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Best smart thermostat

A smart thermostat is a vital feature in a smart home. Compared to the traditional thermostats, the newer models allow you to customize your home’s comfort by tweaking the settings on the backdrop of more accurate data. Besides the ability to make finer changes to your home’s temperatures, they are relatively cheaper in terms of energy consumption.

Buyers Guide

  1. Which smart thermostat works best with Alexa?

    Answer: As a salient element in a smart home, the ability to incorporate a thermostat with Alexa is vital when buying one. With the demand for thermostats that can work seamlessly with voice assistants, tens of units work best with Alexa. However, for a better experience, the thermostats outlined below will give you better experience.

  2. Are smart thermostats worth it?

    Answer: Yes. Compared to other thermostats, smart ones have tens of advantages. One of the key reasons why these thermostats are worth checking is their ability to save energy. Replacing the traditional thermostat with the smart unit can save up to $200 worth of power. The smart thermostats are also easy to program and, therefore, ideal for incorporating in home automation.

  3. How do I choose a smart thermostat?

    Answer: Where smart thermostats work in an almost similar way, they differ in terms of efficiency and price. Therefore, when buying a smart thermostat, you should pay attention to a lot of things. First, you should buy a smart thermostat that will blend well with your smart home ecosystem. A perfect smart thermostat should have voice assistant integration for better usability. Finally, it would be great to buy a thermostat that balances the price tag with features.

Our Top Picks


The Ecobee Smart Thermostat

  • Easy to install
  • Remote room sensor
  • Advanced Alexa functionality
  • More third-party integrations

The Ecobee Smart Thermostat is an advanced unit with bleeding-edge specs. While the unit is pricey compared to other units, it is worth the price tag. For example, the advanced Alexa functionality is second to none. The dual-band WIFI is also a key feature in ensuring the thermostat is accurate and easy to use. Besides its premium features, the thermostat allows you to integrate it with many other devices. For more details about the Ecobee Smart Thermostat, watch this video.


KING K902-B Hoot WiFi Thermostat

  • Works with line voltage resistance heating
  • Simple individual comfort control
  • Easy-to-use smart phone app
  • Ideal for remote and vacation properties

King Electric’s Hoot Wi-Fi thermostat is unique in the Smart Thermostat space because it’s designed for use with electric resistance heaters, up to 16 amp resistive load per thermostat. For homeowners with electric baseboard heaters, electric fan-forced heaters, and electric radiant heaters, Hoot Wi-Fi seamlessly controlling your home’s comfort, allowing adjustments to your heating schedule from anywhere in the world. By installing Hoot Wi-Fi in each room, users create a zone-based heating system that allows every family member to have individualized Temperature Control of their part of the house. And let’s not forget about the Hoot app, which makes programming your daily schedule a simple and quick process. As an added bonus, if you own a remote cabin or vacation property, Hoot allows you to turn up the heat before you arrive via any Wi-Fi or Cell Service connection.


Google Nest Learning Thermostat

  • Sleek design
  • Supports Google Home, IFTT, and Alexa
  • Easy to install
  • Easily interacts with other devices in a smart home

Google Nest Learning Thermostat is a sleek unit with unmatched specs for controlling the comfort of your home. The thermostat, compared to the previous generation, has impressive features. The geofencing support and the big display are some of the features that make the Nest thermostat worth checking. Besides the impressive features, it is easy to install and incorporate in a smart home. Watch this video for more details about the thermostat.


Lennox 15Z69 iComfort M30 Thermostat

  • Dual-band WIFI
  • Easy to integrate with Alexa
  • Supports scheduling routines
  • Easy to install

The Lennox 15Z69 thermostat is a vital addition to your smart home, thanks to more features and a sleek design. The dual-band WIFI, for example, integrates the thermostat with the rest of the smart home without any delays. The ability to control the thermostat with a voice assistant such as Alexa makes it a perfect fit for smart homes. Besides the impressive specs, the Lennox 15Z69 is user-friendly, thanks to the easiness to install in any home. For more information about this thermostat, watch this video.


The Simple Thermostat

  • Supports Alexa
  • Sleek design
  • Bigger display
  • Easy to program

The Simple Thermostat is a unique unit in many ways. The ability to program the unit and fine-tune the temperatures makes the unit perfect for most uses. For example, the thermostat allows you to schedule up to seven days. If your smart home has Alexa as voice assistance, this unit will fit perfectly without the need to buy extra accessories. Besides its impressive specs and ability to fit in a smart home, the thermostat has a sleek design and a bigger display.


Kono KN-S-AMZ-004 Smart Thermostat

  • Compatible with Alexa and Apple Home kits
  • Geofencing capability
  • Has a smart scheduling system
  • Easy to install

Are you looking for a sharp-looking thermostat? While this smart thermostat lacks IFTT support, it has one of the best looking designs on this list. Another advantage of its modern design is the easiness of installation. The process of putting it up is fast and easier. Besides the two factors, the thermostat has multiple supports from different voice platforms. Therefore, you can incorporate it into a smart home. Finally, Kono KN-S-AMZ-004 Smart Thermostat sends all the reports for further assessments. Watch this video for more information. 


TRANE 14942771

  • Easy to install
  • Works with Alexa
  • Sends maintenance and filter
  • Stylish design

The TRANE 14942771 is a good-looking thermostat with impressive specs. If you want to incorporate Alexa in your HVAC, this is a perfect buy. Apart from the voice control, you can change settings on this unit using the remote control to make changes. Besides the usability and the ease of interaction, the TRANE is easy to install the thermostat. Whether you have prior experience or not, installing a similar gadget or not, following the installation procedure will be easy.


Bosch BCC100 Thermostat

  • Sleek touch screen
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Works with Alexa voice commands
  • Has geofencing feature

The Bosch BCC100 Thermostat is a well-rounded unit for a smart home. Apart from the sleek screen, you can control the thermostat through voice commands. The unit works perfectly with any Alexa smart device. Through these two ways of interacting with the unit, the Bosch BCC100 Thermostat is ideal for scheduling and routines. Besides its modern specs, this unit is valuable to your HVAC system in different ways. For instance, it sends warnings in case your system has technical challenges. 

The above smart thermostats are perfect for any smart home. They will reduce power usage as well as giving you more optimization. Besides impressive features, the units highlighted are also compatible with different voice assistances.