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Best Shoe Inserts for Flat Feet

Dealing with flat feet means you have to wear the right footwear. However, not all types of shoes cater to this postural condition. Thus, for a speedy solution, a good pair of shoe inserts meant for flat feet should be considered.

There’s a wide variety of shoe inserts for flat feet available in the market today but as long as you know the basics of choosing the right pair for your condition, selecting the best one is a cakewalk. Be aware of the factors you need to consider and great shoe insert options through our buying guide and reviews.

Buyers Guide

  1. What does a shoe insert do for flat feet?

    Answer: Physical therapy and specific procedures meant to ease the pain caused by flat feet can be expensive since such practices must be done regularly. Not all of us have the time as well to visit our therapists. For the meantime, we can make use of effective shoe inserts designed for flat feet. Shoe inserts provide comfort for flat feet, can be used every day and it will not get in the way of our pursuits.

  2. What factors do I need to consider when choosing a shoe insert for flat feet?

    Answer: For starters, you should first know if you have flexible flat feet or have rigid flat feet. The former lies flat whenever you stand upon them however its arches appears whenever they are relaxed; shoe inserts with a medium arch height is most viable for this type. The latter means your feet remains flat even when they are relaxed; shoe inserts with low arch heights are recommended for this type.

  3. What makes a great shoe insert for flat feet?

    Answer: The best shoe inserts for flat feet feature very supportive arcs. Good ones also come with deep heel cups to stop overpronation and improve shock absorption. As mentioned earlier, you also need to check whether you have flexible flat feet or rigid ones to determine which is the best shoe insert for your flat feet type.

Our Top Picks


SelectFlex® Adjustable-Arch Orthotic Insole, Custom Arch Support

  • Adjustable Arch Lift Reduces Pressures & Returns Energy
  • Provides up to 89% More Arch Support & Dynamic Alignment
  • Controls Arch Deformation up to 65% to Mitigate Flat Feet & Overpronation
  • Increases Ankle Stability up to 50% to Counteract Q-Angle & Knee Valgus

SelectFlex is the only insole that provides the power to select from 3 levels of arch support. The patented PowerLift Arch™ suspension system dynamically supports the body to absorb compressive forces, while also minimizing foot strike impact and standing stresses. The PowerCup™, which cradles each heel in super soft cushioning, along with the PowerBed’s™ triple layers of high-performance materials, work to dissipate pressures, offset neuropathy symptoms, and promote optimum foot health. SelectFlex insoles are proven to slow arch collapse, reduce ankle inversion, improve kinetic alignment, decrease joint strain, and deliver pain-free comfort all day long.


Footminders Kids Orthotic Inserts

  • Firm arch support and cushioning
  • Recommended by podiatrists
  • Specially designed to provide firm arch support and cushioning for children’s feet
  • Provides biomechanical alignment of your child’s lower body

Footminders KIDS orthotic inserts help correct overpronation (rolling in at the ankles) in children by providing arch support while also cushioning your child’s feet. The result is foot pain relief, and preventing potentially severe lower-body problems in the long term.


Powerstep Full Length Orthotic Shoe Insoles Original with Arch Support

  • Full-length support
  • Dual-layer cushioning
  • Variable Cushioning Technology
  • Polyester top fabric

The Powerstep Full Length Orthotic Shoe Insoles Original with Arch Support is a proudly-U.S. made product that gives users complete length and contact support. It features an compressed design supplemented by a shell that offers flexible support, built-in support for the arcs. For stability, the inserts also come with a deep heel cup. The targeted padding is reinforced through its sturdy, reliable EVA foam base and Variable Cushioning Technology for comfort whether you are walking, participating in sports activities or simply walking.


Physix Gear Full Length Orthotic Inserts with Arch Support

  • High-arch support
  • Medical-grade dual-base layered EVA foam
  • Ultra-thin, low-profile design
  • Ergonomic, non-skid inserts

The Physix Gear Full Length Orthotic Inserts with Arch Support is your partner in enjoying your ever day pursuits from walking to work or school, participating in sports events or daily fitness routines. It has a unisex, ultra-thin and low-profile design which fits most shoes. The semi-rigid arch of the inserts not only give support but it also facilitates better walking posture. It is crafted from quality, medical-grade combination of dual-base layered EVA foam and PU leather. The insert will also remain in place being non-skid items.


Superfeet GREEN Insoles

  • Measure 2-inches high and 5-inches wide
  • High-profile/high-volume design
  • Full-length inserts
  • Includes stabilizer cap

The Superfeet GREEN Insoles is meant to be used by people with flat feet thus it includes a reliable stabilizer cap. This component is situated at the insole’s base and functions to provide support to the rear part of your foot. These inserts also include deep heel cups to further boost support and allow excellent shock absorption. It has a generous foot area and your feet will not slip all over while using them. Its Biomechanical Shape is also instrumental in stabilizing your tootsies and minimizes tension that pools not only on the feet but the knees and ankles as well.


Vionic Orthaheel Unisex Full Length Active Orthotic Insole Support

  • EVA/P.E. shell combo for stability
  • Comes with EcoFresh antibacterial properties
  • Has padded shock dot for better shock absorption
  • Great for running and walking

These Vionic Orthaheel Unisex orthotics are very flexible, thus easier to work with. It does not require a break-in period thus you can wear them with your choice footwear without walking around at home to test its quality. These inserts might be flexible but they have great engineering, credits to its molded EVA footbed that’s meant for arch support, a comfortable padded surface and reliable heel cradling. The design also rates well for correcting pronation thus preventing the onset of stress on your joints.


Pedag VIVA SPORT Orthotic Inserts

  • Full-length shoe inserts
  • Has sturdy insoles that fits most shoes
  • Has moisture-wicking material
  • Provides semi-rigid mid-foot support

Not only for the flat-footed, the Pedag VIVA SPORT Orthotic Inserts is made with the athlete in mind. It is crafted from a strong, elastic material which offers ultimate comfort and support. Other highlights of these inserts include a plantar vault support, a metatarsal pad and a semi-rigid arch section to support flat feet. Whatever surface your feet lands on, whether grass or concrete or wood, these inserts will take in all that shock.


Superfeet Black Premium Insoles

  • Low-volume insoles
  • Low-profile type
  • Includes stabilizer cap and heel cup
  • Made in the U.S.A

The Superfeet Black Premium Insoles is a great deal—it has a reasonable price and the inserts have excellent quality as well. it is made from a high-density, closed-cell foam which gives sufficient support and padding for the foot, boosting the comfort level. The inserts measure 4 inches in height and is wide at 14 inches. Another advantage of these inserts is its antibacterial coating. It fits majority of footwear, including shoes that are quite snug. Furthermore, the inserts are completely free from latex elements thus making it a vegan and vegetarian-friendly product


Easyfeet Plantar Fasciitis Arch Support Insoles

  • Provide strong foot support
  • Remove foot/knee/back/tibia/ankle pain in 1 week
  • High level of shock-absorption
  • Provide joints relaxation
  • Relieve back pressure
  • Reduce friction
  • Refine gait and posture
  • Provide additional shock-absorption to the front of the foot, metatarsus and heel

As a result of the use of these insoles, people get more energy, improve their well-being and a sense of physical comfort. They feel more confident, get more pleasure from their favorite activities and gain additional time for themselves and their interests. Based on customer feedback the product is really doing its job. People feel real foot pain relief in 1 week, heel/arch/knee/back pain reduction, certain customers notice blood pressure normalization and other positive changes in their state of health.

Give your flat feet the TLC it deserves by investing in the best shoe inserts. All options in this review list rates high; just pick a pair that extensively answers your needs.