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Best Serger Needles

Are you enthusiastic about sewing? Eager to discover the advantages of having a serger on hand? The serger is a nifty unit which allows you to supplement your sewing skills. Buying the right needles is essential for every serger user; here are the essentials one has to know when it comes to purchasing high-quality items.

Buyers Guide

  1. Why are sergers necessary?

    Answer: The serger is indeed a wonderful addition in your sewing arsenal. For one, it can execute several functions simultaneously thus you can finish projects efficiently in a fraction of a time. Sewing using a serger also means more even, beautiful-looking stitches, hems and seams. Stitches are sturdier too due to the use of several threads. Sergers are also great for fixing erroneous stitches.

  2. What are the differences between a sewing machine and a serger?

    Answer: While both items are capable of stitching material, sewing machines are still designed to work on plenty of functions like zips and creating topstitches, which sergers cannot do. The serger on the other hand, can cut before it does stitches, which saves time. Also, for individuals who want more output but have less time to do it, the serger is actually capable of sewing and cutting faster compared to a regular sewing machine.

  3. Are sergers better to use on knits compared to regular sewing machines?

    Answer: Sewing knitted fabrics are alright with a sewing machine however if you want extra-durable, stretchy seams on your knitted items, you should take advantage of the serger instead of a sewing machine.

  4. What makes a good serger machine?

    Answer: Great serger devices come with at least 4 threads for maximum output durability. If you have the budget for it, consider investing in an automatic serger model for quicker, more professional-looking turnout. If you are a beginner, reliable serger models also include instruction manuals or booklets, even DVDs to teach users how to handle the whole device. The clear instructions and video tutorials will allow you to learn more about the device and use it properly.

Our Top Picks


Euro-Notions ELX705 Serger Needles -Size 14/90 5/Pkg (74063)

  • Designed for electronic sergers
  • Made for ELX705 system models
  • Includes 5 needles per pack
  • Durable and sturdy

The Euro-Notions Serger Needles have a sturdy and durable construction, which is required for hardworking devices like the serger. One of its top benefits is even though it’s put under lots of use, it will not develop burrs on them. The needles operate well on specialty serger machines however remember this is only designed for electronic sergers, not ordinary sewing machines. Affordable and efficient needles for long-term use. See more in this review.


Janome Assorted Serger Needles Size 11 and 14

  • Assorted needles serger set
  • Comes with two sizes—11 and 14
  • Affordable price
  • Decent quality

The Janone set of assorted serging needles will help make your sewing and stitching tasks a smoother procedure. Save time preparing seams, stitches and other sewing functions with the help of durable, affordable needles. The needles have great construction, sharp and delivers in its aim to complete your sewing projects in a timely manner, with a professional-looking touch. Get more info in this review.


SINGER 04803 Regular Point Overlock Needles, 5-Count

  • Includes 5 needles per pack
  • Ideal for seaming, edging and hemming
  • Good needle variety
  • Designed for sergers and sewing machines requiring 2022 needles

Sewing machines and sergers requiring the use of 2022 needles will highly benefit from the Singer Regular Point Overlock Needles. You will get 5 different-size needles in each pack. The variety in sizes allow uses to produce stitches and seams on different textiles or fabrics. Works great on most fabrics too. Get more insight on this product in this review.


20pcs Size 11, 14 Organ Dcx1f Needle Serger Babylock Simplicity + plastic Threader by Organ

  • Flat shank serger needle
  • Great size variety
  • Includes 10 needles per size
  • Works well with most fabrics

These Organ serger needles have a durable feel which allows it to be used for long-term purposes. If you want to save more, you can always rely on value packs like this. Works exceptionally on most serger machines, provides neat, even stitches. The difference in sizes are also convenient since it allows users to work the serger with any kind of fabric. Get more info in this review.


Schmetz ELX705 Serger Needles, Size 12/80 5/Pkg

  • Includes 5 needles per pack
  • 80-12 needle sizes
  • Great quality
  • For electronic multi-purpose sergers only
  • Ideal for ELX705 system models

If you want serger needles that work smoothly, without any hitch, these Schmetz serger needles should be up and running in your device. High-quality for a reasonable price. These needles are also made from sturdy stuff; it will not break easily compared to standard ones. Great for use in electronic sergers with overlock, safety, mock and cover stitches. See more in this review.


Klasse’ Serger Needles Type K (16×75, 2054) Size 80/12

  • German-engineered needles
  • Made from durable steel material
  • Extra-sharp points
  • Type K 16 X 75, 2054 needles

For those who want durable steel needles in their serger machines, this Klasse Serger Needle set will satisfy. These German-engineered steel needles will help you finish those sewing projects on time, with a professional look even. Works wonderfully with materials like rayon, cotton, polyester and cotton/polyester blends. Always read manufacturer specs when buying serger needles for better fit and proper output. See these needles in this review.

Sergers are always a welcome addition in every sewing enthusiast’s collection of tools. It supplements the functions or traditional sewing machines and also come with wonderful features of their own. Do not let your serging device go to waste by only providing consistent, reliable serger needles. Refer to our top recommendations today.