during the day. Thanks to its night vision, 130-degree wide-angle, and 1080p FHD camera, looking out for your pooch even while it is dark is easier and clearer.  


ISEEBIZ Pet Camera Treat Dispenser

  • Video capture resolution of 720p HD
  • Easy 2-minute setup
  • Compatible with Alexa
  • 165-degree wide angle

Works as an amazing smart treat dispenser with its 720p night vision cam, suction cups at the bottom, WIFI enabled features, app remote control, 10-second voice record, and 2-way audio, the ISEEBIZ Pet Camera Treat Dispenser is no doubt a must-have gadget by pet owners. With these amazing features, you will be assured that your fur kid is always safe, especially with its 165-degree wide-angle.   

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