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Best Shearling Slippers for Women

Shearling is one luxurious material and it’s used in many fashionable pieces from coats, vests, mittens and footwear. It provides excellent insulation and has an elegant, plush look to itself once treated. Thus, many regard shearling items as top splurges. If you want to add shearling items to your wardrobe, you can start with footwear. Here are the best picks in shearling shoes today.

Buyers Guide

  1. Are shearling and sheepskin the same?

    Answer: These terms have often been used interchangeably but both items do have their differences. For starters, shearling refers to the tanning and conditioning procedure done on the skin of a shearling lamb while its fur is still in one piece. Sheepskin is to sheep hide while shearling is to lamb hide.

  2. How do you maintain shearling slippers and shoes?

    Answer: To make your shearling footwear last longer, it is advised that you put a protective coating on its external surface. Apply a stain and water-resistant shield on it—you can use one that is recommended for leather and suede material. These protective products often include a non-silicone rain repellent which is made to resist water and help shield your shearling footwear from water spots and dirt. Once you have applied the protective coating on the shoes or slippers, wipe the remains using a clean, damp rag or cloth.

  3. How do you clean shearling shoes?

    Answer: To spot clean a pair of shearling shoes, you can make use of gentle detergents or cleaners made to cleanse the material. Along with water, blot the affected spot on the shoes. Rinse it well then blow remaining water with a clean, dry cloth or towel. Do not let the water seep in through the material. For a greener cleaning alternative, you can use vinegar—put a tiny amount of vinegar on a clean cloth or rag. Rub it against the affected area but be careful not to immerse the shoes with the vinegar. You may notice that the affected area will retain the smell after stain removal but this will be gone in a matter of days. For a convenient fix, try removing the stain with a plain eraser—even the ones from your pencils will do. Just avoid using those colorful, fancy erasers since these items are dye-based and might stain your shoes more. Just rub the affected area carefully with the eraser until the stain is gone.

Our Top Picks


FitFlop Women’s Chrissie Shearling Slippers

  • Has quality rubber sole
  • Ergonomic iQushion midsoles
  • Made with air foam material
  • Impact pillows for extra padding

The FitFlop Women’s Chrissie Shearling Slipper gives comfort in every step you make thanks to its cozy, biomechanically-designed built. This one comes with the benefits of the iQushion midsole—it’s super light and has an ergonomic shape for comfort throughout wear. To make the comfort factor shine even more, it’s supplemented by a comfy full shearling lining and footbed plus built-in arch contours to enclose all over your feet. Has an all-rubber outsole so it’s good for both indoor and outdoor use.


Birkenstock Women’s Boston Shearling Clog

  • Has lambskin footbed lining
  • Comes with EVA sole
  • Anatomically-formed cork/latex footbed
  • Includes suede upper

Birkenstock is well-known for the relaxed feel of their trademark anatomically-formed cork and latex footbeds. This feature is also an integral component of the Birkenstock Women’s Boston Shearling Clog. Very comfy to wear, with luxe material further upping the coziness that the clog provides. This one makes for the perfect footwear in chilly evenings. It is designed with plush lambskin footbed lining, an EVA sole and suede upper.


Dearfoams Women’s Fireside Cairns Shearling Slide

  • Has shearling upper and footbed
  • Designed with metallic suede trim
  • Features modern slide profile
  • Natural fleece knit lining

Get through nippy days by wearing footwear that matches the season. The Dearfoams Women’s Fireside Cairns Shearling Slide is made up of plus shearling components like the upper and the footbed. These parts meld well together with the natural fleece knit lining for moisture wicking and temperature regulation for the best in comfort. It does not scrimp on style too, for this one has modern details that will catch the eye of hip ladies—the slides have a trendy silhouette and were embellished with metallic suede trim.


Californians Tory Women’s Cream Shearling Slipper

  • With genuine shearling upper
  • Features indoor/outdoor traction rubber outsole
  • Has hand-stained leather footbed
  • Made in Los Angeles, California

Want something cute, comfy and fashionable for a pair of slides? Get into the Californians Tory Women’s Cream Shearling Slipper. These L.A.-made slippers are hand-made only with prime materials. The slippers are composed of authentic shearling uppers, traction rubber outsoles and features a hand-stained leather footbed. This is a pair that is made in small batches and manufactured using ethical, sustainable, eco-friendly practices.


Se’renis Women’s Cross Band Slippers

  • Has genuine Australian shearling
  • Moisture-wicking and lightweight
  • Has rubber-blown outsole
  • Temperature-regulating properties

The Se’renis Women’s Cross Band Slippers comes across as a cozy, warm pair that is good for both indoor and outdoor use. The slippers have a fun crisscross style and available in trendy, attention-grabbing colors too. The shearling for this pair is made from Oz sources and has qualities that allow the material to regulate temperature and give a soft, warm and snug feel on your feet. The strong rubber-blown outsole has excellent traction too and keeps its grip on all sorts of surfaces.


PajamaGram Shearling Slippers for Women

  • Has warm shearling wool
  • Features slip-on closure
  • Classic slipper design
  • Durable rubber soles

The PajamaGram Shearling Slippers for Women is made to last, made with durable materials that can tolerate frequent wear and different surfaces. It comes with super-comfortable shearling wool inside for optimal padding and warmth. The slippers are designed with a slip-on closure and it’s equipped with a quality rubber outsole too to give maximum traction whatever the surface. Great to wear during colder climes.

If you want quality slippers, you cannot go wrong with ones made from genuine shearling. If you’re looking for a pair of slippers that is a little more budget friendly, and not necessarily made from shearling, then you should check out our best slippers review article. Shearling is the best material to use during the frostier months of the year—invest in a good shearling pair and your feet will give you their fondest thanks.