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Best Smart Glasses

A long time ago, the use of spectacles or eyeglasses was limited to just correcting faulty vision. Then glasses turned into a fashionable accessory—whether or not you have vision conditions, the most trendy of people have sported non-prescription glasses to complete their looks. Fast-forward today; smart technology finally made its way to eyewear. Smart eyeglasses are considered to be one of this century’s trendiest innovations. If you are curious of how these technological wonders work, check out our fast guide and product reviews below.

Hoyee Eyes Envision

  • With TWS speakers so no wire is embedded through the frames
  • The chips integrated is Qualcomm 3020 and use Bluetooth 5.0
  • Estimate charge and usage time is 55 minutes and 4 hours respectively
  • Equipped with noise-canceling microphone inside the arms

Simple, sophisticated, and stylish, Hoyee Eyes Envision is the perfect pair of smart glasses to wear at all times. It was designed lightweight and thin, made possible by true wireless speakers in both arms, perfect for your everyday use. Comfortable and durable, the pair is more than your ordinary stylish accessory. It is integrated with the latest directional audio chipset, which enables its speakers to produce better sound quality. With Hoyee Eyes Envision, your audio glasses won’t have to be ugly or bulky anymore.

Buyers Guide

  1. What are smart glasses exactly?

    Answer: Smart glasses have several functions—they are devices used to record images and video clips or function as a monitoring service. Some high-tech ones are even equipped with augmented reality technology which is quite helpful with various businesses and home projects and tasks.

  2. How do smart glasses work?

    Answer: Smart glasses work by using sensors, accelerometers, display plus smart software and internet connectivity to perform their tasks. These devices are often fashioned with voice controls or touchpads to allow users to take advantage of the software that the specific spectacles are equipped with. The software is often set in the glasses, in the handset or both items.

  3. What are the latest technologies given on smart glasses today?

    Answer: There are a number of smart eyeglass models now that make use of liquid crystal technology to make filtering brightness levels possible by means of the lenses. These smart eyeglasses can also regulate the level of ambient light in natural surroundings so users can further improve the optical overlaps of the spectacles. By filtering brightness levels, this can also mean there’s no need for users to wear sunglasses or shades anymore.

Our Top Picks


PEGASI 2 Smart Light Therapy Glasses

  • Cure the insomnia in a drug-free way
  • Personalized sleep optimization
  • Scientific sleep monitoring system
  • Minimize the effect of jet lag and enjoy each trip
  • foldable frame with a portable design
  • available in 3 colors: black, white and pink

PEGASI Smart Light Therapy Glasses is a healthcare optical device for sleep optimization. The special dual-wavelength & bistable modules were built into the smart glasses, which can help regulate the secretion of melatonin in human body, awaken the force of sleep and improve sleep quality. Wearing it once a day with your eyes open (the default time is 30mins) You can use it between 7 and 9 in the morning and see the effect in 7 days.


Axon Optics KULA

  • They guard your eyes against light sensitivity
  • They are effective for managing migraine pains
  • They help reduce stress and anxiety by calming your light sensitivity
  • They work great indoors or outdoors
  • Thhey are fashionable frames to suit your style- or use your own frames

Axon Optics block the light that has been shown to trigger and aggravate migraines and light sensitivity. Darcy H bought Axon Optics Kula frame and said, “I have suffered with migraines since I was about 6 months old…I’m now 36. I have tried every pain medicine and trick there is to find some relief. I have never been able to go outside without sunglasses, and find that I need them while inside as well. Recently, I suffered with a terrible migraine for 10 days, brought on by fluorescent lights at work and home. I came across Axonoptics searching for alternative ways to find relief. I purchased the Kula style, and haven’t taken them off since I bought them. Best decision I have ever made. I found relief the second I put them on. Thank you for such a wonderful product. You literally saved my life!” Catherine W also found relief with Axon Optics lenses, “Wearing my Kula glasses inside the house has lessened eye strain. More significantly, wearing them while shopping under bright florescent lighting has saved me at least one migraine a week; I didn’t realize how unpleasant the harsh lighting was until my Kulas quenched the light stabbing my eyes.” The Axon Optics Kula frame offers a classic style, flexibility, durability, and comfort. ​Find relief at last.


Bose Frames Audio Sunglasses with Open Ear Headphones

  • Has built-in Bose speakers
  • Profound, immersive audio\
  • Open-ear design
  • With built-in microphone

The Bose Frames Audio Sunglasses with Open Ear Headphones is for the tech enthusiast who wants high-quality audio. Bose is a trusted brand when it comes to audio equipment, so it’s great to see the company extend their expertise on smart eyeglasses. The spectacles release first-rate, immersive audio as expected from the brand. It has a timeless shape which makes for a good fit and clean style. It uses Bluetooth connectivity to pair the glasses with your phone and it also offers UVA/UVB protection up to 99 percent.


WGP Smart Audio Glasses

  • Offers open-ear audio
  • Has Hi-Fi stereo sound
  • Improved Bluetooth chips
  • IP67 waterproof rating

The WGP Smart Audio Glasses features an open-ear audio design which makes it safe while you’re enjoying your favorite tunes—this type of audio system allows users to retain awareness of their surroundings while using the spectacles for extra safety. There’s less reduction on the phone as well thanks to the implementation of improved front-line chips. The microphone worked without hitches while the audio is effective too. You can use these glasses for up to 7 days with only 2 hours of a full, single charge.


OhO Bluetooth Sunglasses

  • Has open ear speaker system
  • Wire-free usage
  • Features UV400 polarized lens
  • Ultra-Slim design

The OhO Bluetooth Sunglasses pairs an open-ear audio system, HD microphone, and wireless design for the most convenient ways to answer calls and listen to music. No more dealing with unruly wires—this one has Smart Assistant Technology for hands-free phone calling plus you can easily choose music stations for your choice tunes by speaking with Siri, Google Now or Cortana. Get the latest in weather news, ask for directions or get current traffic updates by means of these glasses too. Protect your peepers from the harsh glare of sunlight through its UV400 polarized lenses.


Lucyd LOUD 2020 EDITION Music Sunglasses

  • Has open-ear speaker system
  • Uses Bluetooth 5
  • One-Touch Siri function
  • UV400 polarized lenses

The Lucyd LOUD 2020 EDITION Music Sunglasses is equipped with UV400 polarized lenses so you can shield those eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. The open-ear audio system means you are still conscious of your surroundings while using the glasses for calls or music while its One-Touch Siri function allows for various applications from skipping musical tracks, volume control and answering phone calls. It is lightweight at a mere 1.6 oz. and has a design that recalls regular sunglasses.


OuShiun USB Rechargeable Smart Lighted Eyewear

  • Fashionable frame
  • Has built-in LED lights
  • USB-rechargeable model
  • Easy to use

The OuShiun USB Rechargeable Smart Lighted Eyewear has a solid built and it looks good too, thanks to its hip, chic frame. The built-in LED lights mean you can use this one in the dark. Charges easily by using the USB port—it is made with 2 charging ports in the temples of the glasses. No need to buy separate USB cables for the glasses too since the company will send a USB cable with it. The set-up of this piece, from its USB-rechargeable feature to its LED lights makes this pair one of the most feasible in this list.

If you are the type who loves trying out new wearable technologies you should check out our wearable technology reviews section. If you’re just starting out then smart glasses are a great place to start. Smart glasses make answering phone calls and listening to music so effortless—there are no wires involved by using smart specs, thus this means less fiddling around and more concentration on the tasks at hand. Smart glasses are also neat gifts that you can give to your tech enthusiast family and friends.