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Best Sleeping Bags For Camping

Whether you are camping in summer or winter, a sleeping bag is one of the key essentials to have on a camping trip. An ideal bag provides warmth and comfort as you spend a night away from your comfy bed. However, if you don’t choose wisely, a bad or inappropriate camping bag can be the deal-breaker for your outdoor adventure. 

Since we have different needs when camping, there are tens of sleeping bags. The market saturation may be confusing when buying a sleeping bag for your next trip. 

Buyers Guide

  1. What should you look for in a sleeping bag before buying it?

    Answer: There are many factors to consider when buying a sleeping bag. For example, you should choose a bag based on the season you will be camping and the possible weather. Fortunately, bags have temperature ratings.

  2. Are sleeping bags washable?

    Answer: Yes. Just like other camping accessories, you should clean the bag before packing for the next trip. However, you should read the label that comes with the bag on how to clean it, the type of soap to use, and, more importantly, how to dry it after wash.

  3. Do you need a waterproof bag?

    Answer: Yes. Although most tents will protect you from rain, a waterproof bag adds another security layer. Therefore, when buying a bag, ensure that it has waterproof assurance. Fortunately, most sleeping bags are waterproof.

Our Top Picks


Coleman Brazos sleeping bag

  • Has comfortable cuff
  • It has a better roll control
  • Easy to pack
  • Has a better fiber lock for maximum insulation

The Coleman Brazos is a perfect sleeping bag if you plan to go for a camping trip in a cold season. The fiber lock helps keep you warm by ensuring you lose less heat throughout the camping night. Also, the Thermo lock ensures that the bag retains the heat throughout the night. Apart from keeping you warm throughout the night, the Coleman Brazos sleeping bag is comfortable. The cuff is soft, and therefore, your face gets the best isolation during the cold nights. Similarly, packing this bag is easier, thanks to the advanced zipper glide tailoring. 


Chillbo Double Sleeping Bag for Adults

  • Stands out with cool and unique patterns
  • It includes two pillows
  • It can transform into two single sleeping bags
  • It is lightweight and easy to pack

Chillbo’s Double Sleeping Bag is a great option if you want to snuggle up to your cuddle buddy under the stars during cold or warm nights. If you feel like sleeping solo, this double sleeping bag can transform into two individual sleeping bags. With thermo-regulating layers of polyester and cotton, this sleeping bag locks out the cold and keeps you warm. In addition to being durable, soft and lightweight, you can sleep in unparalleled style with some spectacular patterns. It is a rookie mistake forgetting your pillow, but Chillbo has you covered by including two pillows so you can rest that pretty head of yours after a day of adventure.


VENTURE 4th Backpacking Sleeping Bag

  • Single, XXL and Double Sleeping Bags
  • Multiple Color Options
  • 210T Water Resistant Polyester
  • Comfortable & Lightweight

Searching for the perfect 3-Season Sleeping Bag to hike the Appalachian Trail? Do you just need a light and compact Sleeping Bag for a summer festival? Are you an active sleeper or a big & tall camper that needs a roomy XXL Bag? Or are you planning a romantic outdoor getaway with your significant other and want a Double Sleeping Bag? All these VENTURE 4TH Sleeping Bags are available in multiple colors, durable, breathable and skin friendly, specifically designed for your hiking, backpacking and camping adventures.


Sleepingo Double Sleeping Bag

  • It is ultra-light and compact
  • Has Ripstop nylon as the primary material
  • Extremely warm
  • Easy to pack

Are you looking for a warm and durable sleeping bag? If yes, the improved Sleepingo Double sleeping bag is a perfect buy for you. The Ripstop nylon, which is the primary material, balances the durability aspect with keeping the camper warm during the hiking trip. Similarly, the goose-down material helps you stay warm throughout the night by retaining the already generated warmth. In addition to being one of the warmest sleeping bags, the Sleepingo Double bag is light and easy to carry. The compact design allows you to carry extra items to your camping trip. 


Naturehike Sleeping Bag

  • Made from ultra-light goose down material
  • It is waterproof
  • Easy to pack
  • Compact design

Naturehike is an ultra-light sleeping bag for different types of outdoor activities. It is warm, thanks to the goose-down material. Therefore, you can take the bag on any camping trip without compromising your comfort. Also, the bag is waterproof. This feature is an added layer to ensure that your comfort is unparalleled when on a camping trip. In addition to the comfort and the choice of material, the Naturehike sleeping bag is easy to carry. When packed, it has a compact design. Therefore, buying this bag is a perfect way of reducing your camping bag weight. 


Browning Sleeping Bag

  • Has a warm interior
  • It is waterproof
  • It has a minimal design for easier packing
  • Perfect for back and neck comfort

The Browning sleeping bag is portable and one of the best options for a smaller camping set-up. The minimal design also makes the bag a perfect choice for camping enthusiasts who camp across the year, thanks to its interior and ability to keep you warm across the seasons.  The Browning sleeping bag is also waterproof. While most tents are waterproof, the bag is ideal for keeping you dry, even on raining nights away from your home. Besides keeping you dry and warm, the bag has a soft interior, which gives your neck and back more comfort. 


Kelty Sleeping-Bags Cosmic 20

  • Has a better heat retaining the ability
  • The polyester interior provides more comfort
  • DriDown feature ensures you are warm and dry
  • Easy to carry

 The Kelty Sleeping-Bags Cosmic 20 is arguably the most advanced sleeping bag for campers. Every detail, such as the interior, makes this bag comfortable and worth the price tag. Also, the interior has a better heat retaining ability, and therefore the bag is a perfect buy for camping outdoors in all seasons. In addition to its features and comfort, the Kelty sleeping bag is easy to pack and carry. The minimal design makes it packing-friendly, especially if you want to bring a minimal load on your camping trip.  


TETON Sports 101R Sleeping Bag

  • Has a soft interior lining
  • It has a fiberfill for maximum warm
  • Easy to pack and carry
  • Compact design

 The TETON Sports 101R sleeping bag is a unique product in design and, more importantly, its materials. The fiberfill makes it one of the warmest buys for any camper. Also, the soft lining gives the neck added support. The warmness of the bag does not depreciate after time, and this factor makes the TETON bag a perfect long-term investment. If you prefer carrying a lighter camping bag, this sleeping bag is a perfect addition to your hiking load. Apart from being one of the most lightweight sleeping bags, it is easy to fold and, therefore, take less space.  

The above are the best sleeping bags for camping enthusiasts. For more camping gear, check out our camping and hiking product review section. Apart from keeping you warm, the bags give your body the needed rest away from home. When selecting any of the above bags, the golden rule is to choose one based on your camping needs and within your budget.