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Best Slippers

Nothing feels better than going home and kicking off our shoes and slipping into a pair of comfortable slippers. Whether you are shopping for slippers for the very first time or you’re looking for replacements, you’ve come to the right buyer’s guide. Check out our guide for information on slippers and some of our top picks based on our extensive research.

Buyers Guide

  1. Why wear slippers?

    Answer: Slippers, especially ones we wear at home, offer many benefits. The most essential is the fact that wearing slippers inside the house stops dirt and germs carried by shoes we wear at work or school from getting on the floor. Slippers also retain the natural moisture on our feet during the colder months of the year.

  2. What materials are slippers usually made of?

    Answer: Material for slippers include the following:
    • Cotton
    • Leather
    • Rubber
    • Memory foam
    • Suede/synthetic suede
    • Fleece
    • Wool

  3. What are the different kinds of slippers?

    Answer: Here are some of the most commonly-used slippers:
    • Flip flops/open-heel slippers – Flip flops and open-heel slippers are designed with material that encloses the toes and the foot’s highest part, but leaves the heel bare.
    • Closed/full slippers – Closed or full slippers are designed to surround the feet for the best comfort.
    • Slipper boots – Offers warmth and comfort during the winter months.
    • Sandal slippers – Designed with padding and fabric or soft rubber soles.
    • Evening slippers – Made with velvet or animal hide soles, can be worn as casual footwear.
    • Novelty slippers – Slippers with fun designs and styles—meant for children and the young at heart.

  4. How do you clean slippers?

    Answer: Slippers might be machine-friendly or require spot-cleaning, hand-washing or dry-cleaning. Check the cleaning instructions of the pair first before washing it.

    If you want to refresh the insides of your slippers, you can sprinkle some baking soda on it. Put some baking soda on the pair and leave it alone for a few hours (based on the smell). Vacuum the slippers with a nozzle attachment after.

Our Top Picks


RockDove Men’s Original Two-Tone Memory Foam Slippers

  • 95% cotton and 5% spandex
  • Hands-free, slip-on style
  • Waffle knit upper
  • Memory foam insole

The RockDove Men’s Original Two-Tone Memory Foam Slipper has a stylish dual-color theme made up of cotton and spandex material. The memory foam insole and breathable open back of this pair makes wearing it a huge comfort. Another plus of these slippers is the inclusion of minor arc supports and luxurious terry cotton lining. See this pair in this video review.


SOREL Men’s Falcon Ridge Slippers

  • Suede leather upper
  • Acrylic and wool blend lining
  • Detachable EA insole
  • Rubber outsole

The Men’s Falcon Ridge Slipper from Sorel is designed with soft wool blend lining and suede leather upper which is perfect for the cold season. This pair also makes for an excellent slipper in areas that are constantly cold. These slip-ons provide significant warmth and comfort thanks to its design. Get more insight on this pair in this review.


Vionic Women’s Gemma Mule Slippers

  • Fabric-covered EVA footbed
  • Fabric upper
  • Rubber outsole
  • APMA certification

The Vionic Women’s Gemma Mule Slipper is one of the most comfortable women’s footwear around. The excellent construction and design of the slipper wraps the foot’s natural contours and curves for the best fit and support. Every Vionic shoe comes with the brand’s topnotch VIO Motion Support so you can walk and run about freely, without too much pressure on the feet. See this pair in action in this review.


Women’s Cozy Memory Foam Slippers Fuzzy Wool-Like Plush Fleece Lined House Shoes

  • Soft fleece lining
  • Sturdy, anti-skid rubber sole
  • High-density memory foam insole
  • Snug and comfortable

The UltraIdeas Comfort Memory Foam Slippers is designed with a very soft fleece lining which is reminiscent of quality wool material. These slip-ons are super-comfortable and wraps itself snugly around your feet. The anti-slip outsole means less awkward ambling and more steady walks and runs. It’s also lined with memory foam for maximized comfort. Stay snug and toasty this winter with this pair. Check more info in this review.


HomeIdeas Women’s Faux Fur Lined Suede House Slippers

  • 4 effective filling layers
  • Soft TPR anti-slip soles
  • Moccasin-style design
  • Anti-wrinkle suede material

Make sure to choose comfort when it comes to slippers. The HomeIdeas Faux Fur Lined Suede Slippers for women are designed to provide the best comfort for women’s fit there is—the slippers have four layers of filling combining memory foam, high-elasticity sponge, an elastic sponge heel and 4MM EVA cushion. The side-seam technique makes the pair durable and solid while the anti-wrinkle properties of the suede material promises good-looking slippers for years. Feet will stay refreshed and comfortable tucked in these slippers. Check how this pair fares in this video review.


Women’s Comfort Slip On Memory Foam Slippers

  • Moisture-wicking French terry material
  • High-density memory foam/sponge
  • Wool-like knit upper
  • Moderately-closed heel design

HomeTop’s Comfort Slip On Memory Foam Slippers feature a construction that yields nothing but comfort. Designed to be used during the winter season, it can also be worn during the autumn and summer seasons if you feel so inclined. The French terry material wicks moisture for dry feet throughout while the insole is crafted with 3 layers of high-density memory foam plus sponge and a wool-like knit upper for sheer comfort. Can be worn indoors and outdoors. Check this one out for more information in this review.

Slippers are socks with full protection. Whether you need an indoor slipper or a pair you can wear during casual nights’ out, a high-quality pair will bring loads of bang for your back and will last for a good while. We hope our guide has steered you to a dependable and ultra-comfortable pair.