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Best Smart speakers to Level Up Your Smart Home

Smart technology is now found everywhere; homes are now made into high-tech dwellings thanks to the help of technology. Smart technology was also applied on many gadgets today—the technology can be commonly found in smartphones and now we can also take advantage of smart speakers. There are lots of smart speakers these days though so choosing the best one can be a challenge. Be in-the-know about the latest in smart speakers by reading essential information through our helpful guide.

Buyers Guide

  1. Why invest in the best smart speakers?

    Answer: Smart speakers often include integrated smart assistants like Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant thus we can conveniently stream our favorite music and podcasts from a good range of streaming services. You can also do those activities at any point in your home. Apart from listening to music and podcasts, you can also get the latest news and weather updates and even update your shopping carts.

  2. How do smart speakers work?

    Answer: To use a smart speaker, you need to provide it with a specific word before you can issue commands or inquiries to it. A simple, “Hey Google,” or “Alexa” will work. Queries and commands will be up to you—you can ask about current weather updates or command the device to convert a certain volume unit. If you want to stream music, you only need to look for the artist, genre or track name. Smart speakers can also be used to manage smart home devices. If you want secure privacy, you need to pay special attention to the whole installation process in the speaker’s accompanying app so you can deselect voice recording review and storage options, delete voice recordings and modify other privacy options.

  3. What features should I consider when choosing smart speakers?

    Answer: The best smart speakers in the business not only allow you to stream music and podcasts, it can also help you manage smart home devices while at the same time, offer beneficial features, sound quality and capabilities. Look for the type of voice assistant it comes with—the most popular choices are Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri. These voice assistants each have their own pros and cons—just choose the one that you feel most comfortable with and will help you with the tasks you have in mind. Excellent smart speakers also feature first-rate music playback and voice recognition—go for far-field microphones that can still perceive your voice commands even with loud background noises. Great models also come with adaptive audio so the device can suitably adjust itself to the area’s acoustics.

Our Top Picks


Echo Studio High-Fidelity Smart Speaker

  • Comes with 5 speakers
  • Uses Dolby Atmos technology
  • Includes Alexa
  • Automatically adjusts to room acoustics

The Echo Studio High-Fidelity Smart Speaker grabs the top place due to the stunning sound quality it presents. Dolby Atmos technology works with the 5 speakers the speaker comes with to produce a crisp, clear sound with excellent highs, a dynamic midrange and formidable bass sounds. This Alexa-enabled smart speaker can also automatically adapt to the area’s acoustic conditions and capable of managing Zigbee smart home gadgets. It comes with plenty of privacy options too for a more confidential use.


Sonos One (Gen 2) Voice Controlled Smart Speaker

  • Has built-in Alexa
  • Compact, streamlined design
  • Excellent voice control
  • Wireless connection

The Sonos One (Gen 2) smart speaker is one of the most powerful smart speakers made today that is why it’s a frequent bestseller. It is integrated with the Alexa voice assistant so you can easily breeze by streaming music, check out news and weather updates, get answers from your queries, set alarms and more. Do this entirely hands-free too. The compact design also allows the speaker to mesh seamlessly with your home environment and design. For a more comprehensive sound, why not purchase two? You will not have any regrets doing so.


Bose Home Speaker 300

  • Built-in Alexa and Google voice assistants
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Apple Airplay 2 compatibility
  • 3 user controls
  • Functions with other Bose smart speakers

The Bose Home Speaker 300 may have a small size but it sure packs a heavy punch when it comes to voice quality. Powerful bass and crystal-clear audio will fill your room with the music you like. It also comes with not one but two voice assistants; Alexa and Google Assistant. Speak Spanish? Choose the Alexa assistant and have fun with the speaker. The device was also designed to work well with other smart speakers from the Bose brand. Bose is known for its excellent audio quality so this is another top find if you prioritize audio.


Marshall Acton II Wireless Smart Speaker

  • Has built-in Alexa voice assistant
  • Control music hands-free
  • Connects with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and RCA
  • Manages Alexa-enabled smart home gadgets

The Marshall Acton II Wireless Smart Speaker not only looks cool, it also presents the brand’s exceptional sound quality. It is equipped with powerful class D amplifiers which sustains the device’s subwoofer and dual tweeters. Using this one makes for fuss-free music-streams and quick answers for instantaneous queries. Using the Action II smart speaker is a very convenient and easy way to multi-task using your voice. The speaker is also made with a durable built with textured vinyl covering and the brand’s iconic logo in script.


Belkin SoundForm Elite Hi-Fi Smart Speaker + Wireless Charger

  • Uses patented Devialet audio innovations
  • Has SAM Speaker Active Matching technology
  • Features Push-Push dual woofer set-up
  • Built-in fast Qi wireless charging up to 10W

If you want a more versatile speaker, perhaps include a charger for Qi-enabled phones, then you may be interested in the Belkin SoundForm Elite Hi-Fi Smart Speaker + Wireless Charger. The model makes use of patented audio innovations from Devialet for robust, hi-fidelity sound that is a joy to work with. This one comes with Google voice assistant too to make tasks fuss-free; no need to fiddle with your hands, the speaker only requires your voice to accomplish its tasks. The unit offers fast, wireless charging for Qi phones too up to 10W.


Divoom Tivoo Max 40W Premium Retro Pixel Bluetooth Speaker

  • Has 16 X 16 LED customized front panel
  • 40W LED Bluetooth Speakers
  • 2.1 stereo audio with active sub-woofer
  • Offers 256 programmable LED lights

For those who are after a fun, more decorative way to listen to music (yes, this one can actually happen), you can opt for the Divoom Tivoo Max 40W LED Bluetooth Speaker. It is equipped with 256 programmable LED lights that you can personalize according to your mood or taste. This is a piece that will indeed make parties more colorful. The audio quality on this one does not disappoint as well. It’s rich and blessed with stunning bass. It even includes pixel games like Tetris in case you get bored with your tunes.

Tired of constantly running around dealing with your audio devices? Why not try a smart speaker? We’ve also got an entire section dedicated to smart home device reviews that you should check out if you’re serious about transforming your home into a smart home. Listening to music and knocking tasks off your todo list using smart devices has never been this convenient and seamless.