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Best Sleep Masks You Can Use to Get To Sleep

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, at least a third of adults don’t get the necessary amount of sleep every night. This then ends up becoming extremely detrimental to a person’s wellbeing and health. However, for most people, lacking sleep isn’t by choice; this is because they have trouble falling and staying asleep.

If this is you, why not try a sleep mask. With a sleep mask, you can completely block out the light and gently fall asleep. You can also use it to fall asleep on a bus, bright train, or plane. To help you choose a sleep mask that suits your needs, we’ve come up with a top-quality list.

Lavley Silk Sleep Mask

  • Made with 100% Natural Mulberry Silk on both sides
  • Easy adjustable elastic band
  • Filled with an eco-friendly hot melt polyester padding
  • One size fits most
  • Hypoallergenic
Lavley Silk Sleep Mask Lavley Silk Sleep Mask

Lavely sleep masks were designed with 3 main goals in mind: lasting comfort throughout the night, fun/original designs and affordability. In doing market research, they found that many of the cheaper sleep masks contained harmful chemicals in the filling and they wanted to avoid that since the product is intended for daily use. Instead, Lavely sleep masks are filled with a hot melt polyester padding, which is eco-friendly, so you can rest easy at night knowing it’s safe for both you and the environment! The outside covering is made with 100% Natural Mulberry Silk, which feels amazing against the skin and also has many great benefits, such as built-in temperature regulation.

Buyers Guide

  1. Are sleep masks good?

    Answer: Yes, sleep masks are good. First, they are better than medication. Most people tend to depend on sleeping pills or self-medication for them to fall asleep. However, this does come with several side effects. Sleep masks trick the brain into believing that you need to sleep. This makes them low risk and a non-chemical alternative to sleeping pills.

  2. What should I look for in a sleep mask?

    Answer: First, look at the masks fit. Go for a sleep mask with molded eyes pockets, as this prevents the fabric from touching your eyelids directly. The mask should also have a contoured construction around your nose’s bridge, as this offers additional comfort allowing you to sleep better. Second, look at the fabric. For better comfort, go for sleep masks with a bit of gel or padding on the side. Lastly, check whether your sleep masks of choice comes with other additional features like earplugs or rechargeable batteries.

  3. What is the best material for sleep masks?

    Answer: The best material for a sleep mask is silk. It’s lightweight, has excellent blackout properties, and is easy on the skin. Other materials you can choose from include cotton and polyester. These materials are still soft, durable, and completely lightweight.

Our Top Picks


YANSER Luxury Silk Sleep Mask 100% Mulberry Silk Eye Mask

  • Made from 19mm 6A level 100% pure mulberry silk, 3 layers both side and even internal materials
  • Super soft and comfy, block light and feels like wearing nothing
  • well packed with a nice gift box and a satin bag

Yanser silk sleep mask is made in Suzhou China as the origin of the mulberry silk. The eye mask is designed for more than blocking the light, it intends to provide a better experience of relaxing and sleeping, the producer as the seller has tested many eye mask on different level, finally they decided to manufacturer the eye mask with more cost and higher quality, so the product is completely made from 19mm 6A level mulberry silk, it targets the high end user that having higher demand on the sleeping experience. After prototyping for many times, the product has been made finally, it blocks light and feel like wearing nothing.


OnAdonis Sleep Mask-Blackout Eye Mask

  • Provides complete blackout without uncomfortable weights or oversize bulkiness
  • Luxurious comfort
  • Made with breathable memory foam and soft microfiber

The OnAdonis Sleep Mask was designed on the premise that many sleep masks on the market today do one basic function; they cover the eyes. However, they do not seal out light completely. Some look cool, some look stylish, some look well just hideous. The majority of sleep masks on the market today fall short in providing users with complete blackout sleep experiences leaving areas under the eye and around the nose whereas light gets in and disrupts the sleep. The OnAdonis sleep masks was designed to fill this gap. We have taken the best of the best, redesigned our sleep masks so that it not only provides complete blackout, and a no eye pressure sleep experience, but is also comfortable, cool, stylish, and accommodates all facial types and sizes.


Bedtime Bliss Contoured Sleep Mask

  • Perfect face fit
  • Contoured nose shape
  • Soft padding on the side
  • Comes with earplugs

If you’re looking for a sleep mask that’s comfortable and affordable, then the Bedtime Bliss Contoured Sleep mask should be at the top of your list. This mask is designed to fit the face without putting pressure on your eyes perfectly. This is thanks to its molded eye pockets. The contoured nose shape also helps make your nights even cozier. It has a soft and lightweight material that aids in completely blocking out light. The best part about this sleep mask is that it also comes with earplugs you can use to drown out the noise.


Mzoo Sleep Mask

  • Contoured eye pockets
  • Memory foam padding
  • Excellent light blocking
  • Wide sliding buckle

At first glance, this sleep mask looks rather stylish because of its sleek-like goggle look. Another notable feature is its contoured eye pockets, which provide the necessary space between your eyes and eyelids. The feel of its material is soft, and it is also lightweight, ensuring you enjoy your nights. Instead of thin contouring, this sleep mask has a memory foam padding that helps create a bubble effect to keep you comfortable at night. It also comes with a sliding buckle that allows you to snuggly fit the mask on your face.


Jersey Slumber

  • Silk material
  • Adjustable elastic straps
  • Takes up very little space in your luggage
  • Soft and soothing feel

When it comes to simplicity, the Jersey Slumber sleep mask fits that definition. Despite having a simple design, this mask is made from 100 % silk, giving it a smooth and soft feel on your skin. It also has an adjustable strap that holds the mask in place. This adjustability feature ensures that the mask doesn’t get caught in your hair. However, unlike other sleep masks, it doesn’t have any contoured eye sockets causing it to lie flat on your face.


Mavogel Sleep Mask

  • Winged nose contour
  • Made from breathable cotton
  • Long sliding strap
  • Soft and lightweight

The Mavogel sleep mask takes a unique approach in preventing light from reaching your eyes through the gap your nose creates when you place your mask. For this approach, the manufactures made a winged-like nose contour that allows you to shape your nose section. This cuts out the light and enables the mask to stay in place as you sleep. The mask is made from breathable sponge and cotton, giving it a soft and lightweight nature.


Yiview Sleep Mask

  • Contoured eye pocket design
  • Memory foam padding
  • Adjustable elastic strap
  • Contoured nose shape

The last up the list is the Yiview sleep mask. This mask has a contoured eye pocket design that gives your eyes sufficient space while sleeping. Its internal padding is made from light memory foam, enabling the mask to perfectly fit over your nose’s bridge. That aids in reducing the amount of light that gets in from the gap between your nose and eyes. It also has an adjustable elastic strap that perfectly fastens around your face without getting your hair stuck.

You no longer have to rely on medication to sleep, as the sleep masks above will help get the job done. The best part about having a sleep mask is that you get to work on your skin without doing the work yourself. Apart from helping you relax, a sleep mask can also help your body maintain its hormonal balance. It can also help improve your mental health. We also recommend sleeping with socks on in order to help properly regulate your body temperature and have a better deep sleep experience.

According to mental health experts, sleep loss has been linked to depression. The more sleep you get, the easier it becomes to deal with depression. Therefore, make sure you choose a sleep mask that’s right for you. With the right sleep mask, you can experience all the benefits.